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Pumpkins, Crisp Air, and Soup!

I was sitting here, quietly tapping the keys, trying to figure out where to start and it hit me that: I used to be so much better at this blogging thing 5 years ago! How the heck would I remember so much crap? Especially those times when I’d update weekly, as I have been. Old age, how I loathe thee…

Anyway, Monday was a rush in the morning, like always due to our meeting, and then the rest of the day draaaaaged on. It was awful. But after work Emmos, Mom and I visited Gramma and decorated her room for Halloween :). We stayed while she ate dinner and Mom helped her and then we came home and I started making dinner: baked chicken with gravy and green bean casserole. My Babe got home and we all ate dinner and then, after stalling for a few hours, we finally worked out…after 2 whole weeks of not doing anything. We’d been doing so well, too!

I felt refreshed the next morning since we went to bed early. I was greeted by Rosie, as I usually am, heh, and she’d brought the Coach bag she’d been telling me about. I fell in love! She’d only used it a few times and had a matching wallet. And I could give her payments!!


It’s gawjus!

If I recall correctly, I think that was the morning I went out to recruit more exhibitors for my event. I got a few people saying they were interested, but I’d have to wait during the week to see if I’d get any calls. I got back to work and it was already time to go to lunch, so I went to pay a bill. I stopped by Michael’s right afterwards and bought a few supplies to make an autumn wreath. I love some of the ones they had, but no way was I about to spend $30-$80. I didn’t even want to spend $15. There were a few wreaths outside in the bins and I found one that wasn’t too ugly. I’d have to pluck out a few broken twigs and leaves, but with a nice bow and some glittery leaves and beads I was sure I could make it look better. I found all those things, and the little flower pots I needed for a project and braced myself; the wreath I got didn’t have a price tag. The line at the register was taking forever and I was SUPER nervous about getting to work late, but when it was finally my turn and the cashier rang up the wreath at $14.99 and gave it to me for $4.99 because of the broken leaves I felt much better!! All the supplies for the wreath came out to about $7 total! AND I made it to work with 2 minutes to spare!

I ate lunch in a flash and the rest of my day went by pretty fast. I got home and got some ice cream from the Ice Cream Man, per Emily’s request. That’s one of her favorite things, and I was so glad she was cooperative when I told her we were putting them in the freezer till after dinner, heh. I made enchiladas while I started on my wreath. Emily sat right next to me and “helped” :). Here are the pieces:

Supplies for an Autum wreath

And here is the completed wreath:


Now I totally want to make a Christmas one!

My babe got home and we ate while we watched XFactor and then a movie, but I can’t remember which one because I fell asleep, buaha.

What I remember about Wednesday was that work was FREEZING. I could NOT get comfortable and that’s because I took a sweater with me. I was grateful that work was over that day, I remember that much, heh.

I met Patches from KTEX that day when I stopped by a store on my way home to enter a raffle for the Cold Can’s tour. I was too busy being responsible when we had extra money and paid more on a bill instead of buying the tickets when Jorge told me to. *sigh* Of course we didn’t win LOL.

I rushed home to spend time with Emmos before Mario picked her up. I went to HEB to get a few things once it was confirmed that Jorge’s mom, Javi, Briana and the kids were visiting that night. It was the quickest trip to HEB, ever, thank God. Under 30 minutes! No matter what I need to buy, it always takes over an hour there, grr.

I got home and started on the lasagna and prepared the salads and garlic bread. Jorge got here just as the family was and I was about done layering the lasagna. It was great seeing everyone and we caught up on stuff (drama, life in general, etc.) and once we ate we watched “Walking Dead”. They only got to stay a bit since Nick had school the next morning, but it was nice :).

I went in late the next day since I had to cut back a few hours. I took my time getting ready and making my coffee :). I got a few more exhibitors that day and started calling up on people to make sure they were still on board. My boss and I had a meeting and cross-referenced our lists; he had a few more exhibitors I didn’t know about! So that’s great. Now I just need to get…22 more. Ay Dios Mio!

I got out of work and went straight to pick up the kiddos. I braved Peter Piper Pizza alone with them and they did really well :). Emily, my little tornado, had a few moments (she didn’t want to leave the little car she was riding when the food was ready so she screamed, and when it was time to leave she had a small fit, too–but she did really well otherwise!).

