More on the Keto Diet and 80’s Things

So I survived my first full week of the Keto Diet and I must say, it isn’t so bad!!

It’s been slow at work, and usually that freed up a lot of time for mindless snacking, but I’ve been quietly snacking on my low-carb stuff and being good :).

I weighed in on Tuesday, which marked 1 week, and I’d lost 3 pounds. I’d started at 123 and was down to 120. I had told Jorge that if I lost 3-5 pounds the first week, I’d call it a success and continue with it. So now I had to hold myself accountable LOL.

The girls made their own pizzas for dinner on Tuesday night and I made myself and my love our carb-free dinner, which I can’t remember what I made at the moment, heh.

Wednesday was the day Gerry had set up for our Administrative Assistants night out at Artsy Pots, thanks to our boss. Everyone was taking their own wine and there’d be snacks, so I was nervous about it. I didn’t know if I’d be able to control myself. When Michelle and I went to Feldman’s and I found a Skinny Girl Peach Margarita, I was giddy, and bought it.

It was awful. Never buy that crappola!

This was the spread:


Missing was the Subway sandwiches. I got some cream cheese, a teaspoon of hummus, 2 crackers, a slice of apple and the insides of a sandwich. I concentrated more on painting my muffin mug :).



I LOVED that place! I’d like to set something up like that with the kids during summer. They had so much stuff to choose from! I can’t wait to get them back, all shiny and bright :).

Jorge and Freddy were outside talking and Mom had already made dinner for the girls when I got home. I love these people :). I read with the girls, we watched some TV, I bathed them and put them in bed. I sat with the guys outside and headed to bed myself. I didn’t stuff my face when I got home, nor did I feel the need to! That’s progress!

I woke up on Thursday and weighed myself, just for the heck of it. I was delighted when I saw this:

On 5/2/13

6 pounds down from when I started just a little over a week before. WITHOUT EXERCISE!! I can imagine how much better I’d be doing if we WERE still jogging =\.

That evening was the ribbon cutting for Artsy Pots. Oh no, more food!!

Artsy Pots' Ribbon Cutting

The girls

But I kept seeing that 117 in my head and didn’t want to screw it up. I almost had a Margarita, but I had water instead. I had a few bites of cheese (I am THRILLED that I can have cheese with this diet, heh), 2 chunks of pineapple (I later Googled it and found out they have tons of sugar =\) and a few other non-carb things I can’t remember. The owner asked us to all take a cupcake, so I did, but gave it to the kiddos :).


I picked up the boys that evening. Mario had bagged up all my 80’s cups I’d left at the house, woo! The boys and I laughed about random stuff like we usually do on the way home :).

The next morning we got ready, I dropped the boys off, and when I came home I found Ruffles in the garage, perched on top of the freezer near the door. -_- He’s always trying to get out and when he does, he wants to get back inside LOL.

I took my Aly to school and we bought her a spirit shirt and I went to work. It was a busy morning, which made it go fast, thank goodness. I met my love and Marco for lunch and we went to the mall. I was worried about what we’d eat, but we found an alternative:

Low carb at the mall heh

Bourbon chicken and veggies. Oh yes!!

I picked up the boys after work, stopped at Game Stop, and my love ordered pizza for the kids. I can’t even remember what I ate now, but I stayed away from the pizza, which that in itself is a victory!!

The next day I woke up to the smell of pancakes. It was torture. But I made myself some deviled eggs and had a chunk of brie cheese and my coffee (with sugar free hazelnut). It was satisfying.

I made lunch for the kiddos then Emily and I did some grocery shopping for the week and we got some snacks for the drive-in. It was a challenge finding stuff for Jorge and myself, but I found a few things.

It had been years since I’d gone (15 years or more) and had never been to this location. It would be interesting with all 7 kiddos for sure!

We got home, I gathered lawn chairs, blankets and the snacks. I made dinner for the kids, my love got home and we loaded the car and the kids, and we were off!





We ran into Norma and we caught up as much as we could in 10 minutes LOL.

We watched Olympus Has Fallen which was AWESOME. The little ones fell asleep even before Iron Man 3 began.


I spent the first 30 minutes of Iron Man 3 in line for the bathroom. It was ridiculous. But I still watched from the line, heh.

We had fun, the kids had fun, thank goodness. Emily said she wanted to go back tonight as I was tucking her into bed :).

We got home, tucked the kids into bed and crashed out ourselves.

In the morning we got up and I made breakfast.

Like yesterday's breakfast, but this time with bacon and blackberries :)

One of my favorite breakfasts by far!

I was feeling weird, so I thought it may be my diet, but I checked myself on a Ketostick and I’m still doing pretty darn good. Jorge is impressed :).

We finished cleaning, got lunch for the kiddos and just chilled out, as much as we could with the little ones, heh. We tried going to the Indoor Market today but we got there late; which sucks ’cause the next one isn’t till August :(.

Emily went with a goal. As she clutched her dollar she said, “I’m gonna find a poodle.” Jorge and I looked at each other and smiled. “Ok, Baby,” I said.

Lo and behold, as we scanned over the last table selling toys, she proudly brings over a Share Bear poseable…and a purple poodle lol.

I didn’t find much. But I did find this:

24" True Heart Care Bear :)

And I’ve saved my spending money the past couple of weeks and have added these to my collection:

Nosy Bunny!!

Weensie Sprite from Rainbow Brite :)

And I also got a mini OJ Sprite from Rainbow Brite, which was FREE!

I am expecting 2 other things, which Mom and Jorge got me for Mother’s Day, heh :). I can’t WAIT to receive them!!

Time for bed and time to get ready for another crazy Monday morning!

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