Aw Crap!

Well, I spoke too soon. The child peed not once, but twice, during the night. And he didn’t even wake up . The only reason I woke up was because my wrist was hurting me and I needed to pee.

I think he’s on strike. I think his whole body’s on strike, actually. He still hasn’t pooped, and I’m worried. I think he needed to go this morning because he refused to put his undies back on and screamed for a diaper. I even sat on the toilet while he was sitting on his potty chair to encourage him to poop. I even made grunting noises (no, I wasn’t really pooping!) just in case that would help him push, or something. He peed so much during the night — I think — that both times he’s tried to go pee, nothing comes out. He just says, “My pee-pee’s gone!” .

He’s also got this annoying cough that comes and goes. He coughed so much this morning that he ended up puking. Poor guy. I started him on cough medicine again. If it keeps up, back to the doctor we go.

I don’t know HOW I’m going to do it next month. The kids have their appointment at the dentist and I probably won’t have a car since it’s at 9am, and Mario leaves by 9:20 for work. Gotta start figuring SOMETHING out.

Speaking of next month, I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s on a Monday, and Mario is working of course, so we’re probably not even going to “properly” celebrate. On March 27th, we celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. He’s already asking for that day off, and is even promising to work an extra Sunday (he gets two on, two off) if he gets it. I hope they have a heart and let him get it. We’re already planning on where to go have dinner. I hope it happens. I’d like to make it super special, but I have no idea what to do. We were watching Committed again last night, since Mario hadn’t watched the most recent episode, where it’s Marni’s birthday and Nate has this dinner for her on the roof. I tell him — half-jokingly — that I wish someone would do that for me, and bat my eyes at him. He replies with, “Well, good luck”, and smiled sarcastically. I know he was joking, but argh. I remember when he would go all out on our anniversaries or special days, and even if it was nothing fancy, he would do something nice. I remember once, before we were married, he laid out a blanket in front of the big fireplace his dad bar-be-cues on outside, lit the fireplace and bought these floating candles and put them in water-filled glass bowls. We snacked on stuff and just cuddled and had a good time. I miss that *pouts*. When we talk about it he tells me he was just doing it to get in my panties . Bastard . It worked…obviously . But I know, I know…he’s so busy with work and we barely even have time to talk and see eachother. I’ll figure something out .

Gonna get lunch ready. Spaghetti O’s it is!

*edit 1:09pm* Jaylen asked for a “snack”, which usually means some sort of sweet, and since I’m out of those littler Gerber gummies I gave him a Honeybun (not the best choice, I know!). The in-laws have him addicted to those things, dammit, and he usually finishes all of it. I’ve been lecturing him about how too many sweets are bad, and “your teeth are going to fall out of your face”, etc., so today he brings back more than half of the Honeybun and says, “I can’t eat it all…I’ll die.” I’ve got the poor boy tramatized….*/edit*

on Friday, February 4th, Joanna said:

hey Yajaira!! šŸ˜€

i havent talked to you in awhile! WOW! longgg time! i love your new layout its so cutee šŸ˜‰ hope the baby gets better

on Thursday, February 3rd, Lianna said:

March 27 is your guys’ 6th wedding anniversary! WOW! That’s my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend and it’s also Easter Sunday! So many important events on one day, amazing. I hope the potty training thing gets better! Jaylen’s comment on his teeth was too cute! I love it! Take care!

on Thursday, February 3rd, Bubs said:

I just wanted to stop by and say hello šŸ˜€

on Wednesday, February 2nd, tasha said:

Hey, sorry it took so long.. but, thanks for commenting! =D hope the babies doing better soon.

on Monday, January 31st, Gonzo said:

Awww! Poor Jaylen! That’s so cute. But hey, maybe he wont eat as much sugar now. šŸ˜›

on Monday, January 31st, Jessica said:

Aww, rofl, poor Jaylen. šŸ˜› Just keep on encouraging the potty training – I’m sure he loves you grunting as much as you like doing it, haha. šŸ™‚ He’ll get it eventually.

on Monday, January 31st, Diana said:

LOL!! That comment Jaylen made was so funny. Sounds like you went a little overboard hahah

on Monday, January 31st, Andrea said:

aww sorry to hear about your kid, I hope he gets better. My friend’s little sister is like that when it comes to potty training she just wont go. Anyway I love your site it’s cute and very orignal awesome job!