I behaved myself and had two thin pieces of pizza that equaled to one :P. They played a while and I took them back to Mario’s. I got home, my babe ate while we did a crossword on his iPad and then we went to Red Mango. We drove around and saw some projects he’s working on and then we came home and enjoyed our frozen yogurts while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean.

The weather on Friday was AWESOME. It was 60 degrees out. I wanted nothing more than to be lazy under the covers with my babe, reading a book and drinking Abuelita chocolate! But I had a meeting to get ready for and prepared my layouts and exhibitor lists and went to pick up DELIA’S TAMALES for my lunch meeting!!! We had some coffee and I (only) had 3 LOL. We’re doing pretty well with our upcoming event, but we still have a bit to go. I hope everything goes smoothly since we have about 20 days to go!

I got out early and picked up the kiddos. We stopped by Walmart to get some stuff for dinner. Of course I ended up with tons of extra stuff they threw in the cart >_<. I get home and realize we have tons of leftovers and the kids got Lunchables so I didn't have to cook! That's always great, heh. The girls and I sat outside with Jorge in the cool breeze while he watched the Rangers game. I came inside once Junior and Rick joined him to watch movies with the kiddos. The girls fell asleep with Mom, Jaylen was busy playing XBox so it was just Eenan and me. We took forever picking something and eventually he chose "6Teen" LOL. Of course I'd end up falling asleep. I woke up around 1:30am because my leg was hurting (I fell asleep with it uncovered, grr) and Eenan was already asleep. I washed my face and then I was fully awake so I went outside with the guys. I caught the end of "Gattica" I think it was and once Jr. left we came inside and went to bed. I COULD NOT fall asleep!! I woke up when Jorge did this morning and ironed his pants. I couldn't go back to sleep so I went to HEB to get milk and a stuff to make tortilla soup with. It's the perfect weather for it! I made the kiddos banana pancakes, which they requested, and bacon. I'm so proud of myself; I only had one small pancake and 2 strips of bacon (What? I can't say no to bacon!!) and my coffee of course but I used the "Skinny" creamer Briana gave me. I'm gonna have to get some more, it's really good! The hours flew by. By the time I knew it, it was time to make lunch and then the girls and I picked up my babe from work since he was nearby and was going to have lunch at home ♥. Don't wanna brag, but, that was some AWESOME tortilla soup! We lazied around and then Emily and I dropped him off and put gas in the van. And now it's 5pm and the girls want to go to the park and I still have to get the kids their pumpkins to carve/paint. It's gonna be a great night!


It’s, as usual, been over a week since I last posted. As I’d mentioned in my previous entry, Thursday was definitely a hectic day.

I had an appointment I had to go to, then I rushed back to work and stayed for the Prime Time event. It helped me unwind, hanging out with my co-workers. Border Buttermilk, Ueta, Kohnami Sushi and Palenque Chicken catered the event, so that was awesome. I even got to take my babe 2 huge plates, heh. I dropped the plates off, rushed to pick up the kiddos and we went to Burger King for some sweets. It was so awesome just sitting there and talking with these little people ♥. I look around at them and soak them and their personalities all in. As much as it sucks, they’re growing and turning into amazing people. It’s kind of bittersweet in a way :*).

I dropped them off and since I had them the weekend (yay!) I let Emily stay overnight. I hadn’t been letting her stay because when I do, it just feels like I don’t see her enough. I hate it.

I came back home and my love was already here. He connected his phone to the spiffy new system and we listened to songs outside on the porch. The weather’s been so nice and cool at night. We danced to “Amen”, “Que Vida La Mia”, “Te Quiero, Te Amo” and others. We laughed as he twirled me around and we sang to each other. I giggled, “I feel like I’m at an 8th grade dance!” and he said, “You make me feel like a little kid”. It was perfect ♥.

Jr. came over and asked what was on the agenda. We decided to go to Cigar Bar, which I’d never been to and we had a few drinks to unwind. We hadn’t actually gone out in months and it was kinda nice to :). I’d never had a Chamoygarita, or whatever it was called, but man it was good!


