Foiled Plans

So I find out this morning that we are indeed working the whole day. I’d already made plans with the kids to take them to Aaron’s (Norma’s son) birthday party at Peter Piper today. I was going to do some grocery shopping right after working and then go straight to pick them up. Well, not happening. Now I have to call Norma and see what’s up and that she can pick up Jaylen after all and break it to the other kids that I’m not getting out till 5 and probably won’t even make it to the party. By the time I get to Mario’s, pick them up and go back to Mission we’ll be at the party for 30 minutes, if that. And I can already *hear* THOSE lovely people making up wild stories how I broke plans with the kids because I’m out clubbing. At 1pm. Or something similarly as stupid.

Argh. This sucks. I don’t see the point in staying all day. I can’t even do what I need to do at work (confirm invitations are received by restaurants) because all the bosses/managers/owners have been out on vacation for the past 2 weeks. So frustrating >_<. And it's tough because another city also has a Food Festival coming up. I hope this thing is super successful. It would suck if it's not, especially since it's my event. It's not just one that I inherited like the other 2 =\. And my throat's starting to hurt to top it off. I BETTER not be sick on New Year's Eve!! I slept over 8 hours and I still feel tired and crappy. The morning didn't start out too good, but at least everything was resolved before work. Gonna be a long day, but I better make the best of it. I don't want to be in this mood!


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