Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Made a new skin! If you’re still viewing the old ones, click here to see the new one. Sorry about that…it was popping out in this Iframe *smacks forehead*. To see it, click on ‘Cheer & Share’ in the side menu. I can’t get rid of that blasted blue line around the layout . That’s what I get for rushing!

Anyway, I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was nice . Ours was great. Started out not-too-great since Mario didn’t want to go to Aunt Nora’s to pick Mom up to spend the morning with us, but we went to see her in the evening for a while so it worked out. I tried not being a total douchebag around everyone after he pissed me off. We went over to Yadira’s, where Mary prepared her traditional Thanksgiving feast and we ate. Everything was delicious. I literally couldn’t get up off my seat when it came time for us to leave .

We went to Jorge and Maggie’s after that, around 2pm. Maggie and her sister, Connie, made a whole bunch of food! Her sister even made a spice cake in the microwave with some Tupperware thing. We ate again around 4…and I swear I thought I was going to hurl…I had never felt so full in my life. I didn’t want to be rude though, since they invited us over and all. Maggie was already feeling upset because her in-laws didn’t really eat when she invited them over. We chilled out for about another hour after that, then went to visit Mom and Aunt Nora. Aunt Nora and everyone else were leaving to a movie, so we saw them briefly, but we stayed with Mom for about 45 minutes and talked and looked at ads in the newspaper, since Mary and I’d be going to the Black Friday sales at 5am the next morning! Mario, was of course, being a pain, so we had to make our visit short. I woke up at 5am, left with Mary and Sonia to Home Depot, Toys R Us, Comp USA, Sears, JC Penny and Circuit City. John and Mario stayed with the boys and then John babysat them after Mario left for work.

It was absolute chaos. There were 3 fender benders at the same time in the parking lot of the mall. Mary and I told off a manager at Comp USA because he was being a total dick to everyone. He was pretty surprised when I called him an asshole . We also got a price adjustment on a roll-away toolbox Mario bought at Sears. They kept trying to give us the run around until I told them I was once a cashier/sales associate at a store and yes, they should give us a price adjustment since we bought it within 7 days. Bastards. The manager was really apologetic and polite after we proved our point though. I know what I’m getting for Christmas from Mary too! I went to check if they had any Rainbow Brite Light Up Color Castles and they did! And she told me to bring it and I said no, Mario would get mad if I bought it LOL. Then she said she’d get it but I couldn’t open it till Christmas. YAY!

Saturday, John and I and the kids got up early to go shopping again. I got Jaylen one of his Christmas presents. I need to figure out what else to get them. I know what Eenan wants already too. I also got a Glade 3-in-1 candle…OMG it smells wonderful. I did a bit of decorating…not much since we 1) don’t have the space and 2) Mario would have an attack if I had decorations all over the place LOL. After we got back from town I went to the store to get a few things Mary needed since she was leaving that day for a 1 week trip to Arizona. When we were walking out of the last store we went to I felt something soft rub against my leg and then I hear Jaylen scream, “Mama! A Kitty!!!” He had her in his arms by the time I looked down. I looked around for a while to check if her mother was around, or if there were other kittens around, but saw nothing. She was so skinny and tiny (I think she’s a runt) so I brought her home to feed her. She was ravenous, the poor thing. I brought her with the sole purpose of making her healthy and then giving her away, but she’s growing on us. I didn’t want to name her because then I’d get attached, but her name’s Choco Cat LOL. She looks just like him, big eyes and all! I think we may just keep her. She’s a fiesty little thing though. She’ll be purring up a storm and as soon as you touch her, she turns on her back and starts playfully nibbling on you, which really hurts because her teeny teeth are razor sharp. I cleaned the bathroom that day and my hands were on fire because of the Lysol and all the little kitten-induced cuts.

Speaking of, you know you’re getting older when you get excited over cleaning products that get rid of that soap scum you couldn’t get rid of for the past 3 months. I love Lysol *hugs bottle*. I’d never tried it on the bathroom stall…only on the counters and vanity and around the toilet. I’d only used stuff like Tilex for the stall. My bathroom is SPARKLING! See? There goes the old lady talking about her bathroom. Kill me now.

John spent the whole weekend here and I spent it teasing and torturing him LOL. He’d play a dumb song I don’t like, so I’d start singing kareoke. He’d say something I didn’t want to know, like, something about his privates. So I’d tell him that Mario and I “canoodled” on the futon, where he was sleeping. ROFL. It was hilarious. It was cool having him here since I would have been totally lonely (except for the boys’ company) since Mario’s been working 12-13 hours a day. It’s been so busy that he’s not getting a day off for 3 weeks!

Welp, I think that’s all. Gotta finish painting at the apartment. It’s almost 2 and I haven’t done a thing! God, I hope I finish today…and that I don’t hurt my back like I did on Wednesday night. I had a horrible, pinching pain. It wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t even sit! Noey invited Mario and I to play pool that night and I was a bit depressed because I didn’t think I could play. I sat out the first two games then played against Noey on the 3rd. Mario made a friend and played pool with him and the guy’s friend most of the night…aww. After my first two games, the pain started to go away. Thank God. I constantly have back pain, but nothing like that before!

Okay, okay. I’m stalling. I’ll go paint now. Eeh.

on Tuesday, November 30th, elaine said:

seriously, THE LAYOUT WAS NICE!! its so darned cute. :)~

anyway, ive moved to ! hehe.. wanna inform u that only. >.< pop by again soon. ive got school tomorrow. *shrugs*

on Monday, November 29th, laurie said:

I want to be a cat in my next life and be where you live! I know you will take care of me!! πŸ˜‰

Cute layout! I love Carebears!

on Monday, November 29th, Rachel said:

The layout is lovely, Yajaira =)

I want to see a picture of Choco Cat? Is he really brown? Havana Browns are my favourite. Lovely things. All of your kitties are very beautiful!

I found out a present I am getting today as well – the Aladdin DVD πŸ˜€ Yay.

I think I know the pain you are talking about…does it feel like a little thread of molten metal is being hammered? Ouch.

on Monday, November 29th, tara said:

glad you had a nice thanksgiving! (lots of food!!!) you were brave to fight the crowds on black friday! will and i didn’t leave the house until 11am! lol i get excited about cleaning stuff too, especailly things that make the job easier (swiffer wipes!) btw, i’m loving the carebear skin! πŸ˜€

on Monday, November 29th, Lauren said:

my thanksgiving was alright.. a small get together and some food and that is all. i get excited about cleaning stuff too [damn ocd] and i’m only 20! it happens for all ages too! haha πŸ˜‰

on Monday, November 29th, Vic said:

OMG this Carebears skin is SO effing beautiful. *wipes a tear* I want your skills! kthx