Monster House

I’m about 3 hours into scanning the house for more yard-sale-worthy (i.e. JUNK) things and am already sick of it. I went through every-single-thing in the cabinets under the sink and am keeping about 1/3 of the stuff that was down there. I still need to do a bit more searching, as I may just be keeping a bit too much stuff. I even rediscovered my cake-sicle pan (makes cupcakes in the shape of popsicles!) and my Betty Crocker Bake-n-Fill pans. Need to use those for mother’s day ;).

I also discovered that the water damage that happened about a year ago to the wood down there is more extensive that I thought. I removed the contact paper I’d put under there for easier cleaning and was disgusted to find the wood almost completely rotten. Not good, and NOT healthy. I kept telling Mario and my dad-in-law about the problem and everyone just kept shrugging me off. Now we’re going to have to replace just about everything!

AND we’re also going to have to re-do the bathroom floor. One of the boys (all signs point to Eenan) threw a wad of green bubble gum into the bathroom wastebasket and completely missed. Well, Mario obviously didn’t pay attention that night and threw a towel on the floor since the bathroom rug was in the wash. When I went in there to hang the towel up to dry (men!) I pulled the towel up and the tile came with it!! I guess it was a blessing in disguise since I noticed the floor was covered in mold. Like, a layer of mold, no kidding. It’s disgusting. It must have happened when our toilet was on the fritz a few months ago and overflowed a few times. So now, we have to measure, get prices for, and buy ceramic tile. We’re not putting any of that commercial stuff in there anymore. That’s what we had in there before: commercial tile. Water can easily get under there and lift the glue, thus causing mold. I don’t know why we ever put it in there in the first place! I don’t know how people can have the sense to put carpet in their bathrooms (I’ve seen it several times!).

Why do houses and cars decide to fall apart when you’re not only broke, but trying to save money. Mario’s vacation is coming up and it looks like we won’t be doing a damn thing this year. Not fun :(. That’s probably where the money I make at the yard sale will go–saving for either repairs or vacation.

I guess that means I should get a move on and get back to searching through stuff and cleaning. I just wish I had help *slumps*. Mario’s off helping his Mom get her stuff out of storage. It’s going to take all day. By the time he gets home, he’ll be too tired to help me.

But at least I got my 3 last boxes of 80s stuff out of our outdoor unit and into my house!

My Old Bears

Rainbow Brite Heaven!

Popples and Fluppy Dogs

I noticed I’ve got a few extras of vintage Care Bears and Popples, so I might add those to my Thrift Shop soon.


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