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Surrounded By Love, But Still A Bit Lonely

Poor Mario had a tough night at work. He barely got out about 15 minutes ago (it’s currently 11:45pm). They got a truck at 5 and just now finished up. He ran the wires too short for the amplifier and then after that the other two guys working on the truck with him (Jorge and some other guy), messed up a few things. The amp burned out, a speaker didn’t work and something on the alarm was cut so it didn’t work either. Poor Mario. Jorge was pissed. He feels really bad, but it’s not like he screwed up on his own.

This weekend was nice. Hectic, but nice. After seeing Mario off to work on Saturday morning, and eating breakfast, John and I went to paint at the apartments. It sucked, but we made good progress. All we needed after that was the kitchen (which takes the longest because of the cabinets) and bathroom and the tops of the walls. John was having a fit because he “didn’t want to do that shit”. I told the boy he was going to help me when it came time to paint them. I wasn’t gonna do it by myself, heh. I did my share of complaining (it was hot, dammit!), but at least I painted right. John left one of the walls all streaky looking .

Mary told us to take a break, so we did. We watched Super Size Me, which made me never want to eat McNuggets or Premium Salads again. When Mary got back, she started on the inside of the kitchen cabinets and I continued in the back bedroom. It got dark fast, so we stopped. I came back and took a shower (there were clumps of paint in my hair…don’t ask.). Then she took the boys and me to see Gramma for a little bit. I feel so sad that it’s going to be her first Thanksgiving away from us . Mario already said he doesn’t want to “be driving around” on his day off, so I have no idea how I’m going to see Mom or Gramma. She asked for us to smuggle in a plate of turkey for her LOL, and I promised we would. *sigh*

After that, we went to Target, where Mary got some X-mas gifts. I just looked around the scrapbooking isle. There’s such cute embelishments and stickers! I want to get back into scrapbooking…I only have a few done in my Precious Moments scrapbook. After Target, we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few groceries and then came home. I listened to my music and drove John nuts (who sleeps in the living room on the futon when he sleeps over and had no choice but to listen, buahahaha). Big Mario was at the ranch and called to ask us if we wanted to go over there Sunday morning. I told Mario about it and he said, “Do YOU wanna go?”, I replied, “Yes.” So he said, “Well then yeah…I guess.” He got home super late that night–around 2am. He was playing pool . That’s when I started feeling ignored. I thought to myself when I heard him scurrying around in the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning, “I bet he’s not gonna want to go to the ranch tomorrow.” And sure enough, he didn’t.

Mary brought us McDonald’s the next morning . John felt almost nauseous…since we’d watched Super Sized Me and learned all of McDonald’s dirty little secrets. I ate my sausage buscuit…which I have to admit I love. Mostly for the biscuit which I smother with apple jelly. I could feel my liver crumbling as I ate…

After making as much noise as I could because I was being a bitch and wanted Mario to have a hard time sleeping for getting home so late, I got the boys in the car and we left. It was fun over there, I have to admit. Someone gave Pino a turkey, which he kept as a pet. I’d never seen a turkey like that (there’s a K-Mart commercial with a bunch of turkeys just like him!). He was too cute. He was white, and when he was nervous/angry his head and neck would turn blue, and when he was calm and happy, he’d turn red. Too cute LOL. The boys chased him around and laughed their heads off because they loved how goofy he looked when he ran. Poor Guero (Blondie). I drove the 4×4 after Mary and Big Mario showed me what to do. It was awesome. When I took only Eenan with me for a ride once, I was going really fast and with his little hands gripping onto the handles and his hair flailing madly in the wind he yells, “THIS IS SOOO AWESOOOOOME!” He’s too cute LOL. Jaylen was falling asleep, so on our last ride around the ranch he started sliding off the side…I had to slowly drive back as I clutched onto him! We saw the deer blinds Big Mario built and the one Pino built…they’re too cool. The kids called them tree houses LOL. The men bar-be-cued pork ribs and chicken and heated up deer tamales. We ate and then came home. The boys behaved exceptionally well. Thank God for spiral notebooks and map colors!

When we got home I told John and Mario about our day. I tried not to be mad at him but he made it hard for me. He was acting like an ass. I even cried at night when we went to drop John off and he laughed! He made me so mad. When we got home he went to Chris’. We’d already sort of made up…and as he was walking out the door I softly sing “All By Myself”. He laughed his ass off and he said, “Shut up! You’re such a weirdo!” Which I am, what can I say. He came back and we watched a movie. I folded clothes while we did because I was in desperate need of sleep, but wanted to spend time with him. I still ended up falling asleep before him.

Today, I painted and now I only need the bathroom, the top of the front bedroom and the kitchen (bleh). I hope to finish soon, especially since John’s going to spend the week here. Relatives are coming down and he doesn’t want to be there at Aunt Nora’s. I told him he’d have to be my slave (only not in those exact words) if he wanted to be here LOL. Dr. Z called and said Eenan’s blood test came back clear! Yay! Now all we need is his chest X-ray. *crosses fingers*

Ok…I’m dreadfully tired. I need to stop staying up so late. But I wanted to see the husband before I went to sleep *sigh*. It sucks that I never get to see him. I feel lonely and he’s only been working for 3 weeks!


