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5 Years!

It’s midnight and I just woke up from an extended “nap” with Alaethia on the couch to catch the end of the Canelo boxing fight. Jorge is playing Clash of Clans for the next 20 minutes so I’m finally getting an opportunity to post!

On Wednesday, November 18th marked our 5-year dating anniversary. We hadn’t planned on doing much, but at the last second we decided to go to dinner at Kumori, like we have for the past few years.

So after I picked Alaethia up from chess practice, picked up some prescriptions for mom, picked up Emmos and took them to a 4-H meeting (still undecided about that one), we met my love at home and left together :).



It’s hard to get good pics in there because it’s so dim, but I snapped away anyway :).


We were nervous about the girls’ food choices thinking they wouldn’t like what they ordered, but Emily did pretty good with her chicken skewers and fried rice and Alaethia ate most of her California rolls!

We got our usuals:

Jalapeño Firecracker
Spicy Calamari
Omega Rolls (top), Fiesta Roll, No Salmon Skin

It was sooo good. It’d been a while since we’d had a chance to go to Kumori!

We finished there and walked a few shops down to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

They love that giant bear!

The girls each chose a treat and I got a mocha truffle. They were good and saved theirs for the next day, while I devoured mine, heh.

It was a great evening and so nice to get out during the week.

It’s almost surreal that it’s been 5 years! In a way, it feels as as though time’s flashed before our eyes, but then it also feels like we’ve been together for decades!

Mother’s Day 2015 & Our Huge Announcement

First, let me start by wishing all the mommies, grandma’s, caretakers, guardians, stepmommies, aunts, cousins, sisters, etc., a belated Happy Mother’s Day!

I had THE BEST day ever and I’m not exaggerating :D!

I started the day by rolling around lazily in bed while my love made me breakfast. Emily and Alaethia helped him, of course :). My little chefs. Jorge came to get me, walked me to the dining room with his hands clasped around my eyes and, after the boys prodded Justin awake they yelled, “Happy Mother’s Day” and I got hugs all around.

Breakfast made by my love and the girls!
Breakfast made by my love and the girls!

I’d been meaning to blog since that day but we had so much going on throughout the day and Grey’s Anatomy to catch up on (yes, I’m newly obsessed and have in turn made Jorge become obsessed!).

So after my epic breakfast, the kids and I devoured the iced Oreos and we watched Grey’s Anatomy while the kids all took turns bathing. Jorge was driving Javi somewhere, so the kids and I watched Friends while they continued to take showers. The hall bathroom is being remodeled so we’re down to 2 restrooms and 2 showers, but both showers are in the same bathroom so that doesn’t help, heh.

Jorge and I had an announcement to make to the kids, and we figured it was the perfect day. We’d announce it during dinner. I even recited a whole loving speech. I was ready!

So everyone got ready and then we piled into both cars and went to Cracker Barrel.

Playing checkers
Playing checkers

The kids skimmed the menus and everyone ordered. Jorge and I were fidgety…and figured let’s just do it, let’s tell them. So I called everyone and told them we had an announcement. Jaylen, Jorgie and Justin all yelled, “I think I know what it is!” And Justin said, “Either you’re married or you’re getting married!?” And Jorge and I looked at each other and laughed, and we said yes, that was it.

Alaethia said, “Wait, you’re not married??”

I still kinda fumbled with my words and told them they’re officially siblings and that we’d eventually have a wedding and they’d all be in it. Eenan said, “I’m not going to dance.” And I laughed, “No, you don’t have to dance, you’re just going to be up there, with us.” Then Justin told Jorge, “When did you propose?? What’s wrong with you??” And we had a good laugh. Love them all. Then they went about their business like it was the most cadual thing.

So my speech didn’t go exactly as I thought it would, heh. But I’m glad we didn’t have any rolling eyes, or sad faces, heh. I really was nervous once we were in the moment. I had no idea I’d freeze like that. Never in my life has that happened!

Jorge and I are finally, officially married :D. When I made the announcement at work, or when I tell people about it I get a “FINALLY!” right before the “Congratulations!” It really was about time. We’re already in a marriage and have raised our kids together for 4 years so we figured now was as good a time as any.

