WordPress Nightmare & Yesterday’s Happenings

Well, I’ve been at this WordPress thing all morning and I managed to add a new theme to it from a theme site I found. I made a new layout for pixydust.net last night, but have no idea how to go about making it a theme for WordPress. What I’d REALLY like to do is use my existing skins–to somehow incorporate them with WP. I’m not against making slight adjustments, but I don’t want to make the skins all over again, y’know what I mean? I know it’s doable–to have your regular skins mixed with WordPress, I just don’t know how to go about it. I’m not good at asking for help, but right now I’m begging you guys:

Can you help a girl out and direct her to a tutorial on how to do this?

I finally got an idea for a layout, after what? A year or so?! So, I’d really like to have it installed. I want to get this whole WordPress thing going, now that I have the time. I love the whole idea of WP and let’s face it, as good as Greymatter’s been to me, it’s sort of becoming obsolete :(.

I’m impatient though, so if I can’t figure out WP I’ll just stick with GM (hey, I’ve been with it this long LOL) and just use the new skin with this.

I can’t believe how dumb I feel. I’ve never had trouble understanding anything having to do with webdesign .

Anyway, I spent all of yesterday on the road. At around 10am I took a shower so that I could get ready to take Jaylen to his doctor so they could check his TB test. Right when I was about to leave, Mary calls and asks if I can scan some stuff and e-mail them to her, so I do. Running late. It takes half an hour to get to Jaylen’s doctor’s office (mental note: find a doctor that’s closer. Love the late hours and open weekends of Dr. Z’s office, but it’s way too far). It takes them a total of 2 minutes to check him and give us the okay, then half an hour to get back home. I’m praying we make it back on time for my next appointment, which is at one.

We have approximately 15 minutes to eat lunch, so I heat up some taquitos in the microwave and we eat. Mom has to be at Gramma’s nursing home by 2 so that they can leave together to Gramma’s doctor’s appointment. She’s having trouble swallowing so they need to get some X-rays done. Since my appointment’s at 1 I figure we won’t have time to make it, but we leave at 12:30, just in case. John was appointed my bodyguard since I got those phone calls the day before, so we were to go together to drop Mom off. My appointment didn’t take long at all and now I have insurance and have my first doctor’s appointment on Friday–yay! I can’t tell you what a weight off my shoulders this is. Once I knew I had insurance and didn’t have to worry anymore, I fell in love with this pregnancy even more. Now I can enjoy it without being scared about what’s going to happen, or not happen, next.

What sort of sucks is that I won’t be able to go to my old practioner. When I called to make my appointment the receptionist said they weren’t delivering babies anymore and that they only saw pregnant women till their 3rd month of pregnancy, then they’d be referred to someone else. I didn’t like that so I just made an appointment with a doctor that’s much closer to home and delivers at a good hospital anyway.

We leave for Gramma’s at 1:30 and make it there by 2. Sweet. We visit with Gramma for a little bit before her ambulance gets there. She and Mom leave and the boys, John and I stay in her room watching TV.

We all get antsy, and sleepy, in about an hour so we decide to go to the Wal-Mart nearby and buy some ice cream.

I’m backing out of my parking space and I notice this nurse is backing out of hers. She seems to stop, so I slowly reverse but then stop completely when I notice she’s moving again, too. John says, “Go, Yajaira. Why are you stopping?” I tell him, “I think that lady’s gonna hit us. Does she see us?” I start honking like mad only to feel a BUMP. She hit us. Luckily we’re in the Sentra (wastes less gas) and not the Equinox. I growl and get off the car and inspect the bumper. There’s so many scrapes on the bumper (I, myself, have never been responsible for them, thank you) I decide not to do anything about it. I go around to the lady’s passenger side and tell her (in Spanish), “You should be more careful!” I get into the Sentra and as I’m putting on my seat belt the lady appears at my window. She says, “Sorry. I didn’t see anything in the rear view mirror, but I didn’t look through my right one.” Um, duh?? How long have you had your license? I scowl at her and tell her, “Next time, be careful. I have my kids in the car. You could really hurt somebody.” And I drive off.

We get to Wal-mart. The plan was to buy a bucket of Breyer’s bubblegum ice cream and a pack of spoons, and we’d eat to our heart’s content back at Gramma’s. Get there and there’s no such ice cream. We head to the McDonald’s inside the store and find out they don’t sell ice cream at all. Dammit. We decide on milk for me, chocolate milk for the boys, Red Bull for John and donuts and Chips Ahoy to eat (and we can’t forget, some antibacterial Wet Ones). I surprisingly only ate two powdered donuts and downed the milk. Mom and Gramma there a while later and tells us how the appointment went. Apparently Gramma is having trouble swallowing. Her throat’s swollen, probably because of the terrible cough she’s had for almost a month straight. We let the nurse know she’s there, since she’s supposed to give her her medication. Then we come home. Thank God.

It’s amazing how I’m not going to school anymore or working and my day’s still filled with crap to do. I think today’s one of the only days I haven’t had to do anything. Well, that’s half true since I need to leave in a little bit, but I shouldn’t take long.

I should do what I need to do and then I shall come back online and visit everyone I need to visit. It feels kind of nice to just veg out in front of the computer. I’ve missed you, Interweb *hug*.


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