Eenan Update & Mario’s Birthday

Eenan stayed home from school on Wednesday because he still had a slight fever. When Mary got home from work that day we took Eenan to the doctor. Dr. Z. gave him a thorough check-up and was worried because he’d had the fever for so long so she requested a lab. He hated getting blood drawn . She also gave us orders to get a chest x-ray done since he was complaining about chest pain and becase he has a history of bronchial problems. She gave him new (very bad tasting) medicines, and Albuterol for his nebulizer. We stopped by H-E-B after we left the doctor’s and I got some Nyquil for me and a thermometer since ours was nowhere to be found. Thursday, Eenan went to school half the day, then Noey and I picked him up during lunch and took him for his x-ray. We still haven’t gotten the results–maybe Monday.

Mario was off Friday, his birthday . We went to pick up his check at work, cashed it, went to Home Depot to get some tools Mario needed for work, ate at Taco Bell because Jaylen and I were starving, then we picked Eenan up from school. We took him to the doctor and when we see her she says, and dammit I can’t remember the word…that something in his blood that’s supposed to be from 0-15 was at 85, which meant that there was inflammation somewhere in his body, which was an infection. She asked that labs be done again because there wasn’t enough blood for it the first time. So there’s Eenan, screaming his little head off. Took all of us to hold him down. She also told us his referral for seeing the optometrist was in the mail. My lil guy may need to wear glasses!

They needed a urine sample, and since he’d just peed when we got to the office he couldn’t pee again, so they gave us the stuff to take home and have him pee there and take the specimen to the hospital within one hour. Mary had picked Mom up from work and stopped at the doctor’s office to pick up the kids since we still had a few more places to go and they were tired. We went to Petland to get some rat food, a new water bottle for Pecan (since he’s too little for the one that came with his cage), and a “house” or something for the rats. We only found the water bottle and spent the rest of the time playing with the bunnies and ferrets. I fell in love with a Pomeranian and a Maltese puppy. They were too darn cute. I want a Pomeranian SO bad , but Mario doesn’t like “little, yappy, hairy dogs”. Grr.

We went to Pet Smart afterwards and got the rest of the stuff we needed, plus some treats for the rodents . After that we stopped at H-E-B for a cheesecake. I was supposed to make one from scratch, but it needs about 3 hours to cool and there was no way we’d have time. It was already 6pm, and everyone was meeting at Mary’s for Mario’s birthday at 7. After we got the cheesecake, we stopped by the beauty salon to get Mario’s haircut. Then, we finally went home. I helped Mary with a few things, then everyone started showing up. John was spending the weekend with us so he walked to our house afterschool. While everyone was eating, I get a call from Dr. Z. She said Eenan’s lab results came in and that his white blood cell count was at 19,000! She said to keep a log of his temperatures and not to forget to give him his medicines and nebulizer treatments. She also called in a stronger antibiotic, and asked me to check ‘urine culture’ on the sheet she gave me to turn in with his specimen. I was so worried when I hung up with her that I started to feel sick to my stomach. I just wanted Eenan to be better already. I barely ate anything and then got to giving Eenan his medicines, which I have to mix with a LOT of chocolate or strawberry milk to hide the horrible tastes. I tasted the cough medicine and it literally numbed my tongue! The antibiotic was just as horrendous and to top it off was grainy, which he hated. I took his temp., which was at 98.5 and then Mario and I got ready to go to Fast Eddie’s Billiards. We’d be meeting Jorge, Maggie and Noelia there. I kept telling myself Eenan would be fine and forced myself to have a good time. By the end of the night, I did. I totally suck at playing pool, but it was fun anyway. Mario had a good time, and I was so happy about that. We came home and John was already asleep. Noey brought Jaylen over (he was asleep too) and Eenan slept over at Mary’s. Mario and I fed all our animals and then went to bed. I’d never fallen asleep so fast.

