Some Silence After a Busy Day

We were bored out of our minds (which meant the boys were quickly becoming fussy) so I took them to the library. They picked out a few cute books (Eenan: The Very Hungry Caterpillar & The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle — LOVE his books! Jaylen: Calico Cat’s Exercise Book by Donald Charles and Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! by Sandra Boynton. Since there were many kids at the time and they were all coloring and playing games, Jaylen and Eenan sat down and started coloring pieces of construction paper while I was getting our library cards. Later, a librarian tells me about how they’re having a Summer Reading Club and it’s barely the 2nd day so if we’d like to join we were more than welcome to. I say sure, and fill out their forms. So now, after the kids read their books, they either draw a picture or write a short summary (“book report”) of what they read and they turn it in the next day. The club runs from yesterday LOL till July 1st. On the first, they’ll have a party if they had good attendance (we go each day from 2-3…didn’t ask about weekends though…). The kids think it’s pretty good. They already love to read and now hopefully Jaylen can start feeling more comfortable around other kids and won’t be so scared when he starts school. Which will be in 2 more damn years!! I hadn’t bitched about that yet, have I? Well, let me begin…

Most of the (retarded) cities around our area aren’t allowing 4 year olds to attend school (Pre-K) unless they’re dirt poor and speak only Spanish. The rest of the kids have to wait to attend their first year of school in Kinder, when they’re 5-6!! What kind of crap is that?? I think it’s great they’re taking the initiative to help Spanish as a Primary Language students, but what about the other kids? Is MY kid going to stay behind because he actually speaks English?? So when the Spanish-speaking kids learn English and the alphabet, and math and to write, MY KID is going to be left behind barely learning those things? I mean, c’mon! When Eenan was in Kinder this year, they were reading 2nd grade-level books! How’s Jaylen going to be able to do that if he doesn’t know the basics first?! I think it’s just ludicrous.

Anyway, after the kids had their fun and checked out their books, we came home and I cut John’s hair, then Jaylen’s, gave him a quick shower since he’d already had a bath, did a bit of laundry, then got the boys ready for their swimming classes. They had so much fun and I was having a heart attack! Jorge, Eenan’s coach, took him to the 13 foot pool. Then Michael, Jaylen’s coach, took him…and let him get on the diving board! Jaylen isn’t scared of anything. He nonchalantly sauntered across the plank and fearlessly jumped into Michael’s open arms. My eyes were about to pop out of my head and my mouth dropped to the floor. Eenan went too, but he was a little more hesitant, but carefully made his way across anyway–and loved it! I was terrified, but Mary assured me it was okay. I know the guys are good coaches, but these are my babies!!

Yadira, the girls, Elda and the boys all went to see Eenan and Jaylen practice today. They played in the park for a few minutes after the boys were done, while the adults talked on the sidewalk. Then we came home. Everyone went to Yadira’s to eat pizza and John went out with his friends. I started on dinner and Jaylen was fussy and ended up falling asleep, so now I’m here, in an unusually quiet house and it’s just weird LOL. I guess I’ll have some dinner:

…and then I’ll finish up with laundry and snuggle up on the couch, watch TV and eat some ice cream with caramel topping . I actually lost a few lbs. because I’ve been limiting my food intake and not chowing down all the junk food in sight. I’m down to 115 . (For new readers: Don’t freak out. My goal weight is 105 because I’m only 4 ft. 11in. tall!)

Okay, food smells good. Really hungry. Gonna eat.

on Wednesday, June 8th, Jessica said:

That is totally wrong to hold Jaylen back b/c he’s on track for his age. Idiots. *claps* yay for losing weight! But that food sure does look great (makes me realize I gotta go get some supper)! And don’t worry about the diving board – at least they’re enjoying it and will know how to swim, and that will relieve a lot of worry there. Have a good one!

on Wednesday, June 8th, Erin said:

Hurray for you for losing a few pounds! I know how hard it is, it took me a while to lost 20 pounds but now i am much happier with my body. Gaining some pounds back though but that’s because of my “bun in the oven” so that’s ok. 😉 Good luck on reaching your goal!

on Wednesday, June 8th, tara said:

dang, that food looks good!

I understand where you are coming from on the kinder issue, but most kids seriously aren’t ready at 4 anyways. I see it every year… we have 3 staying back this year. I understand some are ready and it should be a parent’s choice. I know Isaiah doesn’t meet the cut off date for kinder so he will start when he is 5, but I’m happy with that because I know he will be ready. If you don’t have a choice, you can always start teaching him the basics at home if you feel like he will get left behind. Sorry I left a novel, I guess I just have a strong opinion on this!

Take care! *hugs*

on Tuesday, June 7th, Vic said:

OMG that looks SOOOOOOOOOOO delicious right about now. *swoon*