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Pumpkin Patch 2017

I’m super late with this, and you’ve probably already seen it on Instagram, but I’ve documented all of our other visits to the Pumpkin Patch at St. Mark’s. How else did I manage to look up the past photos to recreate them 😀 ??

The big boys were, of course, less than thrilled about having to peel themselves away from their electronics and get showered and dressed for the occasion, but they eventually did. I warned them at the beginning of October that they will be 25 and they WILL take their pumpkin patch photo with their siblings 😆 .

So they humored me and had some fun recreating the very first set of photos from 2011 that we took of them our first official year as a family .

2011 vs. 2017
And a new one with Julien

A new pose
“Hurry, Mom! Take the picture!”

And of course, these boys always find ways to crack everyone up. Here they are “manspreading”.

And then we get home and for some unknown reason, Jaylen climbed onto the roof.

It was a great day!

Pumpkin Patch 2016

The kids were off for Columbus Day  (random). I was going to get the entire day off to spend with them but my boss was leaving on a trip out of town and lots needed to be done at work. So I went in half a day.

I returned some pants at JC Penney, then got home and piled the kiddos in the truck to go to the pumpkin patch. Mom went, too, and we met Mary there since she was picming up the boys. Gotta love those kiddos; they were good sports and humored me and the 100 photos I took. The best ones:

Didn’t work with the big boys!

Amazingly, they still had tons of energy so I took them to the park to run it off.

And then I relaxed with the kiddos, played Uno with Emmos and tortured myself by making these amazing hasselback potatoes (took forever!).

Makes me wish I had more days off more often 🙁 !!