I made breakfast for Mario the next day and of course, helped him get ready because he never knows where anything is. Then I got ready and Mary got my boys ready and we were off. It was John and his girlfriend’s 1 year anniversary, so they were going to go out for a movie. We were going to watch The Incredibles, which was really good. Really long, but really good. It was funny . John and his girlfriend watched Ray, so he was out 40 minutes before we were. We stopped to see Gramma for a little bit since I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 weeks (due to the garage sale last week). She’s doing good. She doesn’t like that her stuff is still in storage and that she’s not in the room she was in before, but she’s doing well. She’s not one to complain at all. I gathered my boys, waited out in the cold for a little bit since everyone’d gone to get gas at the gas station across the street, then we went to eat at Pizza Hut. Crappiest service ever. They never got anything right. I took the chance to get Eenan’s urine sample there LOL. So I got it, wrote the info on the container and put it away. Then we went to drop it off at the hospital which took forever. Then we went to H-E-B since I, Yadira and Sonia needed to pick up prescriptions. I bought some diapers and paper plates, then gave Eenan his medicine in the van. He took it with no problem since this one tasted much better. Like strawberries even, and it’s only once a day, which he’s happy about. Then we finally came home. Spent some time with Mario on the couch, where I ended up falling asleep for a while LOL. Eenan slept over at Mary’s again, Mario went over to Jorge’s to play Halo 2, and then I was just here with Jaylen and John. I was bored out of my mind after he went outside to talk on the phone with his girlfriend, so I fed my animals and went to bed. I slept so good last night. My nose wasn’t running and I wasn’t drooling on my pillow for once. I can’t wait to be completely over this damn cold!

Don’t know what we’re doing today. I need to buy a broom. I think that’s what I’m gonna do after I finish my leftover pizza and apple Fanta.

[edit 11-15-04] Holy crap! Was looking through Ebay and found this! I HAVE this doll…I had no idea she’d go for THAT MUCH in the UK![/edit]


How I Loathe Thee, Cleaning

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As pissed/devastated as I am about the election and our imbecille “Commander in Chief”, I’m going to try and not write about it in this entry. *gasp*

We picked John up yesterday to go see Gramma. He’s still really upset about living over there. He was mostly upset because he hadn’t been able to talk to his girlfriend. They were supposed to connect his phone line yesterday, but hadn’t (they did today though). He keeps asking to live with us, but we just can’t right now. He said he’d get a job to help us out, but he can’t with school and his car not working. I think he just needs some time to get used to everyone. He feels out of place.

Mario’d made peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies so we took 3 to Gramma. I swear I’m not stingy, she just can’t have many because she’s diabetic and takes insulin (I’m not even sure she could have three! But they give her sodas and jellos so I think it’s OK?). We talked while she ate her cookies and then said our ‘see-you-laters’. She’s back at the nursing home today, but in a different room for some reason. Aunt Nora said she’s gonna go over there and raise hell . I sure hope they moved all her stuff to her new room dammit. Her TV and all her clothes?!?

I got minimal sleep last night due to Eenan getting sick . I thought he was over his cold, but he coughed so much at one point that he threw up. I’m so glad Mario was here to help clean up. As I’ve mentioned a thousand times before, me+someone else’s throw up=me throwing up. I feel like an awful parent for that but my stomach is weak when it comes to vomit. Anything else, I can take. But not vomit! Mario and I had the futon in the living room out since we were all cuddled there watching movies, and after Eenan got sick he laid there with us, so I fell asleep there with the boys. They move so much! I almost got kicked off once by Jaylen! Being tossed off the bed and shooting myself out of bed everytime Eenan coughed “just in case” made for a very sleepless night.

Mario picked Mom up around 9 this morning and she arrived with many bags of cleaning products so she could finish cleaning the apartment. She brought me some Clorox cleaning wipes to try, which I hadn’t bothered to buy because I use baby wipes to clean everything, and OMG I am in love with the scent . I don’t remember the name, but it’s the greenish bottle. We dressed the kids up in layers (because it’s still actually cold outside!) and headed over to the apartment. We finished in just a few hours…Mom thought it was going to take forever and was really feeling lazy about cleaning up, but it had to be done and we did it in record time. We ate lunch, I shipped out a box at the post office, got the permit for the garage sale, picked up Angela and Yazmin from school, helped Eenan with his homework for yesterday and today, Mario and I washed the car, then came back and loaded stuff into the van to take to Mom’s storage unit. Mario would drop Mom off after putting the stuff in storage, so while he did that, I stayed here and sorted through the kids’ toys. I managed to fill up 3 garbage bags full of stuff for the garage sale. Mario says I could have done better, but contrary to what he may believe, they actually do play with all the toys in the 2 toyboxes. I’m not just going to get rid of the toys “just because”. I also took my Popples off one of my shelves (the one closest to their bunk beds) so they could put their “babies” (stuffed animals) up there. I’ve got a pile of stuffed animals to go through, then I’ll tackle the closets and drawers. We were so busy helping Mom with her stuff that now we’re rushing at the last minute. I hope we get a good turnout this time *crosses fingers*. I won’t hope too hard though, you never know.

Mario’s birthday is next Friday, so I’m hoping we make some money. I don’t even know what to get him . I hope it’s a good day for him, he deserves it. We’ve had a rough year, and I know how hard it’s been for him. The best gift to him would be if he got that damn job already. Jorge keeps telling him not to apply anywhere else because it could be “any day now”. Mario is certified at cabling, but he can’t get his damn certificate because he didn’t attend school the whole year. What crap! But anyway, something good has to happen. I just hope it’s soon *sigh*.

Gonna have another busy day tomorrow, so I should get to bed already. I didn’t even have time to work out tonight .