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Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun!!

I’ve got today off, yay :). We slept in till 8:30, had Lucky Charms and watched music videos. The girls went outside with Mom to blow bubbles (while I cleaned up a lamp Emmos broke *sigh*). They came in and the girls just sat down to watch Spongebob and I’m going to use the time to TRY and update WordPress and change themes. Wish me luck. I don’t think I know what I’m doing anymore, heh.


Having lunch at work since I don’t have a lunch date. I took 20 minutes longer to eat than I should have and I’m shaking like a leaf due to low sugar. I hate that >_<. The conversation was too good with a co-worker of mine, which is why I took long. She gets my situation and somewhat went through something similar. Sometimes I still blame myself for everything, but I know I shouldn't. It's nice to just talk about it with someone sometimes without being judged. I can't wait for the day to be over. My throat is feeling worse. I *know* I'm getting sick because all I can picture is snuggling up in my bed and going to sleep; never do that otherwise. But I can't! Gotta pick up the remaining babies (Jaylen's going to the party after all; being picked up by his friend's dad) and spend the evening with them. Gotta figure out what to make for dinner. I got about 20 minutes left of my lunch hour. Hmm...should I read or look for a theme for WP? I'm hoping to update my site this weekend. HOPING.

I’ve Decided…

I’m waiting to take my lunch and while I’ve been waiting I’ve decided I’m going to make it my goal to revamp this website/blog and start using it again this coming year. I most certainly won’t have time to actually create my own layout or anything but I will make all the changes I have to in the next few days and possibly use a cute ready-made theme.

I’ve got to get back into my hobbies. Not Taekwondo, of course, but scrapbooking and blogging and photography. Ever since the shizz hit the fan the past year I’ve lost interest in everything I used to love to do.

Oh gosh. It’s raining SUPER HARD outside. It’s going to be interesting trying to make it to my car in a few minutes…