Busy Bee

I knew I was going to be alone again at work when the announcements went on and it wasn’t Mrs. V. saying them. She gave me a call about 30 minutes later and gave me instructions for the day. I had to cancel an ice cream party, finish the bulletin boards (I don’t know why they’re so important), and download and work with two separate diagnostics for the movie party and the kids who’re at risk. I got absolutely everything done that I usually have to, and then everything else. I took my pin-drive to add to the tasks manual the boss asked me to type up but I had so much to do I never got a chance to sit and do it.

I was so glad it was Friday. My feet actually weren’t killing me for once because I wore my Adidas. If they matched my whole maternity wardrobe I’d wear them all the time.

I can’t remember what we did that evening, if we did anything at all. The boys cooped themselves up at Mary’s and played with their toys and games and Alaethia just stuck around with me. She’s becoming really attached to me, which only makes me believe I’m that much closer to having Emily.

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