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Valentine’s Day 2009

It feels so good to be typing up this entry on the actual day that it’s happening…or something like that LOL. I am finally caught up on my entries and uploading all my pics to Flickr. My Baby Log is almost all caught up, too–I just have to upload my 37-week pic and the sono.

So we took it easy this Valentine’s Day. I woke up at 8:30 to give the boys breakfast and then tried going back to sleep. I woke up like 2 times during the night to pee and then 2 more times after giving the boys breakfast. I finally decided at 11am that it was enough sleeping (or lack there-of) and was about to tip-toe to the bathroom to take a shower. Alaethia caught me so I gave her breakfast and served some Rice Crispies for myself. Mario woke up around 11:45 and finally watched Alaethia so I could take a shower and do my hair. I got out of the shower and John was here, with his new Zune that his girlfriend gave him. He’s quite disappointed that he caught that stupid Trojan that Mario and I had. I really hate that Trojan.

Mom came over and watched Alaethia and Mary watched the boys. Well, Mom would have watched them but of course they stuck to Mary like glue. Mario picked up some Whataburger (after they pissed him off for interrupting him like 50 times when he tried to place an order on the phone). He ate on the way over to the movies. We watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, which Mario hated every minute of, I think LOL. It was actually really different from the movie, of course, but it was still sweet.

We came straight home and chilled out a while. We still had no idea what we were going to do to celebrate tonight. Yadira and Elda were having this lasagna dinner at Jorge and Mona’s and everyone was going to pitch in, but we decided we’d go get groceries and make something awesome for ourselves at home. We got Alaethia ready and left. We got some steaks, corn, some Knorr pasta (that I will probably never make again), and some strawberries and chocolate to make chocolate-covered strawberries.

Staying In On V-Day

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

The dinner was delicious and I think I ate, like, 10 strawberries on my own. And we’ve been chilling out, watching movies since dinner. I even busted out the back massager Mrs. V. gave me for Christmas and finally used it. It was amazing! The only thing that sucks is you can’t use it for more than 20-minute intervals.

We’re finishing up The Heartbreak Kid movie which is kind of weird, but funny.

Tomorrow I’ve got to get back on the ball. I’ve got a lot to do in my bedroom, I need to clean up Alaethia’s room (it threw up her toys), and I’ve got the last 3 things I need to get ready for Emily to do. I’m getting so anxious. I’m starting to wonder when Emily will make her debut. I kept hearing from everyone that I’d be delivering around 36 weeks but now, at 37 1/2 weeks, I’m kind of thinking I may just make it to my due date (March 4th).

Caught Up!!

Thurs., Feb. 12th –Since we went to sleep late I didn’t even get up to make Mario breakfast or anything. How he managed to wake up at all is beyond me.

I spent most of the morning tidying up and then updating my blog and uploading pictures—FINALLY! Before I knew it, it was lunch time and then time to pick up the boys after school. We got home, they did homework and survived their first day of not playing games. I took Mom to Dollar General and I stayed in the Equinox, reading of course. Jaylen went with us and got down with Mom to spend some of his $24 that he’s saved on his own. He saves every dollar that anyone gives him. He’s so much better at saving than I am LOL.

We got home and worked on the boys’ Valentine cards for school. Mario got home and went on his jog and then we chilled out the rest of the evening. Alaethia fell asleep early for once, about 9:40pm. Mario and I watched Superbad on TV and messed with our computers at the same time. Then we spent some much-needed along time together. Alaethia did manage to wake up around 1am and then didn’t want to go back to sleep at all after that. She was up every few hours, just tossing and turning for no reason.

Fri., Feb 13th – I stayed asleep again after the alarm went off for Mario to get up. When I woke up about an hour later I’d had a dream that I had triplets : 1 girl and two boys! The girl and one boy were born first and they were tiny! The doctor was completely shocked because they only ever saw one fetus throughout my pregnancy. I felt like the 3rd baby was taking too long so I got up and had lunch with Sally and Carmen. Dr. C. was looking for me everywhere. I went back to the room and nonchalantly called Mario to tell him I was having the babies. Dr. C. was concerned about the last baby. But then it was born and then I woke up. It was SO WEIRD.

I did the morning routine and then Mario called and told me about having to pay his bosses back some money that they overpaid us during the whole overdrafting fiasco since two of the NSF fees didn’t go through after all (though they had been showing up the morning I made the deposit). So I was having to redo the math and was not happy about it. Grr. I’ll say it again: had that whole thing not happened we wouldn’t have to hassle. But whatever.

