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My 37 Week Appointment

I woke up to the phone ringing. Yadira was calling to remind me about depositing before 2:30. I got washed up and dressed and went over there. I got back and Mario was eating cereal. I got his sandwiches ready for lunch and he left. I ate some leftover banana pancakes and started updating the Baby Log again. I chatted with Maggie and Mario on Yahoo and Myspace. Mario and I were talking about Valentine’s Day and how we didn’t do anything last year. I didn’t understand why he kept telling everyone that we didn’t really celebrate last year; I vividly remembered Alaethia being small and he surprised me with a box of chocolates, pink roses and 2 DVDs. He said no, we didn’t do anything and he didn’t buy me anything because we didn’t really have money. So, to refresh my memory I went back to my blog from last year and sure enough: we didn’t do anything. The Valentine’s I was remembering was 2007, when Alaethia was almost a month old. Valentine’s 2008 was so bad, in fact, that it was one of the worst Valentine’s we’ve ever had. I joked with him that it was one of the most awful memories that I must have repressed it, heh. It’s when we were having all these “talks” and I just felt so distant from Mario. This was around the time that I thought I was pregnant (before actually being pregnant with Emily), so we’d already had a tough month. Didn’t help it any that we got into an argument that night and he spent Valentine’s with Adan LOL.

Anyway, I washed dishes and swept and then sat down for a break. I’ve had to take those more often these days. Aly woke up and I gave her breakfast. She ate well, thank goodness. I started fixing my Baby Log again till around 2 and took a shower when Mom came over. I gave Aly and myself lunch and somewhat fixed my hair and left to pick up the boys from school.

I lectured them (poor things) about doing their homework and not giving Mom trouble while I was at my doctor’s appointment. I got to the doctor’s office and Dr. C. wasn’t there. The girls asked if I could go to the Mission office. I said sure; I kind of had no choice since I had to absolutely see him so he could get proper measurements of the baby.

I actually found the building. It’s such a nice building. I felt like such a noob, though, because I didn’t know where anything was. I couldn’t even find the door LOL.

I saw Dr. C. while I was waiting and reading Twilight and he waved. I hadn’t seen him in months now that he’s got his own office. I got pretty far with Twilight; I need just 1 more chapter now.

They called me in. I weighed 140.9. My blood pressure was good and they didn’t say anything about my urine so I’m assuming my sugar was behaving itself. Dr. C. saw me while I was having my blood pressure taken and he said, “Wow, Yajaira! That’s some belly you got there!”

When I was walking out of the bathroom with my urine sample Dr. C. extended his arm so I put it in his hand. He said, “Ha. Warm.” He always says something to make me feel weird LOL.

They had to check me “down under” so I removed my bottoms and sat with the paper gown tucked tightly around myself on the examination table. I read some more and make sure my camera was ready for video for the sono. When Dr. C. came in, he did the sono first and did his measurements. Everything looks good. I’m 37 weeks tomorrow and the baby’s head measured 36 weeks, so she’s where she should be.

He did the pelvic exam (God, I hate those things) and said I’m still not dilated or effaced, but the baby’s head is RIGHT THERE. He squeezed right above my, um, hoo-ha and my gosh, it hurt so bad. He said, “Yup, that’s where her head is.”

He asked if I’d done the Group B-strep test yet. I said yes, at the other doctor’s office last week. So he went to check my file. He comes in with a grim look on his face and says, “You tested positive.” I just stared at him, mouth agape. He stared in return. I said, “Well, what do I do? What does that mean?” He said he’d give me antibiotics and it should clear up. I was worried.

I got my prescriptions (he also gave me Prevacid for heartburn, but I won’t be taking it. It’s not that severe) and came home. I went over to Mary’s, where she was cooking, Mom was crocheting, Alaethia was eating a cup of yogurt in her high chair and the boys were playing their video games after completing their homework. We talked a while and I told them about the stupid GBS virus. No one really looked too concerned since I didn’t know exactly what it was.

I opened two more gifts for Emily that two co-workers of Mary’s sent for her. Little outfits, aww :).

I started doing my research on GBS as I was cooking and found out it can cause meningitis, pneumonia, or sepsis in newborns if it’s passed on to the baby during delivery. Then I read that antibiotics shouldn’t be given before labor because it’ll only clear the infection up for a while before it comes back. It said antibiotics should only be given intravenously during labor or after the water breaks. So what am I supposed to do now? Take the pills or not? I’m so scared. How did I even get this?!

Argh, anyway. Alaethia, my accident prone child, hit herself on the forehead this time. I don’t think I mentioned it when it happened, but a few days ago she smacked the corner of her eye on the ottoman. Well, that’s what Mom said. She was supposed to be watching her in the living room—which isn’t that far from the kitchen where I was washing dishes—and that’s what she said happened. I don’t think she hit herself on the ottoman; I think she tripped over Mom’s feet and hit herself on Mom’s knees, but she won’t admit it. They’re going to think we, God forbid, hit her or something.

Mario got home and we ate dinner. We talked about Noelia with Mary. I feel so bad for her. She’s so stressed out and it’s not going good for her at all.

Mario washed up and went to bed. I was up alone with Aly watching Noggin’, as usual. I was so tired and I’m feeling a soreness under my belly, probably from the pelvic exam. Owie.

I was just nodding off when Alaethia yells, “Open your eyes mom! It’s learning time again!” She’s hilarious.

Oh gosh. I have to get on the ball and get all the last minute things ready. My room’s a mess. So’s Aly’s. I really hope her toddler bed comes in soon. I need to get my hospital and diaper bag ready. And boil the bottles and chupies. And wash the bassinet stuff and cover it so it doesn’t get dusty again. Oh yes, and I need to get the car seat ready, too. She needs to wait at least another week! But then again…I’m worried about that darn GBS virus. I just hope everything’ll be okay. That she’ll be okay.

More Last Minute Shopping & Laughs

I woke up at around 10:30am and wanted to get up and ready, but I didn’t want to wake Mario too early. I made some banana pancakes and waited patiently for them to wake up. But when he did wake up he started watching a movie. Ok, one movie. I could deal with that. But when that one was over he started watching Back to the Future. Um no, I told him we had to get up now and leave.

Alaethia was the only one who went with us, of course. Our first stop was Ross. I got a canvas basket for the girls’ blankets and a new photo album. I couldn’t find a nice key rack; I can’t find a nice one anywhere, in fact. I don’t want to have to put up the same old cow one.

Our next stop was Target where we got diapers for Alaethia and to exchange Emily’s car seat head support. Then we went to Walmart where we returned the baby bather since I’d already bought the foam one I used when Alaethia was a baby. We got a few things there then came home and unloaded all the stuff. I wanted to start working on my Baby Log but had to reinstall PSP, my FTP, and find my USB extender to connect everything that needed to be connected.

I debated what to make for dinner. Jorge had invited us over for salmon, but I felt weird intruding. Mario was quickly getting antsy and when he gets antsy or annoyed he pretends to go to sleep. Grr. I ate some macaroni and chips and avocado (I had no appetite whatsoever) and then we went over. The boys had school the next day so of course they stayed with Mary. Alaethia went with us. She’s usually pretty good about going over there.

We talked about jobs and the whole overdraft thing. Don’t even get me started on that! We watched TV and then I started getting horrible hot flashes. We went outside where it was nice and cool—well for me–everyone else was cold. Alaethia was fussing for a while and then went to sleep in my arms. She was comfy. She slept amazingly the whole time I was laughing my butt off. I couldn’t stop laughing at the guys (Jorge, Javi, Mario and Adan). I like those nights out.