How I Loathe Thee, Cleaning

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As pissed/devastated as I am about the election and our imbecille “Commander in Chief”, I’m going to try and not write about it in this entry. *gasp*

We picked John up yesterday to go see Gramma. He’s still really upset about living over there. He was mostly upset because he hadn’t been able to talk to his girlfriend. They were supposed to connect his phone line yesterday, but hadn’t (they did today though). He keeps asking to live with us, but we just can’t right now. He said he’d get a job to help us out, but he can’t with school and his car not working. I think he just needs some time to get used to everyone. He feels out of place.

Mario’d made peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies so we took 3 to Gramma. I swear I’m not stingy, she just can’t have many because she’s diabetic and takes insulin (I’m not even sure she could have three! But they give her sodas and jellos so I think it’s OK?). We talked while she ate her cookies and then said our ‘see-you-laters’. She’s back at the nursing home today, but in a different room for some reason. Aunt Nora said she’s gonna go over there and raise hell . I sure hope they moved all her stuff to her new room dammit. Her TV and all her clothes?!?

I got minimal sleep last night due to Eenan getting sick . I thought he was over his cold, but he coughed so much at one point that he threw up. I’m so glad Mario was here to help clean up. As I’ve mentioned a thousand times before, me+someone else’s throw up=me throwing up. I feel like an awful parent for that but my stomach is weak when it comes to vomit. Anything else, I can take. But not vomit! Mario and I had the futon in the living room out since we were all cuddled there watching movies, and after Eenan got sick he laid there with us, so I fell asleep there with the boys. They move so much! I almost got kicked off once by Jaylen! Being tossed off the bed and shooting myself out of bed everytime Eenan coughed “just in case” made for a very sleepless night.

Mario picked Mom up around 9 this morning and she arrived with many bags of cleaning products so she could finish cleaning the apartment. She brought me some Clorox cleaning wipes to try, which I hadn’t bothered to buy because I use baby wipes to clean everything, and OMG I am in love with the scent . I don’t remember the name, but it’s the greenish bottle. We dressed the kids up in layers (because it’s still actually cold outside!) and headed over to the apartment. We finished in just a few hours…Mom thought it was going to take forever and was really feeling lazy about cleaning up, but it had to be done and we did it in record time. We ate lunch, I shipped out a box at the post office, got the permit for the garage sale, picked up Angela and Yazmin from school, helped Eenan with his homework for yesterday and today, Mario and I washed the car, then came back and loaded stuff into the van to take to Mom’s storage unit. Mario would drop Mom off after putting the stuff in storage, so while he did that, I stayed here and sorted through the kids’ toys. I managed to fill up 3 garbage bags full of stuff for the garage sale. Mario says I could have done better, but contrary to what he may believe, they actually do play with all the toys in the 2 toyboxes. I’m not just going to get rid of the toys “just because”. I also took my Popples off one of my shelves (the one closest to their bunk beds) so they could put their “babies” (stuffed animals) up there. I’ve got a pile of stuffed animals to go through, then I’ll tackle the closets and drawers. We were so busy helping Mom with her stuff that now we’re rushing at the last minute. I hope we get a good turnout this time *crosses fingers*. I won’t hope too hard though, you never know.

Mario’s birthday is next Friday, so I’m hoping we make some money. I don’t even know what to get him . I hope it’s a good day for him, he deserves it. We’ve had a rough year, and I know how hard it’s been for him. The best gift to him would be if he got that damn job already. Jorge keeps telling him not to apply anywhere else because it could be “any day now”. Mario is certified at cabling, but he can’t get his damn certificate because he didn’t attend school the whole year. What crap! But anyway, something good has to happen. I just hope it’s soon *sigh*.

Gonna have another busy day tomorrow, so I should get to bed already. I didn’t even have time to work out tonight .

on Friday, November 5th, Johanna said:

Those cookies sound so delicious 😛

I’m the same way with vomiting.. I always feel like I’m gonna vomit myself if I even look at other persons vomit, no matter how dear the person is :confused:

I know how fustrating it can be when you can’t find a job.. I know it’s tuff but you just have to keep your chin up and try try try no matter what!

on Thursday, November 4th, Caleb said:

ohwow babes you outdo yourself with your layouts all the time they are all so great. :angry:FUCK BUSH…KISSES FOR YOU

on Thursday, November 4th, Laurie said:

Can you please send me some of those cookies? And while you’re at it, some Flan wouldn’t hurt either. Well, it would hurt my ass, but thats ok. lol :gasp:

on Thursday, November 4th, Vic said:

I am the same way with throw up :eblush:

on Thursday, November 4th, Rachel said:

Is your Grandma okay with the move? I wish they would n’t do stuff like that unless it’s requested. Change is SO hard at that age… 🙁 Since my Grandma’s stroke, they’ve decided to move into an apartment, but Grandma doesn’t want to, though Grandpa does. 😛 They’re cute they way they banter over things and Grandma will reach over and muss Grandpa’s hair up 😀 *Anyway*, I hope your Grandma is adjusted to her new room, and they had *better* make sure all her stuff got moved over with her!!

on Thursday, November 4th, Diana said:

I hate to wait for the ‘We’ll call u’ they give u when u have a job interview. Hate it. But I really hope he gets it!

Man, you mentioning those cookies has made me crave cookies now 🙁 heh.

on Thursday, November 4th, elaine said:

how’s eanan doing? he’s gonna get well soon! maybe there’s this remedy that u would wanna try. let him drink honey water. YUMYUM! and he’ll get well very soon! this small remedy worked on me up till today. *giggles*

hope this will work! takkaires!