Oh Hell No

Bush – 254
Kerry – 252

I almost lost faith last night and woke up this morning to find that Bush and Kerry are *thisclose*. C’Mon Ohio!! That dumbass can’t win again. You know, the paranoid side of me thinks those new touch screen things in Florida could have possibly been fucked with by Jeb . One lady yesterday morning, who was voting for Kerry, said she got to the last screen (I guess her review screen?) and it said she voted for BUSH. How much you wanna bet that happened to a lot of people. What if some didn’t notice? How convenient. Kinda reminds me of this ROFL. But wait, I should be quiet. I may know too much and the secret service will come and get me .

[edit]WHAT?!?! F*()*&(^ John Kerry conceded to Bush?!?! You should have waited for Ohio, you moron! They just announced that Bush won; Ohio’s not an issue anymore. Bush threatened Kerry, or something, because that’s bullshit. Oh well. When we go to war with another country, or we’re paying $5 in gas prices, or never get flu shots again you can thank Bush, you people who voted for him. We’re all gonna die…[/edit]

on Thursday, November 4th, Johanna said:

I hear you girl, Bush is all wrong for USA.. I’m so glad we don’t have that kind of jackass for president here :] Oh and note my blog’s new address 😀

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Yajaira said:

You’re welcome Candy and Vic :).

*packs up bags, husband and kids* I’m so ready to go with you Amber!

Gonzo- OMG, girl, you are so RIGHT! Let’s just hope there’s still a US left after he’s had his fun in the next 4 years :(.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, rockerchickrulz@aol.com“>Gonzo said:

:angry: Ugh, I can’t believe Monkey Man won. WHY?! -cries- But, one pro from this. He can never run again, thank god.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Vic said:

I finally checked my mail. Thank you for the Halloween gift! I’m finally simmering down from my rant this morning.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Amber said:

That’s it! I’m going to Canada…anyone wanna come with me? that damn election was rigged…

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Candy said:

I seriously lost all hope for this country. By the way.. Thank you Yajaira for the cute present for halloween 😀

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Laurie said:

😥 I just feel so damn depressed over this shit.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Elva said:

He won AGAIN!? Oh gebus, although it doesn’t effect me much (I’m Canadian) I’m still pissed, oh how I loathe bush :angry:

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Jolene said:

Thank you, i think something went on in flordia, doesn’t make any sense. Bush fucked us all up.