False Alarm

I’ve been up since 4am. I kept tossing and turning and it had nothing to do with how absolutely hot and sweaty I was.

I awkwardly rolled out of bed and went to pee and had the hardest time falling back to sleep. I was in between sleep and consciousness and all I kept thinking about was Is my truck payment due this week or next? Did the walking help? Will I go into labor today? I do have $200 in my wallet, right? For the truck payment? and so on…

It was so annoying.

I woke up at 6am feeling the weirdest pressure in my lower regions. I couldn’t get any relief. Then my pelvis started feeling like it was being cracked in half. Then Emily started festering around, kicking her little feet into my ribs. I finally got up to pee again and check if maybe that’s why I was feeling so much awful pressure.

I went back to bed and just sat there, gently rocking back and forth. My back was killing me and the pain in my pelvis was becoming so strong it was radiating down my thighs. Mario woke up and was completely alert. He’d fallen asleep at 10pm and couldn’t sleep anymore. I told him I couldn’t either, and described my symptoms to him. He just stared at me and said, “Well…today’s the day!” I was hoping he was right…but I didn’t want to count my chickens.

I told him about everything I still needed to do (reconnect the clean canopy to the car seat, reassemble the bassinet, pack my bag, clean up the bedroom and hang up the clean laundry, mop) and he shook his head–because I’m weird like that and would be worrying about mediocre things if I was actually in labor.

We put on our glasses and came to the living room at 6:25am. I kind of just sat motionless on the sofa, willing the pain to subside. Mario played Mobsters and I got my book and started reading. I decided to test myself: if the pressure was real then drinking coffee wouldn’t make me um, visit the bathroom. So I set the pot.

Jaylen came in just then, gave us hugs and asked if we were giving him the $3 for this week’s (prorated LOL) chores. We said yes. He’s been carefully saving his weekly allowance (my in-law’s give them a dollar a day to spend on ice cream or whatever they’re selling at school) so he can buy the new Fire Emblem game. With these $3 we owe him, he’s got more than enough.

I told Jaylen to tell Eenan to come with me before Mary dropped them off so they could take a picture with me. I wanted all of them to be in the picture with Emily (or my belly anyway LOL) but I wasn’t going to wake up Alaethia.

I prepared my coffee and drank it while I read New Moon. Mario beat me to the bathroom about 10 minutes later, followed immediately by me. Nope, still felt the pressure.

I started making Mario breakfast; a breakfast sandwich with bacon. The weird pain was now starting to feel like menstrual cramps in my lower abdomen, complete with the tingly pain radiating down my thighs and back pain.

The boys came in to take a picture with me and then the in-laws came to check how I was doing. I told them about my weird symptoms, but that I was okay for now. Mary told me to call and keep her updated.

Mario was already ready for work and I figured I wouldn’t stop him unless I felt a real contraction between then and 8:30, when he leaves. I didn’t, so he left. He told me to call if there were any changes.

So I’ve been here now…about an hour after Mario left to work and I still feel the same. I’ve already eaten breakfast and I’m taking a break from reading to blog. I wanted to get started on everything I still need to do, but the sleep I’m lacking is starting to catch up with me. If today’s not the day, at least it’s the weekend.


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