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1-Year Post-Op Breast Reduction Surgery Anniversary

February 10, 2017 marks exactly 1 year since my nerve-wracking, but long-awaited decision of getting a breast reduction/lift surgery.

I’ve read other women’s blogs retelling their experiences while they decided to and then experienced their breast reduction surgery and recoveries, and many seem to have been much easier and faster recoveries than mine was. 😕

I had a severe allergic reaction to the steri-strip tape used to cover my incisions. Extremely severe; probably one of the worst my plastic surgeon had ever seen, and it hindered my recovery by months.

I couldn’t run anymore, do yoga, or work out in general because it seemed like every time I did, a new problem would arise. The problem wasn’t always because I worked out or overexerted myself, it just always happened to take place when I would. It did become a little depressing, to say the least.

I gained weight during my extended recovery–because, although I wasn’t working out, I didn’t change my eating habits, which are that of a teenage boy. (Managing a Food Truck park as part of your job doesn’t help, either!) I lost 2.8 lbs. of breast tissue, but I’ve gained about 5 lbs. back. People usually roll their eyes at me about this but take into consideration that I’m only 4’11” tall, and 5 lbs. on me is like 20 lbs. on a “normal-height” person. But anyway, I have finally, fully recovered and now I can focus on working on the rest of myself :). (Well, when work and family life lend me the opportunity!)

I still have sudden twitches of pains in my breasts, but nothing severe. It happens mostly at night, when I wake up with soreness after sleeping on my sides and squishing my boobs 😕 . But I feel like they’ve “settled” in nicely, although they’re softer than I would have imagined, but they are crafted with my own skin tissue and fat, so, heh. It’s also nice to get home from work and not have to put up with wearing a heavy, underwire bra to relax. It’s even NICER to sit bra-less and not feel my large, heavy boobs touching the top of my stomach (gosh, how I hated that!). 😡

I hadn’t had any weird occurrences, like when I’d go for a walk or run and feel this insane itchiness on my side-boob incisions, and they ended up being these weird, mosquito-bite-like welts. Hadn’t happened in months, and then I got one this past Monday (February 13th). (Photo. Slightly NSFW and NSFS (not safe for the squeamish).)

It’s not the best lighting or photo, but that’s what the welts usually look like. Always at the very end of the incision.
I’ve been under a lot of work-related stress, so maybe those welts have to do with stress and not anything surgery-related?

I’m still NOT wearing regular bras, not even the type that are wire free. I’ve stuck with my thin-strapped sports bras from Wal-mart, only because I’ve tried shopping for bras that fit twice and didn’t have much luck because I kept feeling them press on my incisions. These are much more comfy anyway :D. But I’m hoping to go back and try to find some soon!

[Edited to say:] Jorge bought me some Jockey brand sports-type bras from Macy’s to try out during a sale and they are THE BEST!! They actually accentuate your shape (doesn’t create the “uni-boob” like my other sports bras!) and they come with removable pads! Since the surgery, my nips seem to have a mind of their own,  so those little pads come in handy and they aren’t bulky!).

I still have that small “band” of numbness on the right side of my right breast, and sometimes it feels really icky when I accidentally rub it or when Jorge forgets and grazes me there, but all-in-all, I’m satisfied and relieved that I still have most of the feeling back in my breasts and nipples.

The scars around my areolas itch ridiculously every once in a while, but it’s noy very often. Scar tissue?

I have NO BACK PAIN!! Nothing at all like I used to have, except for when I’m PMS’ing of course, but I got so used to trying to “hide” my large breasts by slumping forward that I still find myself slouching a lot.

Although I didn’t have the automatically happy, relieved experience as other women have described who’ve had this procedure, I AM happy I got it done. Overall, my self-confidence got a little boost and I’m definitely not self-conscious about what I look like in my clothes anymore (well, not when it comes to my boobs anyway!). It’s definitely a plus not having to tug at my blouses, or bras, or cardigans or push the girls back into the bra-cup when they decide they’re going to spill out when picking something up off the floor. Wearing dresses and not looking pregnant is another plus!

I don’t have terrible back pain or red-raw skin under my breasts or on my shoulders anymore from the heavy bras cutting into my skin.

Another thing I love: I can wear non-zip hoodie sweaters without looking like a large pumpkin on legs because of my boobs!! I’ve NEVER in my life been able to wear those types of hoodies. These are just some of the things I can remember off the top of my head that women with normal-sized boobs don’t have to put up with!

