Afternoon with Mom & Decorating

Right after my previous post yesterday, I started on my to-do list. I accomplished most of my tasks.

I paid the bills online, then I put my bedsheets to wash (haven’t gotten a chance to wash everything, but I *have* to do that today. Oh, how I hate folding…), and went to Dollar Tree to get a few things for an Easter Egg wreath. I’d seen Laurie’s post about this wreath and it looked easy enough. I couldn’t find a cute bow (that was already made, heh) or basket grass, so I’d try at HEB later.

We visited Gramma and chatted for a while. Her new roommate was still a little loud, but wasn’t screaming like last week. She did ask me, several times, to help her, call her mother, help her get out of there, etc., but once I called a nurse for her she quickly stopped. The nurse gave me a meaningful look, like she does that all the time. Poor lady . And poor Gramma most of all!

Mom asked where I wanted to eat. Since she’s on a strict diet and can’t really have carbs at all it was hard to choose a place, but we ended up going to Kumori since she could get riceless rolls. (I was unsure how to bring this up to Jorge–going to Kumori without him–but once I saw his FB photo post of his sub at Texadelphia I figured it was ok, heh.)

We didn’t have to wait and our food was out super fast. Mom’s plate was a little…little but she said it was filling.

Kumori with Mom

We made our way to grocery shop, which I loathe probably a bit more than folding laundry, but it was a surprisingly fast shopping trip. I got a few more Petunias And I found some basket grass for the wreath. I’d have to do without the bow .

I was just getting home when my love called that the boys would be dropped off by their mother. Good thing I’d just arrived. I put everything away, with Mom’s help, and the kiddos got here. Jorge got here a few seconds later and we sat outside chatting with Freddy. He’d brought us a bottle of red wine, from 2000. I forget the name at the moment. I really wish I could let red wine grow on me, but all the ones I’ve tasted so far are way too strong and dry . I usually stick to Moscattos or Moscatto D’astis.

I put the baby down for a nap and mom stayed with him while Jorge and I finished cleaning the shower. I got started on dinner: lasagna and garlic bread. We ate and then I got started on my Easter egg wreath. My babe cut the cardboard for me, because I failed miserably when I tried, heh. I need to glue more fluff around the edges and I might even stick some flowers on there, but we’ll see.

Easter Egg Wreath

For now, I’m just happy having a cute Easter wreath!

We chilled out after that because Jorge was exhausted from work. We wanted to watch a movie with the kids, but we knew that we’d end up passing out. We went to the bedroom and the baby fell asleep quite easily and slept the entire night! I woke up at 9 and was completely refreshed :).

I made regular and banana pancakes and hazelnut coffee for breakfast. We lazied around till lunchtime, I spoke to my kiddos (miss them !!), and then my love hung our drapes in the dining room. They make such a huge difference in the room!

After he hung the suede panels

The drapes were a gift from one of his customers. They are expensive panels!

We couldn’t put up our brown micro-suede panels, because they sort of clash with the drapes. I really hope we can find a place for them; they’re so nice! –Nevermind! We’re removing the collage frame and putting one suede panel on each north and south wall, instead of flanking the drapes like we’d originally wanted to. It works!

We have to remove the Van Gogh painting from the northside wall of the dining room that Jorge’s mom gave us because the orange in the painting clashed with the drapes, too. But we moved it to the wall where the bistro set us and it goes really well :). I’d been thinking about the color scheme for the kitchen and, thanks to the painting, I think we’re going with blue and orange :).

And right now Jorge is dropping off the little guy and I’m getting ready to go outside and salvage my little flowers! I need to accomplish a few more things before this day is over. We’ve got an early day tomorrow, as we usually do on Mondays :).

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