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Survey/Tag Time!

How Old Were You When You…

1. Fell in love – 15

2. Got a myspace account – 22

3. Got drunk – never. Not a big fan of alcohol. Unless it’s a Margarita. Or a Pina Colada. Or a Strawberry Daiquiri…

4. Smoked weed – 19. Tried it, don’t see what the big deal is.

5. Got french kissed – In 5th grade, so around 10? In a game of Truth or Dare when a group of us was supposed to be studying for a TV show called “Quiz Bowl”. I had no idea what I was doing. My first “real” French kiss after that was when I was 14.

6. Went to the hospital for surgery – Never, thank God.

7. Got your heart broken badly – 16. Dammit, Mario!

8. Lost a pet – My rabbit, Hopsie, is the earliest I can remember at the moment. I was about 12?

9. Got arrested – Never.

10. Smoked a Cigarette – I was about 6, when my dad asked if I’d like a puff. Probably why I hate smoking.

11. Tried cocaine – Never.

12. Broken a bone – Never.

13. Went to a concert – Never. Shuddup.

14. Got your own mobile phone – My very own, without sharing Mario’s: 22.

15. Got a speeding ticket – Never. But I got a verbal warning, buahaha.

16. Lost your virginity – 16

17. Snuck out of the house – Never.

18. Pierced other than your ears – Never.

19. Got a tattoo – Never. But I want one.

20. Bought porn – Never. But we did get a huge package mailed to our apartment by accident (no, really!) when I lived with my mom. Mario and I distributed them amongst our friends LOL.

21. Went to a club – 16

22. Transfered to a new school – 15, at the end of 9th grade. And I hated it.

23. Totalled a car – Never

24. Moved out of your parents house – 16

25. Drove more than 100 miles alone – Never! I’m too chicken to go that far on my own.

26. How old are you now – 25


7 Random Facts/Habits

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Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog!

I need to think of 7 facts other than the ones I already posted about. Let’s see:

1. I admit it: I’m obsessed with buying scrapbooking supplies. I’ve got tons of stuff and haven’t made a scrapbook page since around May 2006!

2. I must have coffee at least once a day. Doesn’t have to be in the morning.

3. One of the earliest memories I have as a child is being bathed in my great-grandmother’s house in her sink. I thought I was a toddler at the time, but my mom says I was just a few months old. I can remember the color of the walls (bluish-green), the counter tops (very 70s Formica) and the table/chairs (very 70s, white background with orangey flowers).

4. I’ve mentioned this in my Random Facts page (which hasn’t been updated in years); I was stalked by a psycho down my street and he exposed his lower half to me at the elementary where my mom worked one morning that I was waiting for the bus.

5. I like coupons. I especially like saving money. I’m a penny-pincher.

6. But I’m also a shopaholic at times. Something goes through me and I JUST HAVE TO SPEND MONEY.

7. I have a disgusting habit of “picking” when I’m bored. I pick at my face (I always say I “make” zits appear from picking at my face so much; I pick at my toe nails, which is why I get ingrown toenails so frequently; and I pick at ingrown hairs on my legs. Idle hands are the devil’s playground, they say. But I don’t pick at scabs.

I tag: Whoever wants to do this, just let me know you did! Alaethia just woke up!


I don’t usually blog at night, when I’m trying my hardest to get Alaethia to fall asleep, but since I’m willing myself not to go over to my bedroom and shake Mario awake (just to be a bitch) I’m going to blog.

One thing I hate is going to bed without showering and tonight was going to be one of the nights that I didn’t. Mario was supposed to watch Aly while I showered, which takes me all of 15 minutes, but decided HE was really sleepy so he went straight to bed. I ended up taking her into the bathroom with me while she was in her carseat and prayed that she wouldn’t scream the whole time I was in there. Luckily, she was in a good mood and was mesmerized by her reflection in the long mirror.

