A Pinch of History

I don’t know what gave me the desire to want to actually use and mess with my website (this website that I’ve been paying for and never use, heh), but I downloaded my FTP again and started fixing things here and there. I’m so sad that for some reason (Vista, maybe?) my radio.blog player won’t upload the new music I wanted to put in it. Oh well. I’ll figure it out later, I guess.

Tons has gone on since I last updated. TONS. Big, life-changing, monumental stuff. It’s amazing how much can go on in 3 months. That’s WHY I didn’t really want to update. Not much good happened. I won’t go into detail–because really, I’d like to forget a lot of those things. Lets just say two Saturdays spent with friends (& family) Downtown turned into a complete disaster. Miscommunication & misunderstandings almost caused 2 couples to split up, mine being one of them. It wasn’t really just those two nights in particular that began the domino-effect of problems–everything really began months before but neither of us ever noticed. Or tried not to, in my case.

I’m completely embarrassed that those who follow me on Facebook were witness to some of the drama. These past three months have shown me that sometimes some friends can be closer than family (SOME), family can turn their back on you at the drop of a hat and people you thought you knew–well, you realize you still have a lot to learn about them. I realized who my true friends were. I realized that my comfortable little life could have quickly been swept from under me, even though I never did anything to make that so.

It was just a strange and crazy 3 months. My birthday didn’t feel like my birthday. We went to IKEA, which was a trip we were super excited about & bought some pretty awesome stuff–but the happiness was short-lived when we ended up getting into an argument there. I was on the verge of divorce by Mother’s Day. (I was going to try and avoid mentioning that, but it’s part of my history so I guess I should.) By the end of May, Mario and I were reconciling. By the first week of June, Mario was leaving to training for 3 months. He was gone for only 2 weeks and I realized I missed him like crazy. I wished the past 3 months could have been rewound and we could have spent those months loving each other and spending time together with the kids. The kids didn’t really notice much; well, the younger 3. Eenan did and even tearfully asked me once while Mario and I were separated if our family was breaking apart. I told him no, that we were working on it, not to worry. And thankfully, we did.

In all my years on this planet, and all the years Mario and I were together I never, ever thought we would get to the point we were at. I never understood how people could be together for so long and then *boom*, they split up. I never thought it would happen to us in a million years. I’m just glad we could come out of that. We still have a lot to work on, but I’m glad we can help each other and do it together.

I don’t know if it was something in the water, the alignment of the stars/planets, but SOMETHING caused just about every couple I know to fight and split up; most splits were over petty things. That’s what was most frustrating: witnessing all these things and knowing it all could have been prevented somehow.

We got to take a little trip to Del Rio, TX while Mario was getting ready to leave. Took the kids for tours around the city and took in the beautiful scenery & old buildings. Took them to the Whitehead Memorial Museum, which they surprisingly enjoyed. We even got a chance to visit Lake Amistad–gorgeous, gorgeous lake!

And since Mario’s been back and while he’s looking for a new job we’ve been cooking together, watching movies almost every night and spending time with the kiddos, like in the old days. I’m so grateful for Jorge and Maggie, who adopted me while Mario was gone LOL. He was only gone 2 weeks but it felt like months. They came over Sunday night and it’s official: Maggie and Jorge are expecting!! We are all, of course, hoping it’s a girl!

Adan, Aide & their kiddos moved to Dallas and I miss her terribly, as Alaethia misses her Best Fwend Bellie :(. She became one of my best friends in recent months and I miss her so much!

Our newest home improvement project is the kitchen! We’ve gotten a spiffy black countertop installed and purchased a few new cabinets. Next is picking our wall paint and sanding all the existing cabinets down and painting them white. I CAN’T WAIT to see everything done!

Kitchen w/ the new countertop.

I’m still, somewhat, doing my workouts. We were supposed to finish our round of P90X on the 28th of June, but we stopped the week of May 17th, then started again 3 weeks later, only to do 1 week of P90X and start on Insanity at the beginning of this week. Mario, John and I went jogging on Sunday and, as I suspected, got majorly painful shin splints. So I was already injured Day 1 of Insanity (which was the Fit Test, and only 20 minutes). Yesterday’s workout was Plyometrics & I further injured myself, not to mention the agonizing soreness in my calves. I couldn’t even walk this morning so I let the guys know I wasn’t going. I found out later we weren’t going to end up working out anyway ’cause our workout partner is out doing work in preparation for the hurricane. Yes, we are waiting for Hurricane Alex to make landfall sometime this evening. Not here, in Mexico, but we’re going to get lots of rain and wind. I just hope it doesn’t flood :(. My bedroom, which leaks from a window when it rains a lot has already started leaking. I just noticed the bottom of my side table is warped :(. I love the rain, but I hate the leaking!!

We’re going to watch a movie before the lights go out LOL. I really do hope everyone’s safe. And I really wish to start updating again! I think it would be better than updating Myspace & Facebook every half hour, heh.


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