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Eyes Wide Shut

Since I have to wait for the whites to dry and I need to stick the jeans in to dry I decided to blog. Mario, Jaylen and Eenan are playing the games on the Chicken Little DVD so I’m bored. I guess I’ll summarize from where I left off on my previous blog.

We spruced up on Algebraic equations on Thursday, which I caught on to real quick. Everything’s been pretty easy so far; I just need to be taught once and I actually get it, thank God. We finished all our assignments early so Mrs. C-R. let us out at 11:30 instead of 12.

John and I went straight to the United Blood Services bus. (I was already thinking I was um, expecting, so John and I went to Wal-Mart that morning and picked up a preggers test to check and be sure. I wasn’t, so I was free to donate. I was kind of excited and nervous–in a way, I was relieved that I wasn’t since I’m barely getting out of school and want to look for a job and all. But, when it’s meant to happen, it will.)

My iron was good this time so they let me donate. It was John’s first time so they had to ask him the million questions they ask and then hooked him up. I didn’t even bruise this time, which is a big surprise. John didn’t bruise either, but he was delirious at one point. He even scared a girl we’d just met that day. Let’s just say he was singing along to “I Will Survive”.

We did ratios and proportions on Friday, which were easy as hell. We finished everything by 11a.m. so we had time to surf the net and talk. Some of us pitched in for pizza and then Mrs. C-R. sent us (Mayra, Lucy, John and I) to Domino’s to pick up the 5 pizzas. We made it there just fine, it was getting back that was tricky. I hate driving over there–there’s so many bridges and junk, and then there was this psycho old lady who almost ran me off the road and almost crashed into a trailer. She caused me to get into the left lane which was a “Left Only” lane and so I had to go all the way around to catch the expressway. Grr.

It was a great lunch. Mayra took her very awesome Cheesecake, Lucy took chips and dip (ooh I could go for some right now), I took cookies and then we had delicious pizza. We all talked about school and politics, a certain person and other stuff.

Mario, Jaylen and I picked Eenan up from school, then Mom from visiting Gramma and then went to JCPenny. We needed to get gifts for Jorgie and Justin, shirts for the boys for Jaylen’s birthday and Mario actually wanted to look for a few things. He found some Dockers dress pants he liked, a new belt and booties. He’s going to look so spiffy :).

The boys and I cleaned the bedroom up in the morning (after much yelling and threatening–the room’d been filthy for days) then I gave the boys showers and showered myself so we could leave. I needed to return two shirts I’d gotten at Ross: a pink one that made me look pregnant and a black/tan striped one. That one was way too long. I know that’s the style now, but it was just ridiculous. In their place I got:

That last one is the one I’ll be wearing tomorrow. It sort of matches the color of Mario’s shirt.

We went to Jorgie and Justin’s party after I shopped a little. It was at a park so I was dreading the heat, but it was such a nice, pleasant day. There was actually a breeze and shade. The boys had a blast, except for when this older boy started bullying the little one’s around. Other than that, it was a great party–Jorge and Maggie did a great job. The burger I had was deelish.

And well, that’s all that’s happened. Oh yeah, and Spike, one of Mario’s rats, died. And the other two started to eat him, which is an instinct rodents have. It was still horrible to see, though. Egh.

The clothes should be done now. I shall leave you with a picture of our newly-tinted truck:



Are You on the Purple Trees? (inside joke)

The past two days have been pretty damn cool. A little stressful at school since Mrs. C-R’s been out and we’ve had the two Networking teachers as subs and my Lord, they confuse the heck out of me.

It’s nice to know that I actually “get it”, the whole math thing. I thought I was going to completely fail (shouldn’t count my chickens, we still have a week to go! Eeek! A week!!). But yeah. Today we had a bit of algebra–hadn’t done that in YEARS. I picked up right away, though. I even went up there and worked out a few problems on the board because Mr. Rocha kept getting them wrong and was working them out the loooong way. You should have seen his face when I worked out the problem in two steps–priceless!

So yeah, math is going great. John makes class fun all the time–we’re ALWAYS laughing. He, Mayra, Lucy and I. Mr. Rocha actually told us to quiet down today–no one’s ever told us to shut up! He and Mr. Briones kept calling on us since I guess he thought we were trouble makers . I’m really gonna miss Mayra and Lucy when we finish next week. John, I can see at home, so I’m not missing him too much yet LOL.