I felt pretty good the next day. Work went by fast and I picked up the kiddos after work. We had a pretty lazy evening. I love when the kids are here and they’re just all strewn about hehe.

My babe went to work, I fed the kiddos and I had an optometrist appointment so I did that. I finally got contacts after forever, but since I haven’t actually worn them since I was like, 14, it took a long time to successfully get the darn things in!

I went to pick up Rosie’s gift at Bath & Body Works. Michelle had been busy for 3 weeks planning a surprise birthday party for her and I couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving. I rushed to get groceries after B&BW, made dinner, my babe got home and we went to the party for about an hour. Briana and the kids were coming over to visit so we got back as fast as we could. It was great just sitting outside with the little ones and catching up :).

We had a lazy day on Sunday and visited the pumpkin patch! I’d been wanting to do that for YEARS!

The first attempt didn’t go too well. The hay bales were right in the sun! Look at poor Emmos LOL:

At the Pumpkin Patch #1

We took several, but this was by far my favorite:

At the Pumpkin Patch #3

I’ve already gotten it printed in poster size, heh. I actually have to pick it up sometime today!

Of course, the place didn’t take debit cards (get with the times, people!) so we had to scratch getting pumpkins that day :(. I had to drop the kiddos off with Mario anyway, so they weren’t going to get a chance to decorate them anyway. We’re planning to do the whole pumpkin thing with them next Sunday. I’m thinking painting for the girls, carving for the boys ♥.

We were totally going to have a munchies and movie night, so we got goodies (not too many since I FINALLY fit into my size 5-junior pants again!) and set up the Netflix in the living room. We ended up catching up on XFactor. Darn you, Michelle, for introducing me to the show :P. We’re addicted!

I can’t remember much from Monday (same ol’ at work) and Mario dropped Emily off to me that evening while we were visiting Gramma. I made us all dinner and then we sat down to watch “Paranormal Activity 2”, which neither of us had watched before. Emmos ended up falling asleep on the sofa so Jorge took her to her bedroom where she actually STAYED the entire night! It had been a while since she didn’t sneak off to Mom’s room in the middle of the night. She used to do so well just a few weeks ago =\.

We were kind of jumpy after the movie and we chatted about scenarios happening in the house as I went outside with Jorge so he could have a cigarette. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, something move the blind. I told Jorge this and he said it was my mind playing tricks on me. He laughed and said, “Watch us get locked out”, like the girl did in the movie. He finished his cigarette, we get up…and lo and behold, we’re locked out LOL. Mom’s on the other side of the house so we have to trek around the very dark house. We’re knocking like crazy and ringing the doorbell. She turns off her TV and we about flip out. About 5 seconds later she opens the door and asks what the heck we’re doing outside. I ask her if she locked the back door. She says yes. We’re relieved it was her and not something else. The next day, though, she tells me she locked the garage door, not the porch door…so…we still don’t know who did it. (I think it was Jorge LOL.)

Can’t remember anything too exciting from throughout the week. Had lunch with Shells at Espi’s one day we had to stay through lunch for one of her meetings. Had my usual dinner with the kiddos, this time at McD’s and we took Vicki along with us. I was seriously surprised that they agreed to let me take her. She’s so sweet and they all behaved wonderfully, probably because Vicki was there, hehe.

The boys talked openly with me about the divorce that day. It was brought up out of nowhere; well, sort of–Eenan mentioned that a lot of his friends’ parents were divorcing and Jaylen brought up that he didn’t cry very much on the day we told him (the day Mario decided to drop the bomb) because he’d had a dream about us divorcing a while back and he thinks he did all his crying that night, aww :'(. And Eenan said he wasn’t surprised because we’d been fighting so much prior to the day “we” told him. My poor dudes. I’m so proud of them, though. They’re so mature and have been so strong through the whole thing.

It’s been getting dark earlier so we didn’t get a chance to go to the park =\. I dropped them off, got home and caught up with my babe a bit and then crashed out.

The next morning at work was spent dropping off fliers for my upcoming event, sort of trying to recruit companies. My first stop I ran into Mayra! I hadn’t seen her in forever and we caught up a bit. I really hope we can get a lunch date planned soon :).

