Easter 2011 Till Now

So my boss is out today, I’m done with all my work, Michelle’s very busy with her upcoming Event and only one certificate has come in for me to process. Needless to say, I’m bored. I’m Girl Sick and feel miserable and just want to be laying in my bed with my favorite blanket while my babe gives me a massage. And sipping some warm manzanilla tea. That last one I’m fixing to do in just a few minutes…

I guess I’ll recap. It’s either blog or keep reading my book on the iPad (which I recently dropped and almost caused my Babe to have a coronary 🙁 ). Anyway…don’t wanna remember that…

I had my kiddos starting Thursday night before Easter Sunday and my babe had his starting Friday. They had such a good time just playing and hanging out with each other. My babe had to work Saturday, and I had lots of errands to run…and successfully ran those errands with 6 kids in tow, hehe. I dropped my mom off at Gramma’s and off we went. Got supplies at Dollar Tree for Easter and got them a few things for their baskets…which ended up not being baskets at all because they wanted them RIGHT NOW, heh.

We bar-b-q’d and I made a cake to celebrate the boys’ birthdays which were earlier in the week. My babe invited his cousin and a few friends and I invited Michelle. It was a really last-minute thing. I hope to be more organized next year and able to invite PEOPLE.

We woke up early, I made breakfast for everyone and we celebrated Easter. Eggs cracked everywhere, bubbles, side-walk chalk…it was great! My babe’s mom, sister and her kids visited for a while and then we had to drop off our kiddos with their other set of parents =\. I’d like to have games for them to play next year; make it more fun. We’ll see :).

Mario had the kids last weekend so it was really lo-key for me. Spent the weekend being really lazy, and then cleaning and doing stuff around the house. I had to work a few hours on Sunday. Casa Guanajuato brought The Mariachi Clown show to the Chamber and as skeptical as I was about it, they were hilarious!

Mariachi Clown Show

When I got home felt pretty darn awful. I thought at first I was having a reaction to the allergy meds they gave me. Then I thought my sugar was dropping because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. And then, after reading the info on the antibiotics they gave me for my stupid acne, figured out it was THAT that was making me feel awful. I seriously felt like I was drunk and having an anxiety attack at the same time…and had felt that way since getting sick with allergies, which was the exact same time I was prescribed the acne meds. I stopped taking them. The side effects were pretty darn scary and I was already feeling most of them! I wasn’t looking forward to Depersonalization!!

The guys bbq’d that night and Pete and Sally went to visit :). It was great chatting with them and laughing. There was a total of 9 kids in the house, literally running everywhere and screaming, but it was great :). I remember telling my babe, “I look forward and wish so much to have all our kids screaming and telling them, ‘Keep it down, guys!’ and smiling over at you because we’re all together.” It’s so nice to BE THERE.

Our evenings without our kiddos are quiet. We try and stay busy =\. We cook (well, lately I’ve been cooking >_< LOL) and are trying to eat healthier. I even started bringing lunch to work most of the time now :).

Homemade tortilla soup


We spend time outside and water the yard and watch movies. Which I always fall asleep at the end of…STILL. And Wednesday night we took an hour-long walk through our neighborhood. It was great :).

Our next event at work is the Scholarship banquet. We’ve got almost everything done. The kids’ pics, the bios…we just need to turn it all in to graphics and printing and then we’re set for the programs. We had the food tasting yesterday with the catering company. OMG: we had 4 types of chicken and rice to choose from and it was so hard to pick just one! But we did, and the whole meal’s going to be AMAZING!

It’s kinda weird having all this “down time”. I’m used to running around at 100MPH all day long, up and down the stairs for whatever reason. Sitting for too long actually having time to read a book is unheard of LOL.

We had Gerry’s event, All About Women yesterday and got to have goodies and Border Buttermilk, which are pink lemonade Margaritas. I love our events hehe.

Ok. There’s an hour before lunch. Blogging helped me forget about my cramps for a little bit, but now I think I’m going to make me a cup of tea. And read that book :). Hope I get to see my babe for lunch and after work, it’s time to pick up the babies! ♥


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