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Well Alaethia decided she didn’t feel like sleeping till almost 1am again. I was so exhausted by 11pm I could barely keep my eyes open. Thank God Mario was here and would check up on us in the bedroom every-so-often or else I think I would have completely fallen asleep with her wide awake at my side.

Then she woke up at 6:15am — 30 minutes before I had to wake up to get the boys ready for school — to drink a bottle. It sucks when she wakes up at that time because that’s it, that’s the final moment I get to sleep. Didn’t help that both the boys were in terrible moods this morning and I had to threaten a spanking so early in the day *twitch*. Usually, after the boys and Mario are gone, I can try and sleep with her till I have to pick Jaylen up from school, but today I have the pleasure of waiting up for the cable guy.

Starz and Encore haven’t been working and I stupidly agreed to wait for him. Coffee is NOT working and I feel sore all over since I woke up and was greeted by dear Aunt Flo. Grr.

I was planning on not leaving the house at all today, but I have to go buy feminine products and Dawn foam. I feel so slothy that I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to lay on the couch with Alaethia cooing next to me and read. I’m so thrilled to almost be done with Shopaholic Takes Manhattan! I think, if I am able to finish it today, I’ll go to the library and look for the next book. I don’t think I can wait till I buy it or find it at a thrift shop LOL.

Did anyone watch American Idol? I didn’t get to watch it Tuesday but I did last night. And I bawled like a baby while I was making dinner. All those poor people. I even made Eenan sit down and watch for a little while since he’d been literally crying earlier during the day that he desperately needed a new video game LIKE NOW. I told him he’s so lucky to have all that he does because these people may not have shelter, food, family, or even their health. He needs to learn to be grateful. I hope he got the point.

If I weren’t so broke right now I would have loved to donate to the Idol Fund they had going on :(.

I was tagged by Melissa! I already had my answer typed up, but felt like my blog last night was long enough already so I decided to wait till today to post it.

The question was “Why do I blog?”

I guess you can say that I blog out of habit.

Ever since I was in elementary school — I can’t remember if it was 3rd or 5th grade — I started writing in a diary. I LOVED to buy cheesy-cute diaries with fluffy puppies or kitties on the cover and just write. I loved to write about my day, my current crush, how shitty it was that mom and dad were having problems–anything and everything.

Then, in 1998, I was introduced to the world wide web and angelfire.com and a new obsession began. I still kept a paper journal, but when I’d add something new to my website, I’d add a little update about my actual life. I remember I was pregnant with Eenan at the time, so I’d write little things here and there about my pregnancy, then later about how I couldn’t sleep because I had a newborn. The only sad thing was, with every new layout, I’d wipe my main page of “updates” clean and start all over. I don’t have any archives of the first few years I “blogged” — and back then, the term “blog” didn’t even exist.

I much preferred journaling on my website than on paper because it was MUCH quicker. From my little angelfire site I moved on to scribble.nu which was quite the big thing, then later on to envy.nu, then I was hosted by my friend Vic, and then she helped me get my own website (pixydust.net) in 2001 because I had no credit cards at the time LOL. I unfortunately lost all my archives from 2000-2001 in a harddrive crash, so that was pretty sad for me.

Then later of course came Greymatter which made updating even easier, and now, even though I upgraded much later than others since I’m quite afraid of change — I’m using the wonderful WordPress. I love documenting my life. I love going back and having “tangible” memories. And the cool part is, if I ever need to remember facts about something that happened a few years ago, I can just search for it on my site and voila! I remember :).

Another big thing, like Melissa mentioned, is the contact you have with people and ability to meet others from all around the world. I never would have met many of the great friends I know online if it weren’t for my blog.

I often wonder if I’ll keep blogging into the years that my children have their own blogs. My whole family’s so used to my blogging that it’s sort of become a little joke between my brother and hubby and me. When someone says something funny we automatically say, “That’s one for the blog”. Someone says something offensive? “I’m telling the internetz.” Someone says something completely genius? “That should be your blog title.” I think it would be a bit weird for me not to blog since I’m so used to it. I know all the times I’ve wanted to just quit the whole internet scene the one thing that’s stopped me is my blog. And the great people I’ve met through it, of course.

— Thank you, Melissa! I never know who to tag with these things, so whoever wants to do it should do it! And then let me know if you did it so I can read your answer :).

Okay, the cable guy came and went and will have to come back since he doesn’t have the filters our system requires. We’re on an ancient system, it seems.

Alaethia will be up any minute. I just walked into the bedroom and she kept stretching, curling into a little ball and then falling back to sleep. I love how she protrudes her little chin when she’s stretching. And her baby-soft skin’s mostly back! She spent month 2 feeling scaly and rough due to whatever skin condition she had, but she feels much better now. Her face is still dry and rashy sometimes, but it’s nothing some Eucerin can’t fix.

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