Of course I’d like an actual wedding, but it’s not anything that’s SUPER important or anything I want to stress myself with right now. We have more important things going on right now that we need to take care of first. And I’m just thrilled to officially call Jorge my HUSBAND :D.

The kiddos, and Mom!
The kiddos, and Mom!

So, to continue with our Mother’s Day, we finished up at Cracker Barrel (oh my gosh, did I glut!).

Case in point...
Case in point…

The waitress brought us our desserts and Julien randomly yells, “The whole world loves you, Mom!” Which made me get all the feels!! That just made my day!

Jorge brought Jorgie, Justin, Jules and Alaethia home with him since Aly wasn’t feeling good. She got a bad stomach ache while we were still at the restaurant.

We went to visit Gramma and took her her gifts and flowers. We talked and took photos and then we came home where we relaxed the rest of the day.

Chubby Bunny!
Chubby Bunny!

I made my announcement at work the next morning–quickly, right after my weekly update to everyone’s surprise. Everyone congratulated me and then we went out for breakfast at Denny’s (not because of my announcement LOL).

The rest of the week has been the same: work, home, cook, spend time with the kiddos…

Making cupcakes, completely on their own!
Making cupcakes, completely on their own!

…put kiddos to bed then Grey’s Anatomy. That show kills me and Jorge a little inside every day.

I took the girls to the doctor on Wednesday. Those darn colds never seem to go away! Alaethia was already starting with a throat infection.

I took the morning off work on Friday so I could take Mom for some blood work then go to the girls’ Field Day:



…and then I had a meeting before meeting my love at Wallbanger’s with the guys for lunch.

Jorge and I didn’t have the kids this weekend, so we had a date night on Friday evening. First Zoe’s Kitchen.

Hummus Trio, my fave!
Hummus Trio, my fave!
The turkey stack.
The turkey stack.

Then a drink and dessert at Longhorn Steakhouse.



Then Grey’s Anatomy, heh.

We were invited to Corner Bakery Cafe’s soft opening at Palm’s Crossing so I picked up my love and we met EZ, Michelle and Rosie there. Everything went smoothly and the food was delicious.


Michelle, Rosie and I went to Michael’s to buy flowers to glue onto our cheap Walmart full-length mirrors, like we saw at Mariposa Boutique during the Cash Mob.


(Excuse my crappy selfie-taking LOL.)

I also found a white frame on clearance and I finally got around to hanging my papel amate painting.

We went to Homegoods afterwards. It was my first time there. I wanted everything, but the big decorative stuff was still too pricey for me. I did end up getting new pot holders, dish towels, a large frame and a small globe.

I dropped the girls off, then Mom and I went to visit Gramma and went grocery shopping. I got home, paid all the bills online and then I made my love his (Vitamin) Rib Eye, as John jokingly called it.


And then we sat down for a long, heartbreaking bingefest of Grey’s.

As for this morning, I made us some awesome breakfast sandwiches and we had some Mimosa’s.


We’ve been lazying around waiting for laundry to be done, and we have a few errands we need to run so that’s the rest of our day. Then it’s back to the grind tomorrow!

Costumes, Work & Thanksgiving 2014

I guess now’s a good a time as ever to update. I’m in the living room with Jorgie, Justin and Julien, who are all busied by electronics and we’re probably all a little under the tryptophan haze after having had Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch. My kiddos were picked up to spend the weekend with their dad’s family. It always feels a bit melancholy when they’re not here after Thanksgiving, but it is their Dad’s weekend and I’m glad we were able to be together for Thanksgiving. Providing that I don’t work next weekend (I’m REALLY keeping my fingers crossed), I’m hoping we’ll have a fun beginning-of-December, as the City is putting on their Holiday Extravaganza (not formally the name of the event, but it may as well be!).

So I’ll go back a few weeks and update on whatever I remember.

