Whirlwind Wednesday

I haven’t had time to update at all lately. Usually it’s because my days go a little something like this:

Wake up, get ready for work.

Wake girls up, get them ready.

Eat breakfast with girls while packing their lunches and mine. (I had no choice to since I’d be using my lunch hour for appointments, so I’d be eating on the run.)

Drop girls off at school.

Go straight to Mom’s appointment.

Drop her off at home.

Go to work.

Work straight through till 2:50pm (and oh, how it was hectic!).

Snack theoughout the day so my glucose doesn’t drop.

Go to my appointment. I had no idea what to expect with this new clinic our workplace contracted, but it was fast, and to the point!

Go to ATM for Alaethia’s chess tournament money.

Go back to work.

Leave at 4:45pm to pick up Alaethia from chess practice.

Pick up Emily so we could go to Jaylen’s game. (It had been postponed to Wednesday at 4:30pm due to the storm the previous day. We rushed and tried to make it at least to half-time but we only got to see the last 10 minutes :(.)

Take photo of Jaylen.

Go home and start dinner.

Get girls ready for bed and tuck them in.
Workout with hubby (we started P90X3 a week ago!)


Pass out.

So that’s it; rushing here and there, not really sitting for lunch as I don’t want to miss too much work. But I do miss lunches with my babe =/. And right when I’m feeling overwhelmed or about to go on a “why me” rampage I start checking off my mental Today I Am Thankful For list. It’s much like this one that was circulating Facebook:

Mom got her hearing aids, finally, and it’a such a huge relief for everyone. It’s so odd to hear her speak so quietly! I, on the other hand, got used to speaking loudly so the girls constantly remind me, “You don’t have to yell, Mama!” Lol

This whole month has been a whirlwind. It’s already mid-October and work is getting to that time of year of perpetual high-stress. Aye, don’t remind me…

You know what? Actually. BRING IT ON.

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