I’m Yajaira, a 35-year-old working mom from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I have 2 sons & 2 daughters, 3 step-sons, 2 Maine Coons (Ruffles and Kika), a beautiful fluffy kitty named Mabby (R.I.P.) and the love of my life, my husband Jorge (if you’re a little confused about names and events, please refer to this entry).

Together, Jorge and I have 7 children, which surely makes for exciting weekends! I love reading (especially eBooks that I can carry around in my phone instead of carrying a huge book in my bag!) and collecting books, collecting vinyls, scrapbooking, photography, movies, 80’s things (perhaps I like those a little too much!), having a drink on the patio, tending to my succulents, coffee, sushi, cooking & baking & EATING (which is quite evident if you scroll through my entries, heh). I’ve recently taken up the Keto lifestyle again (as of April 30, 2017) and am pretty obsessed with that, as of late. If you’d like to follow my “Keto Journey” you can do so here. I’m not a fan of lack of sleep, stress, crazy ex’s and smoldering hot days.

I’ve had this website for 15 years. I’ve had my blog 18 years total, but it was named “Illumination” previously, then hosted at the domain of 2 friends before I purchased pixydust.net in November 2002. Although I don’t update as often as I used to when I was a Stay At Home Mom (work, my kids and my daily routines don’t allow much online time anymore!), I don’t plan on shutting it down anytime soon.

This place started out as a collection of bright anime and 80’s .gifs back in the late 90’s and eventually became an online diary, thanks to websites like Livejournal and Scribble.nu (I feel old!). Most of my adult life is documented here (mostly as a journal about my kids and as an emotional outlet–as cliche as that sounds, heh).

These days, aside from this being my journal of sorts, I’ve added a few recipes. It’s hard to live a healthy lifestyle, eat low-carb and low-cholesterol foods and still have an insane sweet tooth! — I’m pretty sure Keto has cured me of my sugar addiction, no joke!! And Hallelujah!

My life’s a balance of family, making time for life-long friends, working, eating and discovering new things. Welcome to my journey!


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