You Know I’m Bored…

…when there’s two entries in one day . Mary took me (and all the boys) to JCPenny to pay our credit card bill. I still am too chicken to drive around McAllen. One of these days I’m just going to grab the car and go. That’s the only way I got myself to start driving around here. And speaking of, I feel so much more comfortable driving around this city than I did before–even when cops are around! It would have sucked if I’d been driving the Sentra though (been driving either Noelia’s Geo or John’s Civic). Mario got stopped on the way to work and got off with a warning for our stickers being expired. Eek.

We got some chicken tenders and Icees for the kids from Burger King, came home and then I left to the Family Dollar to exchange the plastic storage box I got and buy some sodas for another get-together tonight (Elda’s making Pozolé, oh yeah!). Went to Dollar General to buy the storage drawer I needed for my scrapbooking stuff (it was $5, not $3!) and found some cute scrapbooking stickers. I love buying scrapbooking stuff from there. I’ve gotten lots of letter stickers; solid primary, pastel and even printed papers, embellishments and mounting stickers. There’s some wedding and birthday embellishments I NEED to go back for . They’re $2, and almost as cute and detailed as the Jolee’s ones. I think that’s what I’ll do right now. Take my box over to Mary’s, where everyone’s congregating, and scrapbook!

[edit]I recieved the Music Baton from: Kitty!

Total volume of music on my computer: Not much, as soon as I download, I burn onto CD 😛
The last CD I bought: I honestly haven’t bought a CD in YEARS!
Song playing: I Love You Always, Forever – Donna Lewis
Five songs I listen to alot or that mean alot to me:
1. Still the One – Shania Twain
2. Freshman – The Verve Pipe
3. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain
4. Heaven – Nu Flavor
5. Valentine – Martina McBride

Don’t know who’s done the Music Baton already, so feel free to do it if you haven’t! [/edit]

on Monday, June 13th, becca said:

Aw! My sister wants “I’ll Be” to be the first dance song at her wedding. 🙂

I have to get stickers for my Escape. I just forgot to until now– so thanks for reminding me. 😉 I love shopping at the dollar store, too. I always come away with like 15 fun things and I never feel guilty. Enjoy the scrapbooking!

on Monday, June 13th, Johanna said:

I drove to STC since its right near our apartment on Friday. All alone! It was awesome but I was so scared. I am glad that you can drive around. I wish I could:( I want to drive myself to work by August 9th and I hope I can. It’s just across the street. I hope you take classes soon. College is great. There are so MANY things out there to learn.

on Monday, June 13th, cndy said:

I sooooo love your layout its so beautiful and just perfect for summer. Great Job! 😀

on Sunday, June 12th, kitty said:

:)oh my, you are so right about driving alone.. me too, somehow driving around hawaii by myself just boosted my confidence and not being such a scaredy cat, LOL.. I know how you feel bout cops driving nearby, at least you’re also used to it, ^_^ anyways, I have to continue my scrapbook pages, too.. I’ve been doing it lil by lil.. have a great day, yaya!!!!

on Saturday, June 11th, Jessica said:

Last year I got a ticket for my tags being out. It sucked. It’s neat you’ve taken up scrapbooking. I wanted to do it when I was younger but never got into it. You’re so creative, so your pages look really good. Hope you had fun!