Weekend Adventures, Driving & Swimming Lessons

Watching a high speed chase/kidnapping going on in California on CNN right now. I’m so glad it ended peacefully. The guy had two women and a toddler and infant in the car. I wonder what happened? What caused him to snap and do that. WTH? They’re walking him to a patrol car and as he was passing one of the suspects he either tried to kiss her or snapped at her.

It’s been a while since I updated. Mmmm…Got a 20 gallon tank for our turtles on Sunday. Went to Petland, bought one for almost $40. Went to Petsmart to get the rats’ food and found a 20 gallon for $32–I TOLD him (Mario) they were more expensive at Petland–everything there is! So we bought the $32 one and returned the one from Petland. When we returned it, we also got a leash and harness for Cookie . He’s getting huge for his cage, so it’s nice to take him out and get some exercise.

We had to rearrange the entertainment center to put the tank up there–there was nowhere else!

We decided to eat at Fuddruckers that day. I’d only eaten there once before and it was years ago and Mario wanted to try it out. My burger came out to $8.16, and it was a 1/2 lb. of meat! I couldn’t finish the darn thing. I ate about a quarter of it. I should have gotten a kid’s burger! The thing I liked the best was the seasoned fries I ate with nacho cheese . I also ran into a friend from my Mission years–Marissa. She’s kind of cooky and boy crazy LOL.

We met with everyone at the movies and while they watched The Longest Yard, we (Mario, Jaylen and I–Eenan was with Elda, of course) watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was SUCH a good movie! I had my doubts, but I really liked it. I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite movies.

All I remember from Monday is taking Eenan and Jaylen to their swimming classes. I ended up having to take Jaylen out . This time, there’s a bunch of kids and not enough coaches (there are enough coaches, but I take it some of them are lazy and spend their time hiding in the office–I’ve seen them ). They expect the toddlers to learn how to swim when there’s 3-5 of them with one coach. The coach that had Jaylen and two other little boys could not control them. The parents of the two boys ended up getting into bathing suits and “helping” the coach–hello? I’m not going to be all ridiculous and get in a bathing suit. Isn’t that what they’re being paid for? To teach? If they can’t handle it, shouldn’t they get more coaches out there?

Eenan’s also in a “class” now–Angela’s with him and so are two other boys. Eenan already went through the 1st session and now he’s going through it all over again. So basically I’m paying for the same damn classes again.

That day, they learned NOTHING. I got so fed up watching the coach struggle with all the toddlers (shit, I’m not going to risk Jaylen drowning) I went and got my money back. I tell the old-hag of a supposed “lifeguard” that I want to remove him from the class because he really isn’t going to learn anything like that and she smirks and says, “Well, these aren’t private classes. One coach can have up to 5 kids.” I think that’s totally ridiculous.

The next day, Tuesday, the old-hag lifeguard tells all the parents that these aren’t private classes and that some parents are getting frustrated because their kids aren’t learning fast enough. I glare at Yazmin, who was sitting next to me and loudly say, “Oh, I guess she’s talking about me?”, and sarcastically smile at the old-hag (yes, that’s now her name). She kept going on and on about how the kids may not learn anything what-so-ever, but that’s due to the child themselves. Bullshit. It’s safe to say Eenan won’t be going back to Sessions 3 and 4.

Yesterday, as karma would have it, the pool messed up . Supposedly the kids are going to get to make up for the lost time next week, but I highly doubt it.

We had a busy day yesterday. Ate breakfast, we all got ready (John, the boys and me), went to the bank to cash Mom’s check, then I drove…ALL THE WAY TO MISSION! I had to pay for Mom’s storage unit and really had no choice since it was late. I did alright. I wasn’t even as nervous as I thought I’d be. Next, I shall drive to McAllen .

Took the kids to the library, where they made a little frame out of popsicle sticks and puff paint for Father’s Day . They had fun, but started acting up after being there for almost an hour so we left, went to Dollar General for a phone line, bread, chocolate milk and curtain rods. Then we went driving with John for a while. He drove to Dollar General to pick up some stuff for himself and we came home. He did well. It was SUPER hot outside though, so we cut it short. I started feeling really ill–naseous (couldn’t even watch Food Network without feeling like I was about to hurl!), my stomach was churning and I was getting a migraine. I unwillingly got Eenan ready for his swimming classes and they ended up being canceled so he, Jaylen and Angela played here while I layed on the couch and played Hangaroo with John. I made the kids PB&J sandwiches and laid down again. I felt better after 2 hours so I made dinner. When Mario got home we went to the 3 convenience stores around here to get brownies and vanilla ice cream for I’m Sorry Cake, but 1 was closed and the other two had no pints of ice cream .

Now, I’m here, stalling. I need to clean out the 10 gallon tank and put the turtles in there for today. Mario got some plexi-glass and is going to make a dam-type thing for the turtles. They have a lot of water in the new tank and Sammy and Brandon’s turtles keep knocking down their basking rocks, so they can’t bask properly . I also gotta put clean clothes away and basically clean. I haven’t done anything in 2 days, heh . I should get started or else I never will.