Well, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how the heck to change the background and header back to the old images before I decided to “update” the Pinboard theme. Tried to no avail since last night, so I had to resort to my old, old theme. I really wish I was still php/css/Wordpress savvy!!

Had a hard time waking up today but jumped in the shower after 15 minutes of snoozing the alarm. I had my morning pep-talk with myself: “Get over it. You may be tired, but at least you woke up this morning. At least you have a roof over your head and hot water to shower in. At least you have tons of clothes to find “nothing to wear”. At least you have your babies and a vehicle to drop them off at school with. At least you have a job.”

Jorge woke up early and showered too. We chit-chatted, I got Aly ready, and then, out of nowhere, Jorge and I got into an argument over an old Directv box that neither one of us had sent back with the Post Office. It was stupid really. I picked up some breakfast at El Pato (chicharron and eggs…so spicy!) and got to work. After a few texts back and forth with Jorge, we both just gave each other the silent treatment. Then, at 11:30am he texts, “I want to see you for lunch.” I replied, “Ok”.

He and Marco met me at Logan’s. As he slid into the bench beside me, he side-smiles and apologizes again. We threw a few playful jabs at each other throughout our meal, but I was glad we could smile and have a nice hour together.

Lunch was soooo good! I was craving this since we had it last Friday.

My lunch at Logan's...this is a new favorite!

Salmon in dill sauce. And skewers…heaven!

My day at work went by fast, thank goodness. I searched for a dress to wear to the George Strait concert (eeep!!!) on Pinterest and later Forever21 (which I made a new board for here!).

I got out of work and went to Old Navy, since my search online showed a dress in my size and the color I wanted. But of course, I didn’t find it. But I did find a lilac cardigan I’d been keeping my eye on for $3.77!

I was feeling extremely tired, so I picked up my Keto-friendly iced coffee across the street at Starbucks. I picked up my boys and we came home while we talked about their day and their field trips. The kids all joked around and played while we waited for the wings and pizza Jorge had ordered for dinner. He was actually supposed to cook dinner tonight, but he cheated LOL. Emily spent a chunk of time upset with Jaylen, ’cause he hurt her feelings. She responded with, “You’re ruining my life!” Or something like that LOL. She’s so dramatic!

I bathed the girls, the boys bathed themselves and we chilled out watching TV for a few minutes till I put them to bed. Poor Aly complained for yet another night about her knees hurting =\. Eenan stayed up a little bit working on a Powerpoint presentation while I painstakingly attempted to fix my blog (and ate a Carb Smart fudge pop. Oh, how I suffer, heh!). Bleh. I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday! I desperately need some rest. All week Jorge and I have said we’re going to jog! Or do P90X! But man, we’re just exhausted all the time. I really do want to give our brand-new SIDEWALKS a try!

I haven’t even bothered flat-ironing my hair all week! I’ve sported my wild, curly mane every single day. And tomorrow will be no exception. 5am wake-up call for this gal! Goodnight!

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