It’s Back! My Site Is Back!

*kisses* Oh my God, I was dying yesterday. I *need* to write type down what I’m eating because for some reason it helps keep me in check, and my darn site was down ALL DAY! My host kept trying to bill me since Jan. 1st, and they still haven’t gotten the payment. I kept getting weird e-mails from them (with just ‘Pixiehost Billing’ in the e-mail and no subject line) and they never charged my credit card. Then yesterday, they suspended my site . I was being a pain in the ass, I know this, and kept posting on the forums and submitting tickets…but I was desperate! And I didn’t do anything wrong! I was so worried they were going to delete my site, too (because after 14 days of non-payment, they remove the site from the server). I’m just glad everything’s back to normal and they’re going to get someone to figure everything out with my billing issue. *whew*

So everything was cool during Jorge’s birthday on Thursday night. Our kids played with their kids and at around 10:30 (an hour and a half later than his bedtime), I put Eenan to sleep in one of the rooms and thank God he stayed asleep. I just chilled out with Maggie, her sister and her sister’s daughter and helped out with little things here and there.

John didn’t come over this weekend, don’t know why. I’m assuming it’s because he’s tired of me telling him to just quit talking to his ex. It could also be because I keep bugging him to eat right (because he goes hours without eating) and he’s prone to getting diabetes and skipping meals will only speed it along. I’ll never understand him.

Aunt Nora and Mom called a few days ago to let me know about problems they’re having with one of Gramma’s checks. Long ago, around 1995, she was receiving a supplemental check (or something like that) and they took it away when we moved. I’m still not sure why. Well, when Aunt Nora went to pay the nursing home, they tell her she owes $100-some because she’s not turning in that other check. She tells them Gramma hasn’t gotten it since ’95 and they say that she should be getting one. Aunt Nora calls Social Security and sure enough, there’s a check going out to Gramma, but no one knows where and they definetly are being cashed. So now they have to figure out who’s been cashing them and all that stuff. What morons. They were even telling Aunt Nora something about possibly having to “pay back”…hello? We haven’t received anything, why should WE pay back? Grr. .

As for our income tax, we figured we aren’t getting too much, because Mario didn’t work 7 months out of last year and of course, I didn’t work. We were planning to put some money on our property, but that’s not happening. And we definetly won’t be able to buy new wedding rings .

Yesterday was Bonnie’s birthday, so we all got together and ate cake. Yes, I broke down and ate 2 small pieces of cake, but I figured I’d been good, so I indulged. We flipped through Mary’s photo albums and had a nice time listening to stories behind certain pictures.

Mario has today off, but he won’t be having his days off again for a long while. All during Income Tax season. We went to JCPenny to get Eenan a new shirt for his Group Picture. While we were there, the boys found some dinosaur shirts that came with a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur and begged for them, so we got them matching shirts. They had such cute clothes in the juniors department…I hope I can lose a few pounds and buy some. The colors were all pastel-y and cute!

We went to visit Gramma for a while after that. I hadn’t seen her in 3 weeks! It was nice seeing her. All the physical therapy they’re doing with her is helping her out tremendously. She can actually pull her legs in front of her now and move her feet. Before, she always had her legs curled up to one side and it hurt her to move them. Mary and I were talking about that a few days ago and she said it’s the best thing that could have happened to her. I agree. We miss her SO MUCH but we’re thrilled she gets to socialize with others her age and she does physical therapy and gets her nails done and everything .

We went to H-E-B and picked up a few groceries, mostly for bar-be-cuing at Jorge’s tonight. Mario’s making his famous homemade Buffalo Wings. Must be strong and only eat a few!

Going to update my weight-loss log thingy since I missed yesterday.