The week following Halloween was the first of many hectic weeks at work, little did I know. I started out by thinking up some centerpieces for the Annual Banquet, along with my other duties. The hours just whizzed by. It took 3 trips to Hobby Lobby to find everything we’d need for the centerpieces. My week in a nutshell: Put the centerpieces together, attend a small Expo (where we made some good contacts for my Expo), find a last-minute costume for the Annual Banquet (60’s theme this year!), and get ready for and attend our Wednesday meeting, then help get the museum ready for the Annual Banquet. It was a colorful week, indeed!

Centerpieces, decorations at the Director Expo, mesh for wreaths at our Wednesday meeting.
Centerpieces, decorations at the Director Expo, mesh for wreaths at our Wednesday meeting.

I picked the boys up on Wednesday since I’d be swamped on Friday, and their dad liked the idea since he was going to “borrow” them the next week on Wednesday for his birthday, too. So it worked out. Of course the weather would be cruddy for the Annual Banquet; it was drizzly and chilly. But it was a fun night! Anabel and Blanca did a great job :).

Channeling my inner Hippie!
Channeling my inner Hippie!
Michelle and I during the "Rockin' 60's!"
Michelle and I during the “Rockin’ 60’s!”
TR3N performing!
TR3N performing!

The decor was amazing and bright and the evening flowed like a dream.

We also got to admire the beautiful altars created to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Dania from the Incubator was one of the main artists that worked on the Alice in Wonderland-inspired altar. It was beautiful!

Alice in Wonderland Altar
Alice in Wonderland Altar
"Drink Me"
“Drink Me”
Real sugar skulls from a neighboring altar
Real sugar skulls from a neighboring altar

Also happening this night was a mysterious texter that was sending messages to Jorge letting him know she was thinking about him and that she knew where he lived. We immediately assumed it was his psychotic ex-girlfriend from highschool (who has on 2 separate occasions in 2012 and just this year attempted to get in contact with him again via Facebook), but as we got more information realized it was somebody completely unexpected! I’m gonna have to hide him!!

When I got home from the Banquet, and after settling down, Jorge and I had a long talk. We’ve both been so busy and exhausted that we’d failed to spend time together at home, and just talk. It was a good reminder and I’m glad he took the initiative to bring it up :).


I went home early due to too many hours at work and got to eat lunch with my love the next day at Espi’s. Didn’t stop me from working from home, though. We were on a time-crunch for our Expo and I wanted to get as many exhibitors as I could.

Picked up the kiddos and just had a lazy weekend. Spent most of the time outside, or lounging, or cleaning the girls’ room with them. Alaethia came and piled her Care Bears on the sofa and said, “We can get rid of these now.” My heart naturally broke into a million pieces :(. I remember when she would take every single one of them she owned everywhere she went.

Case in point:

In 2011
In 2011

The next work week was a blur of interviews (my first radio interview in Spanish, ever) and photo shoots for the Newsletter. It also included a meeting regarding the upcoming food festival over some cappuccino and lunch later during the week at Taste of India.

Which reminds me of the night John decided he was going to re-enact Sia’s “Chandelier” video. The kids were already in bed so only Jorge and I got to witness this hilarity. He saw the video one time and said, “Ok, I got it,” and proceeded to do his thang. And then he wanted to watch Bollywood videos he pretended to know the words to and I couldn’t UNHEAR him at Taste of India. Jesus.

Cut to my previous post update and then it was the 18th of November. Jorge and I’s Still-somewhat-unofficial-offical Anniversary date. 4 years and I couldn’t be happier :*).

Our anniversary date :)
Our anniversary date 🙂

Kumori was the 2nd place we ever had a date at. Our first was at Mimi’s but it closed down a year ago :(.

This week was hectic, too. I had to make centerpieces for Michelle and Ivan’s event, get the food festival brochure in the mail and work on the Expo and attend meetings. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

The girls had art project after art project that week. They didn’t have to turn them in till December 1st, but Mom taught them to get things over with fast, and that they did. I had to pick up more pom poms and glitter, but I always welcome a trip to Michael’s hehe.

They also and homework galore. Jorge is such a huge help. He is WAY more patient at teaching little kids math than I am. It’s almost as though he enjoys it :). I got to get us some Delia’s one of those nights, so that was a welcome change :).

