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Showers and Registries

I went to town with Mary and Alaethia. Mom and Mario stayed with the boys. Our first stop was Target where I needed to create my baby registry since we’d be passing out some of my baby shower invitations at Yvette’s baby shower.

We met Andy and Noelia there and I got started filling out all the info on the computer. They handed me a scanner gun and I got to work. As I’m scanning stuff I start noticing that some of the clearance items were scanning at half of the clearance price they already had. I got crib sheets for Alaethia’s bed, some onesies for Emily, a crib set for Yvette’s baby and Mary got me a whole crib set for Emily. Andy and Noelia also bought a crib set for their future son and other miscellaneous things.

I was drawing a blank trying to figure out what to scan but I went through each aisle just in case. I was getting tired fast, so we got ready to pay. The items that had been scanning at 75% off were only scanning at the clearance tag price at the register. I was irritated and left the big stuff at the register. I went to customer service and asked if I could have the items at the price they’d been scanning on the registry. The guy said sure, just to go get my basket of stuff back from the register I’d left it at. He did the transaction easily and everyone left happy :).

Andy and Noelia went their own way after that and Mary, Aly and I went to Walmart. After that we went to Yvette’s baby shower. We were sitting talking to the aunts when we found out that Yvette’s little boy would be making an appearance at his own shower because he was born 3 weeks early! We had no idea!

The doors of the room were both open and Alaethia kept following the bigger girls (ages 3 and 5 LOL) around. She was acting like she was really grown up. She knew I didn’t approve and kept giving me that smile of hers that she does when she knows she’s doing wrong. I drew the line when she ended up at the bathroom with the other kids. I kept closing the doors but someone kept opening them and they were all escaping. Even though she was throwing tantrums I held onto her. I don’t know how everyone else isn’t paranoid about their kids running off on their own.

We got home and I started getting ready for the next day. I could hardly believe it was actually my last week of work!

A Taste of SAHMomminess

I’m taking a break. My feet and back are killing me for standing and walking around the past 2 hours. Not to mention the heaviness I feel carrying around this big belly. I woke up at 8, got Mario’s lunch packed and he left to work. Alaethia was already awake and had some milk and watched Noggin while I made eggs. She’d fallen asleep around 9:30 last night, but she didn’t stay in her room all night. She called for her Daddy-O around 11:30pm and came to our room. I laid her down and she was out like a light again. I supposed I could have just taken her to her room again, but we’ll try that again tonight. Even though she kicks and uncovers me and wakes me up around 5 times a night, I will miss sleeping beside her. She’s so loveable :).

We ate and were interrupted by Elda’s mom and sister-in-law who were looking for my mother. They said her door was locked. Not to be rude, but I was like, Um…and? I guess they all do it, including my mom, just walking up into people’s houses. I’m sorry, but I don’t like that. Like I told Mom once: what if Mario and I are doing the deed and she just walks in??

Anyway, I started cleaning up the kitchen table (our dumping ground, unfortunately) and ran back and forth changing DVDs for my indecisive daughter from Strawberry Shortcake to “Terabithium”. Then I started washing dishes. That’s what took 2 hours. Bless Mom. I ask her—daily–not to wash dishes because 1) she doesn’t watch Alaethia very well when she’s occupied with something else, 2) she just piles them and piles them up and it becomes overwhelming having to put them away, and 3) I end up washing half of them over again anyway because she doesn’t wear her glasses and leaves dried up food or grease on them. So it took me a while to put them all away (especially since my belly doesn’t exactly let me reach the cabinets anymore) and then I washed the dishes and cleaned up the counter, because Mario likes to dump all his electronics and tools there. Now it looks much, much better. Alaethia asked to color, so I strapped her into her high chair and gave her some crayons and her Little Mermaid coloring book. When I was almost done she asked for strawberries (or apples as she calls them LOL) and she ate them all, about 6. Then she asked for grapes. I’m amazed at how well she’s eating today. She ate all her eggs, had a little bit of milk, and then the fruit. I feel like the sky was split open by rays of sun and angels are signing “Hallelujah!” down to me. I hope she continues to eat well.

(Hours later…) Well, I spoke too soon. She didn’t eat lunch very well, but she did stuff herself with all that fruit. She poked at her macaroni and fish a little bit, but didn’t even eat half. I got ready around 2:30 and dropped a package off for Mario at the Post Office and then picked up the boys. I decided we should go see Gramma today just in case we get busy like we usually do during the weekend. So the boys unwillingly put their clothes back on (they strip down to their undies once they step over the threshold). Alaethia was happy to get ready. She looks forward to going places.

Gramma’s doing very well, thank goodness. Mom unloaded the goodies she’d bought for Gramma while the kids got comfy on her bed and watched TV. They were doing well for the most part, until Eenan started putting his feet in Jaylen’s way and was blocking the TV—then it got nasty. They started smacking each other and almost knocked Alaethia off the bed until I told them to stop or they were grounded indefinitely. That stopped them right away…until they started again a few minutes later. After talking with Gramma and her telling me the name she liked for the baby (Julissa, but I told her my half-brother’s daughter’s named Julissa), I gathered my children and we said our goodbyes.

