Prepping the Floors and Aly’s Cardio Appointment

Sun., Apr. 19th – I stayed up till 1:30am updating my iPod and music. I finally got brave enough to download music again and deleted tons of other music that didn’t belong to me. I still have to go through my external hard drive and sort through a whole other folder I found, that was mostly a duplicate of my main music folder.

We chilled out in the shade in the afternoon while Mario and Big Mario mixed the cement to level the floors in the new living room.

Looking Towards the South Wall

I can’t wait to see how the floors are going to turn out. I’m curious to see what happens to that tree stump and I have no idea what we’re going to do about that weird incline and funky step of cement. We’re probably going to end up using ceramic tile in that area for sure.

It was quite traumatizing for Alaethia when Mario had shoveled up some sand, mixed it with the cement and water and started chopping it up to break down the big chunks…and unearthed a floppy little mangled frog. Mario tossed it aside after saying, “Oops,” and she’s been terrified of them ever since. I know we shouldn’t because she’s going to end up scared of them forever, but we use it as a way to keep her from going where she shouldn’t. For example, if she’s trying to go outside when no one’s out there we’ll say, “Don’t go out there! There’s a frog out there!” We’re bad, I know.

Adan, Aide and Belle came over and we decided to bar-b-q for dinner, their treat this time. They went to the meat market with Belle and Alaethia and I had the opportunity to clean up a bit. Then Mario made me a Michelada that was SO GOOD. He even diced up pickles and sprinkled Tajin over them, just like at that drive-thru place where we buy the $5 Micheladas. We sat out there with my dad-in-law and Mom and Mary. Mary got home from shopping and we all went in to eat some chili enchiladas she’d made.

Adan, Aide and the girls got here and we sat outside almost all day just chatting. Jorge, Jose and Elda came over later. I had an intermission of about an hour or 2 because Eenan and I really needed to start his Castle in the Attic project. It really annoys me when they make the kids do those projects, because it’s really not the kids doing it. How do they expect them to handle hot glue and dangerous stuff like that?

I was annoyed trying to figure out the “floor plan” of the castle and only got to draw out the top and bottom floors and cut the cardboard (from a pack of Alaethia’s diapers LOL) for the top floor. I could tell the rest of the castle was going to be a huge headache.

I went back outside to chill with everyone and Mario was on his way in; it was 7pm and he was going to bed. WHAT? That’s what happens when he drinks since noon.

The boys were in bed for school the next day so it was just the girls and me. They were wired at 11pm and I was exhausted and had an awful sinus headache. I tried busying myself by taking pictures of Emily:

Freaking Out

And watching Step Up 2, which is pretty darn cheesy but I love watching dance movies like that because I wish I had that type of coordination O_o. I have two left feet.

Mario woke up around that time and watched some of the movie with me. Alaethia played in her room:

Alaethia's (and Emily's) Haven

…and watched some Care Bear DVDs until she finally showed signs of sleep (yawning) so we came to bed. There’s so much I want to do decoration-wise with their bedroom. But again, it’ll have to wait till we finish our current home improvement project.

Mon., Apr. 20th – It was Mario’s first day back at his (old) job LOL. I got up like a good wifey and made him breakfast. I feel guilty when I don’t make him breakfast. Once he left I went back to bed with Emily and she actually let me sleep! I woke up around 10:30 and had my coffee. John came over shortly after and asked if I wanted to go to Kumori. Um, when don’t I? So I got showered and dressed, got Emily ready and we were off. Mom and Alaethia stayed home watching Noggin.

They were taking forever and we were in a hurry. We were already cutting it close leaving at 1pm because I had to pick up the boys. But the food came and we ate in a hurry and got here just in time.

I had the biggest headache at home, but it wasn’t caused by the kids. My darn sinuses were acting up really bad again, and I’m not even pregnant! I hate taking medication but I felt so awful I gave in and took some sinus medicine. I felt better in about a half hour and started getting housework done while Emily slept. I snuggled with the girlies on the sofa afterward and waited for Mario to get home.

Tues., Apr. 21st – I stayed up after Mario left to work and cleaned. It seems like no matter how much time I spend cleaning it’s just not enough.

My wrist started really bothering me that day so I gave in and went to the doctor’s office. I was hoping it was just still swollen from getting drained a few weeks before, but I knew that wasn’t true. The darn cyst had come back and was the exact same size as it was before the drainage. I had to go all the way to Mission and felt uneasy leaving Emily behind with Mom because Mom couldn’t get her to stop screaming. I kept calling to check on them and when Mary got home from work she took over.