So for anyone who is looking for advice on where to start:

1. I had a visit with my OB/GYN for my yearly exam in September 2015 and she’s the one who asked if I’d ever considered surgery, since my shoulders and skin under my breasts had angry, red indentations and were even raw in some places. I told her yes, that if I had the money, I would have gotten it done back when I was 17. She said she would document my back pain, and the raw and indented skin and would refer me to a plastic surgeon for a consultation.
2. At the consultation, I didn’t know what to expect. They make you disrobe from the neck to your belly and the doctor marks and measures from your collar bones to nipples, etc., and takes photos to submit to your insurance to confirm if they’ll cover your surgery or not. It is quite unnerving if you’re not used to strangers tugging and grabbing at you, heh. All insurances are different, but I’ve heard that most of the time, they cover 80% and you’re responsible for 20%. It took about 2 weeks to hear back from the insurance, and then my insurance with work changed in October 2015, so the doctor had to resubmit my paperwork to the new insurance company. It took another 3 weeks to hear back and they were ready to schedule me that week in November, but because of work, I opted to take time off in February 2016.

3. Make sure that you are fully aware of what to expect before, during and after surgery. My doctor gave me a pamphlet with tons of information on what to expect, plus the do’s and don’t’s. This is also the time to perhaps get checked for any allergies you may have, most specifically, for latex or steri-strip tape. (I wish I’d had the sense to do that!) Do your own research, but be careful if you’re a hypochondriac like me! I made sure to write down all my questions and concerns and even though I was sort of embarrassed, made sure to get answers for each one from my doc.

4. You will need help, lots of it! You’ll need someone to stay with you after the surgery, and of course to drive you home and to stay with you afterwards. You don’t realize how much you use your arm and chest muscles throughout the day! I recommend getting a very soft, small pillow to hold against you on the drive home. The seat-belt and bumps in the road are MURDER on your chest. Once I was able to drive about 2 weeks post-op, I drove around with my little red heart pillow for a good 5-6 months.

5. Post-surgery: Make sure you get your meds filled by your pharmacy as soon as possible. You will want to take your meds without fail as soon as the anesthesia starts wearing off. I got a pill even before I left the hospital because I could feel the waves of pain coming. Have things ready to distract you (after a few days of sleeping off the meds). Have some Netflix shows on queue and books ready. (This is when my love affair with Scandal came to be.) You will need help getting into your bed, off of your bed, to the bathroom, changing clothes, etc. You will sleep, a lot. Also: you will need to pee A LOT that first night. Probably all the saline leaving your body. Ask for help!

6. Speaking of post-anesthesia: you will most likely be intubated during surgery. I had a croaky voice, but even worse: my throat was irritated and I kept having to cough! It was painful on my chest :(. You will also feel nauseous for a couple of days due to the anesthesia. I could only eat very little cereal, or a few spoonfuls of soup, if even that before the nausea kicked in.

7. You will also need someone to bring you meals, or even open your bottles of water to take your meds! I wasn’t told to stay away from the stove, but I’ve heard others that have. Mainly because you can’t lift your arms too much or feeling numb and having burners on don’t mix!

8. You won’t be able to take a shower for 1 week, no joke. I’ve spoken to several people and read several blogs and it’s all the same. You can’t shower for a week. Make sure you have a healthy amount of wipees for wipee baths and dry shampoo for your hair!

9. Speaking of, you’ll be instructed not to lift your arms, so you will need forward-closing bras. My doctor didn’t give me much information about what types, and because of my allergic reaction I could only wear cotton bras, but most women use forward-closing sports bras. Later on, when I could lift my arms, I wore the Hanes brand sports bras with thin straps from Walmart. They come in a pack of 3. Since then, I have fallen in love with the nylon Jockey brand sports bras with removable pads.

If I remember anything else, I will update here.

These are just a few tips about my own personal experience. Please consult your doctors for the best advice on pre- and post-operation information.

You can read about my full experience here:













8 Months Post-Op Breast Reduction Surgery

It’s been 8 months since I decided to go under the knife. I didn’t update last month (month 7 post-op) because I was feeling pretty good and didn’t want to jinx anything. 

I’ve had little to no shocks of pain lately. I used to get them a lot around the areolas. Sometimes I’ll still get a sudden sting in the same area I was drained on month 6, but it’s nothing major.

I’ve even been sleeping on my sides again, but I have to be very careful to not squish my boobs. On the actual day of my 8 month post-op anniversary (the 10th), I had some pants to return at JC Penney so I went bra shopping after my epic fail a few months ago (nothing fit comfortably then and I couldn’t figure out my size!). 

And this time, I still couldn’t figure it out! 


It’s either a C or B (down from DD) but I felt like everything was pressing on my incisions (even though I only tried on wireless bras) and it was giving me anxiety! I could also see lines of chub on my back (a direct result of not being able to run or exercise!!), so I said screw it, I’m keeping my cotton sports bras! I’m more comfortable anyway!
I went running on the 11th and felt pretty damn awesome! My heavy-duty running sports bra wasn’t too constricting and I didn’t feel stretching on my boobs when I ran fast. I had just been thinking about how I hadn’t gotten those weird, red, itchy, mosquito-bite looking welts in a long time! But lo-and-behold, when I got home and took my bra off, there was one on the side of my left boob above my incision! I still don’t know what the heck causes that! Sweat? My blood pressure being elevated from running? The bra itself? Who knows?