I finished up and met Jorge and Rick at Espi’s (love that place, heh). I was out of work by 4 and went to the bank, then came home and did a mani & pedi on Emily and then we watched TV till Mario picked her up :(.

I caught up on XFactor, made dinner and my babe and his boys got here. We chilled out a while and then Jr. and Rolie stopped by. I called it a night sort of early since a half-glass of wine made me sleepy, grr.

My babe left to work the next morning (boo) and I slept in a bit. Got up and made us all breakfast and I got ready since Briana and the kids were coming over. We ate, did a little foamie project with the kids:


Then we went to Michael’s, Floreria Lee and Walmart to get supplies for the girls’ tutus. I found the little terracotta pots I wanted to get for a project with the kids all summer but I didn’t get them. I should have!

I made the girls’ tutus when we got back. Went to get groceries and made baked chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes for dinner. Briana and the kiddos left, Jorge played video games with the kiddos, they went to bed and then we sat out on the porch doing our crosswords :). It was such a nice day. The only thing missing we my babies :(.

Today was just a lazy day, as a Sunday should be :). I made us all eggs (different ones for everyone: scrambled, boiled, deviled eggs LOL) and we ate out on the porch. It was a beautiful morning. I fixed some stuff up around the site while my babe watched his football. Briana and the kiddos came over and we chilled out and then Jorge and I went to HEB to get BBQ stuff. When we got back the kiddos and I decorated outside. Mario brought Emily to me and my other kiddos stayed a few minutes. Poor Alaethia was wailing that she wanted to stay and I so wanted her to :'(. Too bad she has school in the morning. I can’t express how much I miss them :(.

They left and we finished up with the food and enjoyed some awesome BBQ, the game and then “The Walking Dead” on the big screen :). I read Emmos a story (Olivia, her favorite), sang her favorite lullaby (“Morning Lullabies”) and she was out like a light! I made a slight noise as I was tip-toeing out but I told her I was leaving the doors open and we were in the next room and she nodded and fell back asleep. I’m so proud of her!

I’m having to rush through this entry since my love wants me to finish up already LOL. Goodnight!

If We Could Clone a Day

It’s been a pretty darn good day :).

Started off by driving to work together with my babe and stopping for Starbucks :). Work went by fast since we had photos to take with some of our event sponsors so that was a good hour away from work. I saw Daisy A. at her workplace :).

The next two hours were slow work-wise (I got a lot accomplished yesterday is why), but the time flew by. Jorge and I hadn’t had a chance to have lunch together in a while, so we planned for today and we met at Kumori :). It was nice to sit and talk, just he and I and enjoy each other’s company.

The next few hours passed by a bit slow, but I made calls and tied up loose ends with several sponsors. Of course work would get super busy right at 5, so I stayed a bit late, till around 5:15, and Mario was out early so he picked up Emily :(. I didn’t get to see her after work, but at least I spoke to them all a good while and I go get them tomorrow and have our traditional Thursday night out ♥. I miss them so much!

I have a busy day tomorrow. Plus an event in the evening and then rushing to get my babies on time. It’s all good. I’m trying to learn to take things one day at a time, crossing things off the to-do list one by one. I’m the type that becomes overwhelmed when too much is going on and then I go into panic-mode, but I’m trying :). I’m too blessed to be stressed, really.

Speaking of, my events went WONDERFULLY! The Golf Tournament on the 1st, the Wine Classic last Friday (where I discovered Red Moscato, yum! Have I mentioned I love my job?), and the Green Living Festival last Saturday. I had some pretty, er, boring tasks to do, but spending the day with Michelle and Sally! made it go by faster. And overtime is ALWAYS welcome :).

Anyhoo, I ran a few errands after work and picked up my babe shortly after. We went straight to Red Mango (we had a $5 coupon!) and then we came home and he got started on his man-cave stuff, heh. The only other thing on the agenda is to watch some XFactor. I hope I can stay awake! I’ve been so tired lately :(. I think I need vitamins again, boo.

Ok, two entries for one day is enough. My Halloween theme is acting a little wonky, but I’ll fix it, don’t worry :). Goodnight!