Cars, Glasses and Cookies

I’m so beat . Annie came over because she needed a burned CD copied. When she was leaving she turns, looks at me and says, “Quit losing weight already!”. I roll my eyes and tell her, “I haven’t lost, I’ve gained!” She replies, “And now with holidays coming up?! Forget it!” I nod in agreement and say, “I know! I’ve been baking cookies like crazy-“. I forgot I was talking to the Junk Food Queen and she glares me down and says, “Thank you for inviting!” I was like, ‘Oops!’ LOL. So we got to talking and I told her I usually bake on weekends, and next I was going to try making peanut butter cookies from scratch. Catherine’s having her birthday party this weekend so I’ll take her some. I “practiced” making them tonight and they taste pretty damn good! I also made cheesy scalloped potatoes, which I was going to pair with pork fillets but Mario wanted to take Mole to work so that’s what he’s taking, Mole and potatoes LOL. Doesn’t really go well, but that’s what he wants. And I made dinner (very simple elbow macaroni and tuna salad type thing) too. I already have breakfast in the fridge (leftover atole…rice pudding?) so yay, no cooking till tomorrow night !

So our stupid car (Sentra) broke down yesterday. While Mario was driving. I’m just so grateful that he didn’t get hurt. The strut went out and he lost control of the car a for a little bit and just barely got to park on the side of the expressway. He was so close to the exit and couldn’t even get off it. Vito went and picked him up and took him to work, and later Vito and Tommy picked the car up and pulled it over here, I think. We got the part. Well, Mary did. We owe her $55, which we’ll give her on Friday. It’s like that stupid car knows when it’s Christmas or someone’s birthday…it screws up at the most inconvenient times . Mario also talked to Albert at work, and the Prelude came up and he said he’d find us a Jetta or another small car like that and we could trade. Sounds pretty good to me !

Noey took the boys and I to pick up Eenan’s glasses this afternoon. He looks so cute! I need to take a picture of him and post it here. He looks too adorable. He didn’t want to take them off at all until he took a shower LOL. We’d gone to a scrapbooking store down the road to kill time before the glasses were ready and the boys each got a pack of (expensive!) “space” stickers. Eenan put them all over his little glasses pouch . I loved all the embellishments and paper! I want to get back into scrapbooking. My poor Precious Moments scrapbook is collecting dust on my top shelf. I still have a huge Ziploc bag full of film I need to develop, too.

Welp, I’m going to finish watching “The Biggest Loser” I recorded from earlier today. G’nite!

on Wednesday, December 8th, Rachel said:

Recipe for atole?

My dad makes rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon – it’s pretty good 🙂

on Wednesday, December 8th, Lauren said:

omg im sorry your car broke down. i hate when that shit happens to me. ugh! 😥

on Wednesday, December 8th, Rejeana said:

actually, Atole isn’t rice pudding dude. I don’t even know what atole is in “american style” but i guess the closest thing would be rice pudding. I THOUGHT it was rice pudding too but geoffs mom made some rice pudding and its sort of the same except rice pudding is baked ::raises an eyebrow:: its wierd. It tastes good tho but not as good as atole lol They have a certain kind of rice they use (sweet rice) and then they put some sugar and milk and stick it in the oven. Its really good..but not as good as our mexican atole 😉