Thursday was Michelle and Ivan’s event and that day felt like it just zoomed by. Friday came around and I was so overwhelmed (and PMS’ing, TMI) that I bawled by the end of the day. I hate that feeling. You know it’s coming, too. When your eyes well up and you get that lump in your throat and the waterfall of tears comes and there’s nothing you can do. Oh yeah, and it happened in front of my boss . FML.

I was relieved when it was time to go and picked up the kiddos. I spent time with them as much as I could since I knew I’d be working Saturday (for set-up) and Sunday (for the Expo). They’re just awesome ^_^.

Xbox Xombies
Xbox Xombies

How did those boys get so HUGE?? Can someone make it stop??

Set-up went well and the event went as good as it could go. 2 exhibitors didn’t show up, but at least they’d already paid =\. We didn’t have the 4,000+ people we wanted but it was a good event. And I was SO GLAD it was over!

I met an author that day who gave me his book to help with my acne problem. That’s what I love about my job: the people I meet. I know he and his lovely wife were placed in my path for a reason, and I’m glad to have met them :). (Especially after all the stress from the week before; my face was ravaged! :I)

I went shopping for something to wear for our 50’s photo shoot. Me and my brilliant ideas. We did end up finding a gentleman with a ’56 Ford Victoria, thanks to EZ and the contacts we made the weekend of the car show, but now we needed to find clothes! I was so stressed. I did end up finding some little red flats but who knew what else I was going to do.

So Monday comes around and I jump right into my next 3 events: the Mexican Artisan Expo, the Food Festival and the ladies’ project. I had tons to do and had to break up my time into sections because I’m notorious for developing ADD and not sticking to one thing and then I become overwhelmed. I went to Old Navy during my lunch hour to find something to wear, and found a 50’s-era looking jacket. The only one in the entire store in my size. Didn’t even have a tag and had a scrape on the “leather” arm, but it would have to do.

The car was beautiful! The couple who owns it were so nice and agreed to let us use it at the Festival, too!

Fixing my hair after the shoot
Fixing my hair after the shoot

I couldn’t keep my darn hair in the bandana. By the time I took this photo my curls had already fallen apart, but I liked how the final photo came out.

I got home that evening and made dinner and then made some banana bread while Jorge and Jaylen played Xbox and while the other kiddos chilled out. I was glad to have had such a productive day and had productive days at work on Tuesday and Wednesday, too.

Jorge’s boys were dropped off that afternoon and my kiddos were picked up. Jorge and I braved the crowds at HEB for last minute stuff and came out alive and well. Jorgie and Justin were picked up around midnight, for some reason, but all our kids would be back the next day for Thanksgiving :).

We had a really low-key Thanksgiving. It was a little different since there weren’t any kiddos around and it was quiet and Jorge’s family wasn’t here like they have been the past 2 years, but we took our time. I made breakfast for Jorge, John and myself and then we watched TV. Poor Jorge had a splitting headache, but we fired up the Sonos and got all the trimmings and turkey ready for dinner. He buttered up that turkey and wrapped it in peppered bacon, while I chopped and peeled and cooked :). Then we picked up my kiddos and his were dropped off by the time we got here. We ate around 6:30pm and it was amazing!

The family!
The family!
The foooooddsss!
The foooooddsss!

Jorge slowly went into a food coma, heh. We let him be, and the girls painted while the boys played video games. Eenan was taking advantage since he’d been grounded all week due to a bad report card =\. I put all the food away and washed dishes while my Emmos rinsed. Then we cuddled up on the sofa, Jorge woke up and he played with the kids while I slipped into slumber.

Poor thing had to work today. I woke up around 30 minutes after he left and made the kids banana pancakes. Around 10:30am I finally decided to get ready and check out whatever was left of the Black Friday sales. With all this buzz about “Black Friday” starting on Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to bother going out with the crowds. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Target was calm and neat. AND, I ended up finding some pretty good deals for the little ones! I’m only a bit sad I missed out on the $2 towels, heh.

My kiddos were picked up :(, I warmed up leftovers for the boys and I, I vacuumed a bit and that brings us to however long it’s taken me to type this out. Gonna get dinner ready for when Jorge gets home. Turkey, or turkey??