And can you believe he was blaming ME for his staying up till 3am?! I don’t force him to be online or watching TV or going to Chris’ house, do I?

And it’s not like I can sleep right now anyway. Alaethia is most definitely teething (at 3 months–has been teething since around 2 1/2 if you can believe that!). She got a fever twice yesterday and then diarrhea this afternoon. Plus she’s been fussy and clingy, drooling like crazy and constantly eating her hands. If she’s not frantically eating her hands she’s bringing my arms or fingers to her mouth to gum on.

Like right now…

This little girl amazes me. She’s already trying really hard to pull herself up to a sitting position when she’s laying down. She’s been trying to roll onto her tummy and has been grabbing at things and slowly bringing them to her mouth. She also sits up really straight and cute when we’re out shopping or looking at stuff. People always think she’s older than she really is :).

I meant to clean and tidy up the living room today, but was out of the house for most of it. I took Mom grocery shopping in the afternoon after picking Jaylen up from school and then went to Target with John after picking up Eenan. He bought me Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for Mother’s Day :). I’ve got to finish up my current book (Sushi for Beginners) and start up on the 6th book to “freshen up” before the last one comes out! I also indulged a little and spent $17 on a cute yellow blouse and lilac sweatshirt for Aly and a navy blue tank for me and a sheet of cute Marcella by K stickers. Oh yeah, and small Ziplocs, too. I’d run out.

Bleh. I’ve got tons of important documents to shred, important statements to file, boxes of crap to look through (still) and I need to look through the boys’ artwork and scrapbook my favorites.

Wow. I’m watching (well, not really watching–the TV’s just on for background noise) Discovery Home and this woman is just like me. She’s got Rubbermaid tote after Rubbermaid tote full of her childrens’ school/artwork.

That actually brings up something I’m incredibly curious about: What do you do with your child(ren)’s artwork and schoolwork once they bring it home? I have every single thing Eenan did all of Pre-K, Kinder and first grade. This year, I decided I’d save only the cutest, most creative things and make a scrapbook with them (I’ve already started this year’s scrapbook but I’m not even close to finishing it). But then I feel guilty throwing out the other stuff (like math sheets and spelling homework, especially with Jaylen since it’s his very first year) because I know how hard they worked on it. Still, I don’t want to be a packrat anymore! So, what do you moms (and dads) do? What do you suggest? And also, do you or your parents have any of YOUR work saved from when you were little?

Ooh, and another question I have now that I’m remembering the tank I bought today: Do you know of any good clothing swaps? Like, online? Some place where you trade good clothes where people won’t jip you. Would anyone here be interested? I’ve got a few things I don’t want to just sell at, say, a Yard Sale because they’re worth more than the darn $1 people want to give me for them!

Since I’m asking all these questions, I thought I’d do something I’ve never done here before. Ask YOU questions! I found a survey type thing on Myspace so I figured I’d use that as a template. I removed some of the questions on that survey and added some of my own. Just copy and paste them in a comment with your answers :). Don’t be shy!! (Of course, you don’t have to answer any you don’t want to answer.)

1. What’s your name?

2. How old are you?

3. Where did you find “me”?

4. Do you have children or do you want any? If you do have some, what are their ages?

5. What’s one song you absolutely love and recommend?

6. Can you cook? What’s your favorite thing to cook?

7. What do you do for a living? Is it what you’ve always wanted to do? (I ask this because after all these years, I still don’t know what I “want to be when I grow up”!)

8. What was the last book you read? Did you find it interesting?

9. What’s your worst habit?

10. If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it?

11. What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Those were a lot, weren’t they? I hope you get a chance to answer!

I’ll go speed-read now while I’m trying to get Alaethia to sleep. Jaylen has a field trip tomorrow and I need to have him ready on time so I hope she decides to go to sleep already. She’s practically bouncing on my lap, though, so it doesn’t seem like we’ll be going to sleep anytime soon!