*Rips Eyes and Ears Out*

Why, oh why, are they showing Jennifer Lopez videos non-stop on MTV??? I could turn the channel…but I can’t find the remote . Yeah, I’m lazy like that.

I watched two My Super Sweet 16’s last night. Nothing else to watch. I can’t stand how arrogant and spoiled those little girls are. They kept talking about how beautiful they were *gag*. If they ever have to step into the real world (which I doubt with Daddy handing them a wad of cash) they’re in for a big disappointment. The only nice one in all those episodes was the brunette from the first episode. OK, I should stop…before I say something incredibly bitchy .

I’ve actually been watching American Idol . The four people that got booted last night sang so well, especially the first girl. I think it’s so screwed up how they tell them they’re out of the competition and then ask them to sing . The one girl who didn’t sing too well that I thought was going to get booted, didn’t. I almost feel like going out and buying the very first season of AI, just to see how they sounded since they keep talking about how this group’s “the best” out of all. But anyway. My favorite singer so far has got to be Carrie Underwood. I LOVE her voice. I also loved the Maynard triplets. I’m still quite upset that they didn’t make it. They sang better than people who are still on the darn show. I saw them on Good Day Live a few days ago and think they’re too cute. Stupid Simon…calling them fat. There were people bigger than them who made it in…but what does it matter anyway and what does that have to do with their singing?! I think they look just fine *hmph*. *edit again* I’m watching the guys’ performances on AI since I missed it Monday and I have to say my favorite boy is probably Bo Bice. He has a great voice! Wow…a lot of the guys sing VERY well.

I hate the way they say Mario Vasquez’s name. *stabs* It’s VAHZ-KEZZ not VAZ-KWEZ. Oh yes…and Mikaela Gordon — or however you spell her name –annoys me. I thought she would have gotten booted too.*/edit*

Thank you all for the comments on my previous post. I went to bed thinking about it last night, and woke up thinking about it. What I forgot to mention was: I haven’t even taken my TASP, or ACT’s. I’ll probably have to take those and I know I won’t pass the math part and God forbid I have to take remedial courses and crap like that. I don’t know if I want to be in school for 4+ years. I was talking with Mario about this last night and he said, “You just don’t worry about it. You go to school.”

I want a house. I want to go to school (for a little while) find a good job and then get a house. That’s all I want is my house. I know going to some course that takes 9 months won’t get me as good a job as if I went to school for 2+ years. That’s also what makes me worry. But I really want my house. If Mario and I were both working we could get a house. Yes, I have house issues. I’ve never lived in a nice house and I want one. I want my dream home. I have every single thing in my dream home planned out. But I can’t just be thinking about how I want to rush and get trained for “some job” because then I’ll be unhappy and that’s exactly what I don’t want. But we’ll see.

Gosh, Mario never called. They told him to go in at 9am this morning so he could finish up this car he was working on and then after that, he could come home or stay. It’s 11 and he hasn’t called yet. I really hope he can get at least part of the day off . God, that’s another thing. I want a job where I’ll get to see and spend time with my family. And have weekends off . That’s not asking too much, is it? Buahaha.

Allllright. I need to go through e-mails and return visits, comments and so on. The house is clean, Jaylen’s asleep and I have free time!

on Monday, February 28th, Janine said:

Gah! I love your site! The skins are awsome.. I honestly wish I could make a page as good as yours.. but I just dont have the patients for it. I dont think. And on your blog.. the Care Bear blinkie like thing with your name.. too too cute! Love love love!!

on Sunday, February 27th, Johanna said:

Yup, UTPA is something that has too much going on. It might be easier for you to go to STC since you will be getting back into the hang of things. Some STC professors are great but what I hate is that some allow students to control the classes 🙁 That sucks. I hope that you do go soon, a year sure does fly by.

on Saturday, February 26th, Caleb said:

LOL My sweet 16 is a fun show to watch you can poke and make fun of all the stupid spoiled rich gurls and actually have the right to say they aint rich their parents are and they are just living off their parents money not their own..I HATE RICH KIDS they think just cause they got money they own the damn planet whatever LOL ok let me stop…American Idol is such an annoying show im sorry I dont know why they air it at all LOL…I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!!

on Thursday, February 24th, Lauren said:

haha i was watching mtv earlier in the day too.. i was like wtf is this?? they did the world premiere of the ‘get right’ video. i dont think its that great.. 😛

on Thursday, February 24th, Johanna said:

Go to college, it is awesome plus you can probably get a house sooner and provide a better life for your children. I am so ambitious it’s not even funny! The ACT and Tasp aren’t that hard but the math portion kills me:( I took remedial math twice, but here I am, getting my BA in 3 years. Anything is possible. your kids are older now and though they may want your attention they are more likely to understand that you need time to do your homework too. Just like them. School is awesome:) I am such a dork. I think that if I wouldn’t have had Frederick I wouldn’t have been so anxious to finish school so quickly, but I still would have finished anyways. Even know I am worried, cuz now, in my last seemster I got some dumb (hard actually) classes that I am falling asleep in and I am afraid of failing. Trying hard will get me there and will get you there too. It’s tough w/ family life, but it’s possible:) GOOD LUCK and I really really really hope you go:)

on Thursday, February 24th, Jessica said:

Haven’t talked to you online in a while – I’ve been so busy! I passed the TASP in 1998, but now I’m taking college algebra after being away from math for 6 years. It’s kicking my butt … I’m awful at math. But there’s nothing wrong w/ remedial courses. It’s hard to work and go to school, but Jeremy and I are both doing it because we have to have the jobs, and we went to finish school sometime in the next decade, lol. Don’t worry about your house – you’ll have it some day. And I’m sure it will be one of the prettiest houses in town. 🙂 Take care! <3

on Thursday, February 24th, Stefanie said:

I really hate to say this too you lol, but good luck even trying to find a job with school training! The only reason why i am saying that is because i took 4 years of computer classes (keyboarding, java/html, accounting etc.etc) and i STIILL cannot find a damned job! Granted i live in a really small town, but i have applied to 20+ jobs and havent heard back from any except one and i was stupid enough NOT to take that one. I’m only 19, my boyfriend is only 19 and personally (not trying to be mean) didnt do anything in high school except learn to weld. He was getting c’s, d’s and f’s..while i was making a’s and b’s. Yet every job he has applied for he has gotten! Its not fair. I have tried so hard! I have applied to jobs that are asking for computer experience and then when i do send my resume in i never hear anything back..so i guess there was someone else out there that was better than me..but how can there be a “better person” for all 20+ jobs i have applied for?!?!
Wow, i am venting in your comment section lmao! Thats horrible. Anywho, im not saying this to discourage you, just be aware that job hunting is VERY stressful! But the best thing to do is to not get your hopes up!
Anywho. I’ve left a long enough comment.
Love, Stefanie

on Thursday, February 24th, Cindy said:

Hell yeah we’re both from Texas!!!! So dom you have to take that TSI (Texas Success Initiative) test too or what?

on Thursday, February 24th, Cindy said:

I hate Jennifer Lopez. Just looking at her makes me want to throw myself off a cliff! I watch “My Super Sweet 16” last night too. What was her name..Ciera or soemthing. She was full of herself wasn’t she! Anyway…I took the ACT and TASP. Did pretty well on both except for…the MATH. I failed by one point and they put me in “intermediate algebra” aka retard math. LOL…good luck!