I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction

It’s 1:43pm. I’m bored. And my head is hurting. There’s young boys in the house and one of them screams every few minutes. Jaylen’s doing most of the screaming. He needs a nap. I’m going stir-crazy. We’re supposed to be going to town soon, maybe catch a movie, and it’s not happening soon enough .

I already went to the post office and got a money order to pay a bill. Mary deposited money for me at the bank. Oh darnit! I just remembered I need to go to the bank to cash Mom’s check. Drat.

I went to the Family Dollar nearby to get some trashbags that Mary needed. While I was there I got some bubble envelopes (can’t get any better than $0.50 a pop!), baby hangers for the kids’ clothes, and a plastic storage box for all my scrapbooking stuff that’s ALL OVER my desk. Get home, and realize the darn box is too darn small. Grr. Should I return it? It was only $2 . Yeah, I think I will and I’ll get one of those drawer-type ones in black to match the other one I have. I need some organization in this tiny place ! The clutter’s really driving me mad. It makes me want to run out of here screaming, that’s how messy it is.

I wonder if everyone will get together again tonight? We were up till after 12am (Mary, Jose, Elda, Mario and I and all the boys) talking about the Bible, family, and other random things. I’m so sleepy right now *snore*.

Hmm…there’s no point to this entry. My appologies.