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I was uncomfortable most of yesterday, but today, Saturday (well, Sunday now) I’m fine–back to normal and still big and pregnant.

I couldn’t walk the majority of the day because of the pressure I felt down below, my aching back and my aching legs. It was awful. Everyone kept trying to convince me to either go to my doctor or go to the hospital. I started doing research online and about 80% of the sites I visited stated that I was in labor. I had no idea what to do. One, I didn’t want to drive myself all the way to Mission, since that’s where my doctor was on Fridays and two, I didn’t want to go to the hospital and have them send me back. So I waited.

I tried doing chores around the house to distract myself, but I couldn’t stand around long enough to do much. I spent a lot of the day chatting on Yahoo with Maggie and looking at pictures on Flickr.

Rolando came by around 5:30 to play with the kids. I had a houseful of boys (Elda’s were here, too) and I kind of just sat around waiting again. Mary and Big Mario went out for dinner and when they got back, Mary went with me and Eenan to drop off Rolando. Mario got home right after we got back and we kind of just sat around in silence, waiting. I’d already packed most of my bags during the day; now all I needed was our cosmetic bag and for Mario to find clothes for himself, just in case.

Around 8:30 I told Mario I was going to shower. When I got out I started feeling worse and finally listened to Mario’s requests about calling the doctor just to see what he recommended. I kept telling him they wouldn’t be any help but called anyway. A guy answers and asks what I need, so I start describing everything to him. He cuts me off–the bastard–and asks for my name and number so someone can call me back. Grr.

Mary had all the kids. She’d volunteered to have them all stay with her overnight, just in case we needed to rush to the hospital. We were still sitting around, waiting for either labor to really kick in or the doctor to call back. When we’d been waiting around 20 minutes, we decided to pack all our stuff in the Equinox and go to Jorge and Maggie’s to distract ourselves.

We stopped by Stars first to pick up some dinner for ourselves. We got to Jorge and Maggie’s and they were eating also. The guys put on Sex Drive, possibly one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen LOL and they watched it while Maggie, Sandra (Maggie’s neice) and myself were looking through Maggie’s nail stuff. She got some new Fimo clay accessories and wanted to try them out. We decided what we wanted and she went to work on my nails first (proper ventilation and masks were provided). It took a while, but they came out SO CUTE!

Yummy Nails By Maggie

I love them. I couldn’t stop staring at them when she was done. I wish I’d stuck around to see how Sandra’s came out, but it was already 2am by the time we left.

Mario and I got home and spent some time together since none of the kids were around LOL. Maybe then I’d go into labor the following day.

But nope. I woke up after only sleeping 6 hours and felt just fine. Emily was moving around wonderfully in the morning and I felt nothing like I did Friday. We got up and ready and got the kids ready to go to Target so Jaylen could get the new game he was saving up for and Walmart for some sports equipment. Mario finally decided he needed to start playing some type of sport with the kids now that we’ve weaned them off their video games during the week.

We got the sports stuff (baseball gloves, baseballs and a soccer ball) from Walmart and then went to Target to try and find Jaylen’s game. They were all out. We went to Home Depot next, where Mario got some stuff to install a proper light switch and outlet outside.

We figured we’d give Game Stop a try for Jaylen’s game, and we did find it, although it was about $6 more. He didn’t care. He just wanted the darn thing already.

We got home and Mario started working on the stuff outside. He’s very handy, but even so I did catch the lights flickering and wondered if he’d electrocuted himself. It was a close call, but he survived LOL.

Alaethia took a nap and I plugged in the baby monitor and just surfed the web outside with Mario. The weather was so nice during the day today I had to take advantage.

Adan and Aide showed up and the guys decided they’d have another beer night. They went to get bread and chips to make sandwiches and we just chilled out all evening under the party porch. It started getting really chilly for the girls (Alaethia and Belle), and admittedly, for us, too, so Alaethia and I have been inside for a while. Thought I’d update while I was still conscious. I’m really tired now.

I’m starting to become a little anxious about when Emily will actually be here. I was hoping it would be this weekend but I guess not. I’m telling you, at this rate I really am going to make it to my due date!


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