The Planets (or Something) Are Against Me

My luck would have it that the night before my Yard Sale we’d get “Strong to Severe” Thunderstorms. It’s been reported that golf-ball sized hail is headed this way, in about 15 minutes. My sweet husband was outside in a t-shirt and shorts running around finding bricks to hold down the tarp that’s covering all the yard sale stuff. Those bags and boxes mostly consist of toys and books–great. I hope they stay dry.

We’re also under tornado watch. It never concerned me before, but after all the severe weather Texas has been having lately (Lubbock, Amarillo, Tulia and the tornados in Eagle Pass) I’m pretty darn terrified. I just hope everyone will be okay. Who cares about the darn Yard Sale.

Eenan’s up. The hail’s here and Mario’s outside in a raincoat watching it. Better turn off the computer before the storm does.


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