But all-in-all, I can’t complain. I feel comfortable and am braless as soon as I get home from work. I just hope it doesn’t backfire and I make my bewbs all wobbly!! Can that happen??

Sorry, thinking out loud. Anyway. If I could just get myself to work out daily again and not have some kind of mammary-incident, that would be great!! I was doing P90X, Yoga and running (occasionally) before that infection on my incision happened, so I’m hoping to start again soon, and hopefully with no problems this time! I have a Halloween Costume and 1920’s themed event I have to dress up for!

5-Months Post-Op 

I had my 5-month post-op appointment on July 9th. I braced myself for the worst (i.e.: another steroid injection in my right boob). The doc came in to check me and said I looked good, even though I did have a slightly pink spot under my left areola. I finally had my phone charged during my visit and could show him the photos of those weird, itchy bumps I get randomly and then disappear. He said I probably developed an allergic reaction to something (what’s new) and asked me if I’ve eaten anything out of the ordinary, or ever been allergic to latex. I said, “I have been eating a lot of fresh parsley.” He chuckles and says he doesn’t think it’s parsley, how about latex? I said I’ve never been, that I know of, but he said I should be careful, just in case. 

Then he did that test where he presses his fingers into each side of my breast…and lo and behold: no pain!!

I practically skipped out of the office. I was thrilled.

The next evening comes and that pinkish-red spot under my left areola is brighter, but I feel no pain. Jorge checks me and says I should go back. I said yes, I’d call the doctor the next day. But I’m super busy at work and forget to. When I take my clothes off that night, the spot looks even worse, this time with a pale, almost whitish area in the center of the red spot and I’m so paranoid the first thing I think is “PUS!”, so I call the doctor the next morning. They schedule me that same afternoon and I go in. 

There are tons of people, and they eventually get to me. I was the last patient it seems. The doc finally comes in and checks me and says, “It looks like there’s something in there, we’ll transfer you to the other room.” The room with the examination table. Ugh. The doctor tells me to lay down with my left arm above my head. A nurse hands him a scalpel and he attempts to pierce me 3 times before he succeeds. Tears were involuntarily running from my eyes and I couldn’t stop. No anesthesia or anything to numb the area, I was so upset. Then he has to squeeze whatever’s in there…and it’s even worse!! Worst. Pain. Ever. I ask why this happened–was it from working out or cause I’d been sleeping on my side or what?? He says no, a suture must have still been in there and it never broke down and tried expelling itself so it became infected.

He says he’s going to have a nurse pack the lesion…and it was as painful as it sounds. She shoved a piece of gauze in the literal hole that he’d just dug and it hurt so bad. She put gauze and tape and pressed down and I cringed and squealed. She said, “That hurts you?” Um, they just stabbed me with a scalpel and pinched the crap out of my skin, so yes, it hurts! This is around the time I heard someone yell down the hall, “It’s already 5:00??”

I asked if they were prescribing antibiotics. She says no, to use Neosporin or Bactroban. No instructions on when to take out the packing or anything, and I was so distraught I forgot to ask. I’m walking out the door into the parking lot and by the time I realized they forgot to give me my appointment and I turned around to ask, all the ladies were outside, standing in front of the locked doors. One of them says, “Sorry, we’re closed.”

I was so upset, that for the first time ever, even after alllll the complications, I said, “Why the heck did I do this!??”

I got weird pains in the incision area and above my areola near my collar bone. I had to take Ibuprofen for the pain all evening and the next day.

Since I’d gotten no instructions, I had to Google what to do the next morning about when to take the packing gauze out and how to handle it. I was so annoyed and worried I’d do something wrong.

One of the nurses called with a “courtesy call” to give me my new appointment and with another the day after, Friday, to ask how I was doing. I said I was in pain, and that the spot was red but it may be bruising from the squeezing. She asked if it was hot, but I was outside at the Food Park with EZ and Ryan getting ready for our event that night, so I wasn’t sure if it was me or the already-gross temperature. She said not to worry, she had called in antibiotics. I would have thought it would be better to prescribe them, oh, you know: 2 1/2 days before…

So I was really careful, using brand-new towels after showering and washing my hands extra well when changing dressings. By the time I went back on Monday it was closing up, thank God.

Had my follow-up appointment today, Wednesday, August 3rd, and have improved 100%. I just hope I don’t have any other surprises so I can finally start–and continue–to work out!! This is the 4th time the doc “releases” me.