John Kerry’s Got My Vote

Just watched the Presidential Debate…all I can say is GO JOHN KERRY! He’s got my vote for sure now. I was going to vote for him anyway because anyone’s better than Bush, but I loved how he was on top of all the questions, how he was polite to the Bush and actually answered the questions being asked to him. George on the other hand…oh Dubya…I think your pauses and jokes may have hurt your chances for re-election. *shakes head* It’s not time for jokes mister…this is some serious shit. I *LOVE* the way he dodged all the questions and answered with something completely irrelevant LOL. I heard on the news today that the Hispanic vote is an important one since there’s so many Hispanics. I know for a fact that MOST of the Hispanics I know (and I know many, for I am Hispanic) will not be voting for the Bush. All of the people I’ve talked to about this election will not be voting for the Bush. I will be VERY surprised if this man (Bush) is elected again. Unless of course, he pays everyone off like he did last election rolls eyes. C’mon, nobody can deny that he paid his way into this. His brother being the governor of Florida and the big screw up with Florida is proof enough raised eyebrows.

I’m dying to know…who will you be voting for on November 2nd?

*edit* Went to Jorge and Maggie’s today after Eenan got out of school. Maggie and I were watching the Food Network and started getting hungry. I mentioned I wanted cookies and she says, “Wanna make some?” So she whips out the ingredients and I made chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. She said she didn’t like how she made them last time so she had me make them. I didn’t mind at all smile. Later, Mario and Jorge caught a baby bunny and we now have him here at home in a nice roomy cage. I hope he’s ok. He’s terrified still. sigh

As for my quiz…yay, some of you have actually taken it! big grin It’s awesome to see who actually knows some of those questions. I think I’ve only mentioned 3 of those questions about 2 times in the 5 years I’ve been blogging. Tara got all the questions correct!

Ok…throat’s getting really scratchy now sad. I’ll return visits and comments tomorrow. ‘Nite!


Why Meee??

See?? Greymatter is doing it again! My smilies were showing up this afternoon and now they’re not. Neither is my mood or music. They were showing up in the archives, but now the previous entries aren’t showing smilies or the mood and music either. I could stab myself with a pencil for deleting my Greymatter last time :(.

I feel like I’m getting sick :sick:. I feel a sore throat coming on. Jaylen got a cold from somewhere…his nose was all runny. On top of that, I have a pimple the size of Mars on my cheek :zipit:. I never get pimples on my cheeks! I need to quit touching my face…I don’t know what else it could be that is making me break out like I’m 14 again :eblush:. You know your husband loves you when your baseball sized pimple is protruding from your face and he gently runs his finger over it and says, “Aw Babe, that looks like it hurts.” Aww LOL.

OK. Tired. Eyes closing. Must. Sleep.