Our next stop was Target where I needed to find little pails in the Dollar Spot for the Care Bear centerpieces for Aly’s party next weekend. I usually find them but had no luck this time. I found some cute Valentine-y felt bags and bought 6 of those hoping they’d look okay with the bears.

The boys did well for the beginning of the shopping trip, but they both got really antsy towards the end. Eenan almost knocked over a whole rack of clothes when Mom was picking two dresses as Alaethia’s gift. She got her the dress she’ll be wearing the day of her party and the shoes she’ll be wearing. They are too cute.

I got Alaethia a potty chair and psyched her up a bit. It’s got lights, it talks to her and it dispenses stickers! I hope she’ll get excited and want to use it. I’ll be starting the potty training next Sunday! Eek!

I was so tired on the way home. Mario was barely on his way also since he’d bought a Treo off his boss since his Razr died on him and had been activating it. He was quite moody when we finally got home because he couldn’t get the MiniTones program working and my phone wouldn’t beam to his. But I found the USB wire and everything worked and he was happy. One of the highlights of the evening was that it was leftover night, so I didn’t have to cook, thank God.

I’ve been trying to finish updating my backed up entries and resting on the sofa since Alaethia fell asleep. Emily’s been squirming around like crazy (I can literally see and feel my stomach being lunged from side to side!) and I can feel her tiny feet pressing against my skin. I’ve been getting these weird little shocks of pain on the right side of my belly right above my leg. Feels like a pinching almost. I hope it’s not that I’m dehydrated or anything.

Okay. I have to go to bed. It’s 1:34am and Mario, of course, is still outside drinking with Jose. We supposedly didn’t do anything tonight because he was SO sleepy and tired. Uh huh. Sure.

Productive From All Angles

The 8th grade kids that are usually at the library during 1st period for yearbook got ahold of a kindergarten yearbook. Most of them look exactly the same as they did back then. Too cute. They were all freaking out seeing each other.

I had a never-ending amount of books today. We had regular Reading Renaissance+2 classes+slow internet=headache. I felt like I didn’t do anything all day because I was checking in books all day.

A substitute actually went in to help and Mrs. Ruiz, my life-saver, showed up as well. Mrs. Vela had left some mail out in the open so I put it away in case any of the kids decided to grab anything. She came to my desk asking if I’d seen it and I said yes and took it out of the drawer. She said “What am I going to do without you?” She told me about the conversation she and the principal had the morning before. He told her he’d been angry at her last week for her not convincing me to stay. She told him that as an employer, yes she was pissed off, but as a mother she completely understood where I’m coming from. That’s why she’s one of the best bosses I’ve ever had.

Lunch came around and Mrs. Ruiz and I ordered from Starlight Burger next door. She picked it up and I went to clock out. It was such a great meal. I hadn’t had my morning granola bar so I was starving. When it was time to go back we checked in more stuff and then waited for Kassy and Glenda so we could glue more banners on the computers in the 7th grade hall this time. I’d been dreading doing it since I started making the banners–not just because of the walking killing my feet but I always feel awful interrupting instruction. It takes a while to capture the kids’ attention and just one interruption sends them into a frenzy and you have to do the whole thing all over again. Kassy and the other kids made it tolerable and it went by fast again. I had enough time to go back and shelve a few more books. Mrs. Ruiz had already shelved most of the cart by the time I got back—she’s amazing. I need to get her a nice card or gift before I leave. There’s nothing money can buy that can show her how grateful I am for her friendship.

I went to Vero’s office right when I clocked out to set up a day off for the next day. I signed the paperwork and noticed she had a bunch of stuff for sale that this organization leaves at her office. I ordered the Constellation Sea Turtle I’d wanted for Alaethia and it was only $17! I’d seen it in the Parenting magazine and was hoping to find it for Alaethia to see if it’ll help her sleep in her room. I talked with Vero a while and before I realized it, it was already 3:17! That’s around the time I’m already getting to the boys’ school. I rushed (safely) to the school, picked them up, got home and they did their homework. Eenan had lost his Math workbook a few days before and thankfully his teacher’s letting him have a new one. He’s still grounded from video games the rest of the week for being irresponsible, though. He didn’t complain. He’s maturing; he doesn’t fight me about discipline anymore and when the little ones are acting up (especially Jaylen) he’ll tell them to behave and listen. Aww. My big boy!

Mario and I went to order Aly’s Care Bear birthday cake at the bakery as soon as he got home. I saw one of my students there. When we got home I made dinner. Mary had brought some Burger King so we hardly ate from the food I made. At least Mario had lunch for the next day.

All the running around was really taking a toll on my pregnant body. My boobs hurt, I had a pain right under my belly (for sitting too long, maybe?) and m feet hurt and feel bruised because of my stupid brown Mary Janes. I just wanted to sit and prop my feet up but I had a lot to do before bed. I got the boys to bathe, Alaethia fell asleep, and I finally got to have some much-deserved, long-awaited alone time with Mario.