Live Journal-er Killed Mother?

*edit* Apparently it really wasn’t a hoax. I followed up the article on the Anchorage Daily News and found this link. The two 24 year olds admited it was the 16 year old, Rachelle, that instigated the plot to kill her mother. They were doing it as a favor to her for sleeping with them, how sick is that?? What could have been so terrible between her and her mother’s relationship that she had to have someone kill her? I know, from what I’ve read, that her Mom would pick on her because of her weight, and she was very strict about her having all A’s in school, and she wasn’t too happy about her dating one of those 24 year olds…but that’s it. My Mom was very strict about us getting all A’s too, and my cousin would poke fun at me about my boobs and would point out when I was gaining weight, but I wouldn’t murder them for that! I don’t know…I guess I’d have to be in her shoes to understand her reasoning . You can’t know everything that’s going on with someone by just reading their journal. But I still don’t think that justifies her wanting her mother dead. They mention in the article (linked above) that someone deleted the entries from September to November 18th on her LJ. I would have thought it was Live Journal, but I don’t think they think so. I do have all the entries, which I got from the second link I posted in my previous entry below. She just seemed like a normal, “emo”, teenager who wrote about normal things like school and how her parents were bugging her, just like all the other teens on LJ do. She seemed so…normal. I’m still just in…utter shock! */edit*

Is this for real? At first I thought it was some sick joke, but the more I read about it, the more I believe it. A 16 year old girl who had a Live Journal allegedly killed her mother. Or she got people to kill her mother, something like that. Her LJ’s been wiped out. Her calender shows she had entries up until November 18th, but the most recent entry shows up in March. (Quite the investigator I am, no? ) I’ve found this link (which includes a picture of her?) and this one. I can’t believe someone would do this–if it’s even true. And to write about it on your online journal?? And if it’s not…shame on whoever started the damn hoax…SHAME!

on Friday, December 3rd, Johanna said:

Wow.. :gasp: that’s some scary stuff. Lauri.. that’s funny I’ve always thought that it was a finnish name..
Brr.. those kind of stories just gives me the creeps :eblush:

on Thursday, December 2nd, Vic said:

Lord. I was going to say something about it, but I won’t. I don’t wanna offend any commenters after me. But there are certain types of people who would kill their own parent for being strict dickhead rather than just run away or something that “normal” people would do. I’ll leave it at that 😉

on Thursday, December 2nd, Rach said:

Scary girl!! :S

Choco Cat looks *just* like the cartoon! 🙂

on Thursday, December 2nd, Danny said:

yo yaya! its been awhile since we’ve talked, hope everything is going well with you and the family.

yeah, its pretty crazy how kids can really be that hateful to want to kill their own parents. But perhaps there was reasoning?

on Wednesday, December 1st, Verny said:

I had heard about that. You know it’s not a site b/c it’s on those news websites. And the mother seemed to be very well liked and the daughter was an honors student and stuff. It’s just really weird..and tragic. I LOVE your new kitty kitty!! 🙂

on Wednesday, December 1st, Diana said:

That’s sick about that girl :confused:

Yay I see your new kitty on the webcam!! She’s sooo cute. She looks exactly like ChocoCat with the big eyes, lol. How many cats does that make, like 8? hehe. I’d definitely have more than one if I could, but mine’s indoors/outdoors so he’s around a lot and more than 2 would probly bother me a little. But they’re just the perfect pet 😀

on Wednesday, December 1st, Heather said:

I doubt it’s a hoax. The article said the cops took her computer and scanned her hard drive. They can find almost anything on there. Pretty scary.

on Wednesday, December 1st, Vic said:

They’re all on LJ huh? Lord help her.

on Wednesday, December 1st, Simone said:

OMG 0.o thats pretty sick :hblush:

on Wednesday, December 1st, Lauren said:

omg thats horrendous! 😛