I Love You, But…

Mario got the day off yesterday. I spent the morning watching American Idol and Medium episodes I’ve missed, and when he woke up, we got ready and went shopping. We returned some jeans he’d bought at Target and browsed around. We ended up buying some Play-doh for the boys, Mario got a few little tools he needed and I got a Gentle Heart Lamb beanie. I don’t have any of the “new” lambs, so I got that one but he’s not too cute LOL. He looks strange . And this time, they had the Cheer Bear Cub…dammit.

We went to eat at Whataburger, then went to JCPenny. Mario got some more jeans, 2 shirts, we got two dress shirts for his Tio Cata since his birthday’s today and I got 4 shirts. I had the hardest time picking stuff. Not stuff I like, but stuff that won’t make me feel self-concious. I tried on one of the collared stripped ones I got and the woman in charge of the fitting rooms was just staring at my chest and her eyes were about to pop out. She even made a comment about how I should keep the large because it would shrink (even though it was huge and hanging off of me). I didn’t ask her for her opinion. I wish I could just wear the clothes I like without worrying about who’s going to be looking gawking at my chest. I didn’t ask to have them!!!!

Anyway, everything we got was on sale and didn’t even know it! I love when that happens .

I have to go back Saturday for some shoes Mario wanted, so I’m planning on getting two white tanks, some sleep shorts (all of mine are OLD) and maybe another shirt or two. Or a skirt.

We went straight to pick Eenan up after that, then realized we had time so we stopped by a store to pick up some stuff for Mary. We went back and Mario and I complained the whole time about how the parking for that school is ridiculous. He hadn’t suffered through that yet and I don’t think he realized how much of a pain in the ass it is when I told him about it.

We got home after picking Eenan up and I collected all the plastic totes and baby stuff we were taking to the storage unit–all without Mario’s help. I wanted to disassemble the bunk beds, but of course he wouldn’t help me with that either. Mary had stuff to put away too, so we stuffed everything in the van and left. When we get there Mario notices he doesn’t have his keys and I didn’t bring mine because I just never carry them, so we didn’t have the key to the unit. Great. Mario was all pissed of course, because the storage place is FAR from the house. We go to H-E-B to renew John’s plates and they didn’t let us since Mario didn’t have his license (he always carries it in the car and well, we didn’t have the damn car ). We went back home, Mario throwing fits left and right, got the keys and went back–without him. I was worried about how we’d get the boxes out of the van because some were REALLY heavy but Mario ended up getting there a while after we did. He helped us and then we went back to H-E-B to get the plates updated and Mary needed groceries. They almost gave me crap about Mario not being present, but I told the girl I spoke to the other girl and she saw who my husband was and blah-blah-blah. So, she did it.

Mario wasn’t exactly sunshines and rainbows when I got back home, but we were being a bit more peaceful. I can’t believe how annoyed we’d get with eachother. First time that’s happened in AGES. We didn’t say super mean things to eachother, but we were just getting frustrated–and over little things even. By the end of the night though, he was holding my hand and being sweet. Good thing too, I was ready to kick his ass .

I fed the boys and then he told me to get ready since he wanted to go to a movie. Eenan would sleep over at Mary’s and Jaylen went with us. When 9pm finally rolled around, we left. We watched Constantine (my 2nd time) and Jaylen did pretty good. I kept trying to rock him to sleep since he was sleepy anyway, but he wouldn’t. He watched it all and only jumped twice LOL.

So tonight’s Cata’s birthday get-together. We’re having shrimp cocktail…yay! I hope Mario doesn’t get out too late and makes it to the party. Right now, I should make lunch since we’ll have to leave to pick Eenan up in an hour. I can hardly wait *sarcasm*.

on Saturday, March 5th, Janine said:

I’m hoping you can help me.. I had a page with instructions on how to skin a site. I can’t seem to find it anymore.. You wouldn’t happen to know a site where I can find that would you?