I was referred to an orthopedic specialist but I didn’t want to go. They’d have to surgically remove the cyst and after everything I went through with the only other surgery I’ve ever had in my life–the Tubal Ligation–I said no way. Recovery time would be 5-6 weeks of not using the wrist and I have an infant so there’s no way that was going to happen.

I weighed myself and was horrified to find I’d gained 3 pounds! I weigh 130 now…the most I’ve ever weighed while NOT pregnant. I don’t even know where to start. I know I eat junk food, but not excessively, and I don’t eat excessively, either. It’s just that I’m sedentary most of the time now, because I sit around with Emily when I’m not trying to clean the house. I really want a treadmill!

I went to Mario’s work to drop off his belt. And then came home and chilled out at Mary’s with the kids. Mario was going to pick up burgers (like I needed that but it was late and I didn’t have time to make dinner), so I made an oath to myself that it would be the last night I had an unhealthy meal. Yeah, right.

Wed., Apr. 22nd -I had to wake up early to get myself and the girls ready to go to Alaethia’s cardiologist appointment. I was praying that I’d be okay with both girls. My biggest fear is that the office was far and that Emily would wake up during the trip and cry all the way there if she got hungry.

Mario helped me get the girls in the car before he left to work. He set the address on his Garmin and suctioned it to my windshield. I kept telling him not to bother, but I’m glad he insisted. As I was driving and following the GPS’s directions I realized I was going to go the completely opposite side of town!

I called to let them know I was going to get there late. Her appointment was for 9am. They allowed me 15 minutes to be late, but no more. I wasn’t worried; Garmin was helping me get there just fine. Until I look up and see the little racing flags declaring that I’m at my destination. But I so wasn’t. I was supposed to be at 5600 and I was at 48. It took me an additional 8 minutes to call and locate the actual plaza the office was at. I flung my bag and diaper bag on my shoulder and ran with Alaethia holding one hand and the super heavy car seat with sleeping Emily in it in the other. I felt so stupid for forgetting my sling that day; I would have had much less stuff to carry and my hands free for Alaethia. By the time I got to reception it was 9:13. I made it with two minutes to spare!

I was so bored. We were there for 2 1/2 hours or more…and I’d forgotten my book. I had to keep an eye on Alaethia, though, so maybe it was a good thing I did forget it. She did very well for the most part. She became a little antsy but what 2-year-old wouldn’t having to wait for 2 hours straight?

She was very cooperative during the vitals check. Didn’t even move an inch when they put all those sticky plugs on her to check her heart. The nurse commented on how articulate she is and asked when she started talking because her own 2-year-old wasn’t speaking very well yet. I told her about 7 months, and she hasn’t stopped LOL.

Emily slept most of the time and only woke up to get fed and for a diaper change. And then Alaethia needed a diaper change, too, at the same time LOL. So there I am, in the tiny bathroom that thankfully had a changing table with both girls and a huge car seat. I had to make sure that Alaethia wasn’t touching anything (she has a thing for toilets) while I was changing Emily.

When the specialist finally saw her he was amazed by how cooperative she was. She did everything he told her to do without fussing. He also commented on how well she speaks. We got the great news that her heart murmur is fine; she doesn’t have another appointment for 3 years, just to follow-up :).

I called Mario since it was 12:30; a half hour before he went to lunch. I texted and asked if he wanted us to pick him up and he said yes, of course. So we had a little lunch at Taco Bell. That’s one thing I love about him being back at his old job: I’ll get to have lunch with him on Saturdays again!

The girls were great again. Alaethia ate a little; I’d packed cantaloupe and a sippy of milk for her for breakfast on the way to the appointment and she’d eaten almost the whole ziploc of it.

I got home and tidied up a bit, then laughed at John and his craziness when he came over. Now that he gets our wireless signal at his house again he finds no reason to just come over and visit his sister. Rude. He’s also planning to move out. Who the heck else is going to make me laugh when Mario’s not home?!

I took a nap with the girls after I picked the boys up from school and they did their homework. The boys were excellent; they tip-toed and whispered the whole time so we got to nap for an hour. I have never woken up that refreshed from a nap, ever!

I stuck Emily in her sling when I got up and got dinner on the table and dishes washed with no problem. That sling really is a lifesaver!

Mario got home and ate and we went to Jorge and Maggie’s right after. Us girls mostly chilled out inside surfing Myspace, watching trailers, and watching videos on YouTube. Javi and Mario came in at one point and watched some strange video with us when Javi brought me some Hot Cheetoes with cheese. I still have no idea what it was about LOL. We came home right after that and went straight to bed.

I love being a stay-at-home-mom again. Mario and I are much happier again…because we get to spend time together! I never want to get back to where we were last February.

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