A Night to Remember

Today was one of the most tiring days I’ve had to endure during this pregnancy. I only slept 5 hours (I’ll get to that in a bit) and woke up 3 times during the night–two of those to pee and drink water (<--which completely defeats the purpose of trying to sleep though the night). I should be sleeping right now but I like to procrastinate. I forgot about the laundry and now I have to wait for a load to finish washing so I can at least put the clothes to dry. Lovely. The boys were angels for a whole hour and a half while I took a nap this afternoon. Eenan took it upon himself to go to Postopia.com and play games (and I’m just now noticing there’s greasy Cheeto Puffs fingerprints all over my computer screen. Jaylen watched TV in our bedroom. They actually whispered the whole time I slept! That’s never happened before!

Friday was an interesting and memorable day. We chilled out at home in the morning and around 11 we left for town. Mario picked up his paycheck, cashed it and then we had lunch at Denny’s. I had fried shrimp, green beans and mashed potatoes and it was SO good. The plan for the day was to buy them school shoes, maybe a few more shirts, school supplies, and then get the stuff for the bar-b-q we were having for mom on Sunday. We went straight to the shoe stores on Jackson & 10th St. to find either Sketchers Airators or Lights for the boys, since those were the shoes they’d been raving about all summer. Never did we think these shoes were going to be so darn hard to find. We checked every shoe store in the mall, and nothing. Our last stop was JC Penny and finally, a store that had the Lights. We’d checked out the Airators at Kid’s Footlocker and they were fugly, so the kids changed their minds. We found Eenan’s size and one in Jaylen’s. Literally, just one shoe in Jaylen’s size. The guy helping us searched everywhere for it and nothing. We left with only Eenan’s shoe and felt quite defeated.

To make a long story short, we spent 3 hours looking for his shoes and had no luck and we got nothing else done. Apparently “those shoes are really hard to find”. No shit. We even went to El Centro Mall, which has a total of 5 stores in it and well, that was a trip we didn’t have to make. At least we had nachos there.

We went home since it was already 6 and Mario needed to shower and shave his head before we met Sally and her fiance Joe at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. She called me at 6:45 and we confirmed that we’d meet at the restaurant at 7:40. We made it just in time and Sally and Joe had just arrived a few minutes before. John babysat the kids, so it was just us four. It was a nice break and so nice to finally see Sally after 4 years! We talked, ate peanuts and took pictures while we waited to be seated. Ordered our food and while we ate, we caught up. We talked about everything from news of old classmates to reminiscing about when we were little–we covered everything. She even told Mario about how my mom would dress me like a little doll–a repressed memory I’d stored away for years. Mario was just smiling and looked over me and said, “Why didn’t I ever know about this?” LOL.

After we had dinner (Mario and I both ordered Road Kill, which I barely touched since it was so much food) and talked outside some more we said our ‘see you laters’. We went to Jorge & Maggie’s next. Maggie and I sat and talked inside for a while then joined the men outside. They’ve got this crazy neighbor, I mean crazy, and let’s just say he got the cops called on him at least 3 times. He just terrorizes the neighborhood, including kids. He has this thing about how the area around his house, including the street belongs to him. He confided to Jorge when he first moved there that he bought a two-story house because he wanted to snipe people. He thinks he’s this war hero from Iraq/big-shit in prison, but I think he’s making everything up. I think the Coke just fried his brain a little. Or a lot, whatever.

Jorge has taken LOTS of crap from this guy for the past 6 months. He finally lost his patience that night and told the guy off. I’d never heard Jorge get like that. It was funny though. Jorge kept telling him all this offensive stuff and the guy was so high he kept agreeing with him. It was hilarious. We didn’t get home till 1:30 that night which means we didn’t fall asleep till 2.

Then we had to wake up at 7, which is why I was so sleepy today.

Ooh, and Mario got me Fantasy and Curious by Britney Spears. I think they smell very similar, but the bottles are pretty so I got them both :D.

Today was spent paying more bills then going to JC Penny to order Jaylen’s shoes. The salesguy gave us that option yesterday and we figured it was our last resort. It took about 15 minutes for the ladies to tell me they didn’t have it in the catalog or online. Great. The “sample” shoe they had was the one in Jaylen’s size we had yesterday. They asked if I wanted to leave my name and number with the shoe and if they found the other one they’d give me a call. I was positive they wouldn’t find it but left my info anyway. Mom and I were on our way to another store to check when they give me a call that they FOUND IT! And they were 3 bucks less than Eenan’s for some reason! I should have known it was going to be a good day when I found a parking space right away and really close to the entrance :).

We went to Melissa Guerra to check the sale out and then to Target to get Mom’s birthday gift. Happy Birthday to the lil’ ol’ lady. We keep teasing her about how she’s going to be a Senior Citizen soon LOL.

While supervising Teeth Brushing Time I asked Eenan to show me his teeth to check if they were loose yet. I wiggled them just a bit and sure enough, they’re finally loosening up! I told Eenan, “Alright! They’re loose!” and he jumped with joy. Jaylen, who was busy brushing his teeth, says, “HEY! I want cash, too. You need to give me one of your tooths, Nano.” It was hilarious the way he said it. Cash? Mario and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Those kids come up with the most hilarious things. Eenan once asked, “Mama, why are Weedos jiggly?” (If I still have this blog when he’s a teenager, he’s going to kill me for announcing that to the world.)

After I woke up from my nap this afternoon, Jaylen asked if he could call Sammy and Brandon over since he was having trouble killing the “Glob Monster” on one of his Mega Man games. I haven’t let anyone come over since the rooms aren’t done and there’s stuff everywhere. When those two cousins come over there’s usually always a disaster to clean up afterwards, so yeah. Jaylen started whining so I told him, “Let’s see your game. I’ll help you.” He stares at me, mouth wide open and kind of confused. I tell him, “Hey, I used to play video games, too.”

We sit on my bed and he shows me which buttons do what, and I start trying to kill the Monster. The whole time Jaylen’s staring at me in amazement, a huge grin on his face because he’s probably shocked to see his mom playing games.

I’ve never felt so old!


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