Mayra and I (and Jennifer, Mario’s cousin, too, she already started her program) donated blood to become eligible bone marrow donors. Though I’ve heard that it hurts like hell to get bone marrow pulled out, it’s a worthy cause.

Tomorrow, John and I will donate blood. Hopefully I’ll be able to this time. I didn’t get to in February because of the Mono, or whatever it was I was sick of, so I hope I can now. There’s something else that’s causing me to have reservations about donating but I won’t mention that now. That, and I’m a big chicken when it comes to needles.

Donating blood for bone marrow.

We’ve gone to Wal-Mart 3 days out of this week and to the mall twice. John’s been turning in applications. I hope, hope, hope he gets a job. Not only does he need one, but he wants one. All we can do is pray. I’m sure he’ll get something though .

The first day we went to the mall (where we power-walked to every store we thought had Halo toys, since John wanted to get some for Jaylen’s birthday–we only found a tiny set at Hot Topic) John got me a Vanilla Caramel Avalanche from Gloria Jean’s Coffee Bean (could the name be any longer?). It was my birthday present he said, since he didn’t get me anything. We went back today and we got some more and had some pretzels from Auntie Annie’s or something like that. I’m having the time of my life right now since John’s been driving to and from school. He’s getting more practice for when he has to start going to school on his own, but he’s a pretty good driver so I’m not (too) worried. He does get a sudden pang of the crazies, like me, once in a while and drives like a maniac, but I’m sure he’ll do fine.

Yesterday was Jaylen’s birthday. My little guy turned 4 years old–seems like just yesterday that I was taking those darn Brethine pills so I wouldn’t go into premature labor, again. He’ll be starting Pre-K next Fall…I seriously can’t believe how fast time goes by.

Since we’re having his birthday party next Sunday I just made him a cake for him and the kids (and the rest of the adults) to enjoy while he opened up his gifts from Mom & John, Mary & Big Mario and Mario and I. He abandoned all his toys when he opened up a Sonic Shadow game for his Game Cube that Mom got him. I really need to start weaning him off of those games, though. He plays way more than I shoud let him. His brain’s going to fry and fall out of his ear and it’s going to be my own fault…

Jaylen turns 4.

Woo, Mario just got the tint done on the truck and he got it washed yesterday. It looks great with the new tint. I really need to take a picture of it and post it here. I regret not taking any of it without the tint. Darn.

Wow, it’s late. And that’s because I got done with the thousands of things I had to do by 10. It’s taken me this long to type this because either Mario (shaved his hair) or Jaylen (wanted to watch a movie and was screaming because he’s sleepy) need me to do something for them. Okay, g’nite people :).



As my luck would have it, I finally get a chance to sit at the computer and check my Myspace and it takes a crap while it’s loading and dies. John can be on it all day. I get on, and it breaks.

I’m so tired of this math class. It’s not even “hard” math–it’s basic math. Like right now, we’re adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and that alone is killing me. I’ve been out of high school for 7 years so I’ve basically forgotten everything. I’ve never felt so stupid in a class in my life. I’m just praying my grades don’t plunge my GPA :(. I’ve kept it at 4.0 this whole damn time–all I need is MATH to fuck it up.

I really hate math.

It’s not so much that I don’t know how solve the problems, because once I learn how to do it I can do it. But doing the hundreds of problems that we have to do makes me want to hyperventilate. Just seeing the numbers makes me get heart palpitations–seriously. I hate feeling like I’m in a rush, and this class makes me feel that way. Grr!

Two good things that happened today:

1st good thing: I paid off the final $123 of my tuition balance. Yeah, baby! I’m free from school fees for 6 months. I really hope I have a job in 6 months. Wondering about not finding a good job or getting one that pays too little worries me. Mayra, Lucy and I were talking about that today–when we’ll start working. Mayra’s going to take May off and then look for work. I think I’m going to do the same. Hopefully Mario can take his paid vacation time and we can at least enjoy our time together with the boys even though we don’t go anywhere. I just don’t want to get comfortable being at home again and then get lazy. But nah, I don’t see that happening. The reason I jumped into going to school was because I was tired of just being at home!

2nd good thing: Mayra brought cake! We were going to celebrate my birthday, but she had an errand to run so she just gave me the whole cake. Yum!

Okay, going to try this Myspace thing again.