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Spring Cold

Ughhhh. Of course I would get a cold on the weekend, the same day I get my period. Not only am I having body aches from the cold—I’m also having aches in my lower back and uterus. Thank God I didn’t get a fever because I’ve had my heating pads on 24/7. Can you imagine!?

This cough kept me awake so I went to sleep really late. Still obsessing over plant care and looking up how to not kill certain species. I was bold enough to ask in the garden center of Walmart if they’d mark down a Snow Queen Waffle Plant because she looked like she was on her last leg. So they left the poor thing to me at $1.50. I hope I didn’t just pay for her to die at my house 😆 .

Let’s rehab this beyotch

I guess I feel pretty good about just staying home and resting. I asked the kids not to ask for rides so I can get over this thing in peace.

I’m going to either watch “Workin’ Moms”, read or pass out. I already watered the plants that needed watering. Who am I kidding—I know damn well I’m going to go back into that Houseplant group I spend all my time in on Facebook and beg for tips on how to save my rooty Key Lime Pie succulent.

Current view

Keeping Busy

Working on my mental health lately while weaning off of one of my anti-depressants (Paroxetine) has been brutal. So what do I do when the mania hits? I find yet another hobby to obsess about. I present to you: some of my new plants.

The plants in the top two photos are from the 99 Cent Store, can you believe it?? So are the pots. Of course they were not $0.99 cents lol.
These babies were on clearance for $2 each at a nursery in Palmview. I trimmed down the snake plant’s dead leaves and it’s looking MUCH better.
“Mano de León” or “Brain Celosia”
From Walmart. The pots, too
From Home Depot. One of my wishlist items: Purple Passion

And of course I needed space for all these and my current ones, so my bestie installed these:

I am absolutely in love. And they definitely keep me busy and my mind from spiraling for sure!

I need to update this photo. I’ve replaced that terra cotta pot with a plastic one because my Golden Pothos was NOT having it. She’s much happier now 🙂 .

So welcome to my latest obsession. I have even bought a standing grow light. Wish me luck keeping all these alive!

What I Do When the Kids Aren’t Home

Since the other parents and us are switching turns with our kiddos every Thursday for summer, I have to keep myself busy when they’re not home or else I become extremely bored, and a little weepy at times 🙁 .

One of the afternoons 2 weeks ago when I was picking Jaylen up after work (he’s going to his dual-enrollment classes during summer), we saw a pile of cacti waiting for brush pick-up in front of a house. When I got to Mario’s, I asked him if he had any old tarps or anything I could pick up a cactus with. He said he had an old pool, so he cut some pieces up and Jaylen and I stopped in front of the house.


We both stood there, hands on our hips, figuring out how to roll the cactus on the plastic. Jaylen said we’d pull the plastic close and roll a cactus with the other plastic and we’d each hold a side of the plastic and place it in the car. As we’re contemplating, the owner of the house walks out. I get nervous, and slightly embarrassed since I’ve never done anything like this, but I wave and smile. He comes over and tells us to pick the ones we want and he put two in the car for us, just like that with his bare hands!

So I had two giant cacti I had to somehow get into the ground, somewhere in the yard!

On one of my trips to Walmart for some cacti soil, I found this adorable baby!


We had a busy week coming up at work, and since my boss wouldn’t be in on Monday we crammed all the to-do’s into Friday, which included finding transportation for a group coming in from Irapuato. So as we’re waiting for someone to assist us at this one car rental place, this kitty jumps on my lap!


Then we stopped by this Mexican candy shop on the way to another place: Dulcerias Pinkies! My first time there, ever, and it was just like the isles and isles of awesome candies we’d buy in Reynosa for the kids’ parties (back when we weren’t scared to cross 😕 ).


We had a photo shoot for Mr. Kirk Clark at 4pm so we rushed over. After the photos were done, Mr. Clark invited us to SALT for drinks and hors d’ ouvres!


I love hearing his wonderful stories and the inspiration behind his beautiful artwork! He invited us all to stay for dinner, but Jorge had just gotten out of work so I thanked him profusely and excused myself. At least my boss and Gerry stayed to join him.

My love got home and we decided to have a date-night that evening. We used our gift certificate, so that was even better!


Tony Roma's

Saturday came around and I decided to make myself some breakfast instead of going jogging or to yoga (again 🙁 ) since I was still pretty sore from my procedure on Thursday. Breakfast on my porch is one of my favorite things, ever. If the darn mosquitoes weren’t so abundant I would have totally done some yoga right there.


I repotted some of my overgrown cacti and my new prickly one into clay pots.



While I was at it, I decided my poor large FREE cacti had waited long enough, and finally planted them (very carefully).


I showered, then Mom and I were going to go visit Gramma and grocery shop. We were talking about plants and she tells me to stop by the nursery near the house, so I oblige, heh.


We found so many awesome plants, and for cheap!

I even got a few extras in one of them!

We dropped them off at home and then visited Gramma and did grocery shopping. I had an awesome lentil soup made for when my love got home from work :).

I cleaned and repotted some plants on Sunday after breakfast.


Bear Paws!! Found at Walmart!

And made us some awesome salmon sliders for lunch.


I took down all my succulents from my windowsill garden in the kitchen and vacuumed/dusted everything. I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom, too. I always spend all day on my days off running errands and doing housework and then I regret when Monday comes 😆 . But I put on my big girl panties and conquered the entire day, completing all bullets on my to-do list at work. And that deserved some homemade Fancy Ramen when I got home from work, and later, Salty Dogs for the hubs and I.



Jorge and I had actually made plans to go to Suerte Bar & Grill since the weekend on Monday evening since we were kidkess, but when the day actually came…we kinda stalled at getting ready until we thought, why go out when we can have drinks at home? And it was glorious!

On Tuesday, I stopped by Valley Garden Center after work. I needed some big clay pots to repot the cacti from Saturday that didn’t fit in the ones I already had, and ended up getting some adorable tiny cacti!


Aren't they cute!!

And then came Wednesday and along with it the whirlwind of gluttony during work for the next few days!