Wasting Time

I left work early to come to a doctor’s appointment.

I was referred here from my family physician and I’ve been nervous about this appointment. I hope all is well. And I hope it doesn’t seem like I gained 10 lbs. overnight from my huge lunch. I had an entire chicken pita (eaten in the span of 2 hours, but still) and a small fideo, a few Sunchips and agua de melon.

I went to Salads Plus, which is near the house but we never bothered trying it out. It took 30 minutes to get my food, with 10 of those being ignored at the drive thru till I got annoyed and got down. They redeemed themselves tho; the food was great. Makes me wonder if Siempre Natural and Salads Plus aren’t the same thing o_O.

(I’m babbling ’cause I’m nervous…)

I hope this doesn’t take forever. I told Emmos I would be home earlier than usual =/.

My babygirls came back yesterday and needless to say: I was BEAT by the time we were done with: homework, looking for apps on their iPads, cooking dinner, fighting with BOTH my SD cards (that like to ruin my photos on my S4, while I spoke with the boys), bathing the girls, and reading their books. I sent them off to brush their teeth and passed out on the sofa. I woke up to Jorge and the girls giggling trying to wake me lol. They got in bed, I got up and Jorge and I watched The Voice. Emily came back to the living room later to let us know Alaethia’s leg hurt. I love how they do that: if one doesn’t feel good, the other comes to seek aid. I love to see that they care about each other that way :*).

Grrr. I just realized I need to go to HEB. Maybe I should scoop up the girls, go to the park and then go to HEB?  It’s turned into such a beautiful day :).

Update: I’m editing to say this is quite an odd experience. This used to be my doctor’s office back when Eenan and Jaylen were babies. Hadn’t been here in over 12 years, so I had to update my info. It was so weird to turn over the medications I’m currently taking and let them know why I’m here.

2 things dawned on me with a lurch from my gut, as it has a lot lately:

OMFG. I’m getting old. I’ve turned into my mother!

Update #2: So. After being scared for several hours and my heart jumping into my throat every time I heard footsteps getting closer to the exam room and then being bombarded with tons of information: I’m okay. Hopefully it stays that way.

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