I’m Bored…

I need to figure out where to put all that crap that’s on the weight bench. I need to use it and there’s absolutely no more closet space for all our darn clothes. Well, most of Mario’s darn clothes. I have less than 1/4 of the closet to myself (shouldn’t it be the other way around??).

Mario was supposed to be watching Supersize Me but ended up falling asleep 3 minutes into the movie. Jaylen’s playing with his toys and I’m here bored out of my mind. We have to pick Eenan up at 3 or so…maybe I should take a shower. It’s Jorge’s birthday tonight so we may go over. I *need* to get out of the house!

I was bored and checked out some videos Mario had downloaded. One was of Ashlee Simpson being booed at the Orange Bowl. How incredibly sad. Lip syncing on SNL is going to haunt that girl for the rest of her life. Supposedly all that (SNL, the Orange Bowl) are going to come out in the new season of her show. I’ll try to watch…if I can tolerate her whiny-ness. Searching for news on Ashlee lead me to something on Lindsay Lohan. I KNEW Lindsay Lohan was a crappy singer when I heard her single. Then I saw a clip of her lip syncing and it confirmed her crappiness. At first I thought the video/audio were out of sync, but no, there’s one part where she really, really missed a part. I guess she needed a back up track so she could concentrate on humping the mic stand . I dislike “singers” like her…who have to lip sync even for a tiny performance where they don’t even dance. People pay to see and hear your skanky ass, at least give them what they pay for. Now that, my dear Lindsay, is how “rumahs” get started . Click here to see the video. They enlarged it, but if you download it to your computer it doesn’t look so pixely.

Yeah, so you can tell I’m bored. Gonna take a quick shower.

on Friday, January 14th, Amber said:

I saw lindsay on the ellen show also….omg she sucked. :eblush:

also, good luck with ur workouts! 🙂