Aww…Emily has hiccups again at 2:50pm. She gets them often now :). I’m going to miss that *tear*.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of the day catching up on entries and doing the rest of the laundry. I still need to get the bassinet, car seat and bags in order, but I’ll be doing those tomorrow (or Sunday) for sure. Still don’t know what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day since we’re kind of on a budget.

I picked up the boys from school; they were so excited about Valentine’s Day and were actually being really civil with each other. I allowed them to eat some of their Valentine’s candy.

Mario got home early and deposited at the bank. We chilled out the rest of the day. We watched TV and even changed his layout on his Myspace. Stupid Myspace. I haven’t been able to upload pictures since last week! It freezes my computer every time I try.

Noelia was getting a procedure done so Mary wasn’t here and was going to spend the night with Noelia. The boys are dealing with it pretty well. Eenan, too, surprisingly, although he did have one breakdown about missing his Nana and how he was going to try and stay awake until she got home.

I made dinner (chili and guacamole) and went outside with Mario, Jose, Elda and later, Adan.

The boys fell asleep in the living room watching TV. I was surprised that they actually stayed asleep! We chilled out all evening outside under the party porch. Alaethia was outside with us for a good while but fell asleep as Mario rocked her around 9:40 again, amazingly. We tried out the new baby monitors and they’re really good and clear, but not crackly like our old ones.

I finished uploading all my pictures to Flickr, yay! Now I just need to finish with my blogs and I’m done!

My stomach felt weird for a while, but it must be the darn antibiotics screwing with me. We once again went to bed late. We decided we’d go watch Confessions of a Shopaholic at 11am tomorrow, but I guess we’re catching the 1:00 showing instead.

Late Nights

I woke up and made breakfast for Mario. I think this was the day I decided that I should really catch up on some sleep before it’s too late. So after I had some breakfast I curled up next to Alaethia and went to sleep. It’s amazing how long I can sleep right now. If I decided to just lie in bed all day and go back to sleep every time I got up to go pee I could totally sleep all day.

Well, sleep wasn’t too successful that day. I’d told Mom the day before that I’d take her to pay her water bill and of course she was ringing the doorbell at exactly the time she said she’d be there. Grr. So I got up, chilled out a little and got Aly dressed to go to the City Hall. Then we got some El Pato—yum!

I ate and then chilled out with Alaethia for a while. She sat next to me at the table and when I asked for a hug she leans into me and says, “You’re my beeeeest fwend!” It was the sweetest thing ever!

I picked up the boys from school. They did their homework and then I took them to get their haircut. I was going to start doing them at home, like I do Mario’s, but the boys drive me nuts. They’re constantly yelling that I’m going to cut them and squirming around, so I said nah, I’ll just take them back to Luly so she can cut their hair. I won’t be taking them back to the one near the house because I always end up having to fix their hair at home.

So I took them and wanted only Luly to do their hair but her Mom kept insisting I let her take one. Fine. I let her do Jaylen’s hair since I figured she’d cause less damage to his hair. She finished with him and disappeared. And then I notice he’s got a zigzag on the size of his face. WTF? Luly fixed it once she was done with Eenan and then Mario stopped by since he was on his way home from work.

We’re driving down our street when the boys spot the ice cream truck at the end of the street. I park the car in the driveway and let them cross. They’d been wanting ice cream–from the ice cream truck–for weeks now and we never saw the dude. So the got their ice creams, I got one for Aly, Mario and myself and came home. I ate my ice cream and took Mom to Church’s since she wanted to treat everyone. We came back and went over to Mary’s to eat. That’s when the boys got in trouble that day for fighting with each other, again, so I decided that there’d be no more video games during the week. They acted like their lives were over, naturally. But they need this. Those games are seriously screwing them up. And that’s because they’d only play for 30 minutes a day!

Mario and Adan started jogging again and Mario got home and ate. I hope they keep their jogging up after I have the baby and can start exercising.

Jorge and Mona came by and then Aide and Belle came over. Adan, Jason, Mirella and Brianna were outside, having an impromptu bar-b-q. We sat around talking inside about pregnancies (everyone’s waiting for me to pop LOL) and then we all went outside when Alaethia and Belle got a little too excited. We stayed outside laughing and taking pictures and watching the girls play. The boys had already gone to bed since around 9am. We were out till around 11:30 and then I came inside with Alaethia because she was getting tired. I really need to stop staying up so darn late! I’ll regret this when two little girls are keeping me up till 4am.