Shopping Day

Today was the total opposite from yesterday. Yesterday was laid back, no driving. Today: chaos and driving to town twice.

The kids and I slept in a little and Mario called at 11am asking if we could drop his lunch and wallet off to him at work.

The boys quickly ate cereal and I ate (eggs and coffee) and fed Aly her oatmeal cereal. After washing dishes and getting everyone ready we left at 12:45. We dropped Mario’s stuff off first then went to Target. I got bibs for Alaethia, a rattle she fell in love with, some underclothes for me, a separator thing for my scrapbooking drawer (clearance!), a turquoise sheet set ($7.99!), a Game Cube game for the boys (that they took forever to decide on! There were hardly any to begin with since they’re going to discontinue it soon *sniff*.), laundry detergent and picked out a playpen for Aly. They didn’t have either of the ones I wanted — the pink one or the Zazoo one that matches her high chair — so I ended up with a navy/green plaid one that cost $50. Oh well. At least it was inexpensive. I used my 10% off coupon and saved $22. Woo!

I get us some Burger King because the boys took so long deciding on what to buy and we were starving. We get home and I start to set up the playpen. John gets here and sees me struggling. After 15 minutes I couldn’t get one of the darn sides to snap straight and realize I’m going to have to exchange it. John bailed on me and left as soon as I mentioned needing to go back (I’ll remember that!) so Mary offered to stay with the boys while Aly and I went. I exchange it with no problem, thank God.

One of the good things about going back was that I put gas in the Equinox for $2.45 at the H-E-B plus. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it over here. A guy that looked like Steve-O offered to pump the gas for me since I was carrying Alaethia. I was touched/terrified for my life.

Everyone’s at Mary’s having lasagna when I get back home. I help Jorge look for a battery for his laptop, eat, then set up the playpen. This one snapped into place quickly and firmly. I’m so relieved, and glad that I returned the other one. I’m terrified of those things collapsing and possibly hurting Alaethia.

I searched online for info about the place I might be working at and my heart sank when I realized just how far it is. I called Mario, who was chilling out after work with the guys, for reassurance. We talked about it a little, about the boys getting to school and all that, and I feel much better about it now. If I do get this it’ll be great. It’s a start and hopefully, in the future, I could possibly transfer closer to home.

I bathed Aly after that and then got the boys into bed. I’m going to start having them get ready for bed earlier every day now that school’s around the corner. They fought me on it; Eenan even cried. Then they asked if I could set the timer on the TV to turn off and then asked for a story. So we did all that, plus I made sure to close their curtains and shut the doors to their closet, because Eenan has a “thing” about them being open. I got Aly to sleep about 20 minutes ago and now it’s my turn. Gotta start doing this every night from now on.


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