5 Years!

It’s midnight and I just woke up from an extended “nap” with Alaethia on the couch to catch the end of the Canelo boxing fight. Jorge is playing Clash of Clans for the next 20 minutes so I’m finally getting an opportunity to post!

On Wednesday, November 18th marked our 5-year dating anniversary. We hadn’t planned on doing much, but at the last second we decided to go to dinner at Kumori, like we have for the past few years.

So after I picked Alaethia up from chess practice, picked up some prescriptions for mom, picked up Emmos and took them to a 4-H meeting (still undecided about that one), we met my love at home and left together :).



It’s hard to get good pics in there because it’s so dim, but I snapped away anyway :).


We were nervous about the girls’ food choices thinking they wouldn’t like what they ordered, but Emily did pretty good with her chicken skewers and fried rice and Alaethia ate most of her California rolls!

We got our usuals:

Jalapeño Firecracker
Spicy Calamari
Omega Rolls (top), Fiesta Roll, No Salmon Skin

It was sooo good. It’d been a while since we’d had a chance to go to Kumori!

We finished there and walked a few shops down to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

They love that giant bear!

The girls each chose a treat and I got a mocha truffle. They were good and saved theirs for the next day, while I devoured mine, heh.

It was a great evening and so nice to get out during the week.

It’s almost surreal that it’s been 5 years! In a way, it feels as as though time’s flashed before our eyes, but then it also feels like we’ve been together for decades!

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