It took me DAYS, but I FINALLY FIXED MY DASHBOARD!! I’ve never been SO HAPPY to see this damn page!! The few updates I’ve gotten a chance to do have been through the WordPress app on my phone (and I *always* forget my Bluetooth keyboard :/ !) It only took a lot of enabling and disabling themes and plugins and installing WordPress MANUALLY and praying to Jesus that I didn’t screw anything up to fix it. Now, if I could just get those stupid ad banners to stop showing up!! Who the fk did that!?! It’s so infuriating!! 😡 When I inspect the code it highlights something called Cloudflare, which is apparently some plugin used to HELP with these type of situations, but it also says something about redirecting. I wish I had the time and energy to decipher these types of things myself, but look how long making my Dashboard work took me?? 😥 Anyway. One day at a time. And I managed to figure this out so I’m not, in fact, old, or dumb!! Woohoo!

[And now the darn banner isn’t even showing up. I feel crazy.]

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