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Thirty Six

I had one of thee best birthdays!!

But FIRST! Sally’s birthday is on the 13th 😀 ! We usually have an all-out lunch before both our birthdays (where we gorge and split the bill) but we hadn’t had a chance that week. She was having a get-together Friday night, so right after work, I got home and got ready to go to her “Let’s Taco’Bout It” Bash at The Quarter.

We had some laughs and caught up. I made friends with a good friend of Sally’s, Irene. Super sweet lady! I saw several familiar faces and met a few new ones :).

The band took forever to start (that, or I’m just old LOL.) Poor Jorge got home around 7:30pm, but he was tired so he opted to stay home. Sally and I hung around for a bit and I started yawning around 11pm 😆 , so I drove her home after a good Chisme-Fest.

The 14th is my birthday! This is honestly the first year in my 30’s that I didn’t dread adding another year to my life. Up until last year, I just felt like I was getting older and looking the part, but I felt pretty damn fantastic this year! (Thank you: Keto 😆 )

Poor Sally had to work in the morning; originally she was my date to the Selena Brunch. Anyone who knows me knows I ADORE Selena and anything Selena-related–especially if it’s at Suerte Bar & Grill!

[Sidenote: I literally play Selena daily–the entire month of April (much to my family’s chagrin 😆 ) since it’s the month of Selena’s and my birthdays.]

The first (and only) time Jorge and I had tried to go to a brunch at Suerte it was PACKED. So we learned to arrive early. We arrived a whole hour early…and had to wait a little to go in, ha. So we took some photo ops:

(It’s funny!! Calm down…)

We sat at our usual table, near the awesome piano-ofrenda.

I took a photo of this wonderful man, whom I was super grateful to for granting the only wish I had for my birthday: attend the Selena brunch 😆 .

We perused the menu:

And I KNEW nothing on the menu was Keto-friendly, but it was my damn birthday, darnit! And I was going to enjoy it, guilt-free!

Close up of them sweets:

Jorge asked if I liked the concha and the marshmallow, to which I replied, “They taste…purple.” They totally did; they were airbrushed. But I ate them anyway!

We finished up and went to visit the family at Rebecca’s, a cabrito restaurant (Jorge and I only had some Mexican diet Cokes since we were still stuffed). Dina and Javi had come down to bring Grandma some equipment and it was great to have them over for my birthday! We would be meeting for dinner later in the evening.

We left for the mall next. Just as I suspected, Jorge took me to Pandora 😀 ! He knew I wanted a new charm that came in, so he got me 4!

I love them!!

Jaylen was at a chess meet so we scooped him up and then headed to the house. Jorge stayed at home, but Jaylen, Mom and I took off to pick up the other kiddos at their dad’s. It never fails–the kids are always with the other parents on my birthday 🙁 . So I have to borrow them for a little bit.

We celebrated at Rolling With Cream. They have an awesome sugar-free base, so Mom and I were set!

Loved getting to spend time with my babies! They always want to hear stories lol.

I took them back to their dad’s, and when I got home there were balloons! Jorge stayed behind to order some and he stuffed them into the car. Such a sweetheart, I swear!

We took off at 6pm for dinner. I didn’t know the location of our destination, and was rather confused when we were driving South on 10th St. But he drove into Tony Roma’s and I was way too excited to have ribs!!

Jorge tells me to wait in the car and takes the balloons with him. I can’t help but wonder what he’s up to. He comes back for me and the host ushers us to the back room. (The same room the Chamber had my farewell lunch at.) He says he has a surprise…and there are Sally and the kids!

I was so happy to see her!! It was such a great surprise!! But there was more!! My in-laws arrive next and then stroll in Linda and Tommy! I was so surprised to see them I gasp, “Whhaaaattt??” And go to them to hug them.

Of course Linda hands me a gift in a penis-shaped bag 😆 !!

We ordered starters and drinks and chatted and had a great time.

And then our food came:

We continued to talk and chat and the family bonded and suddenly they dim the lights. It takes me a bit to understand what’s going on and then waiters are singing “Happy Birthday!” and bringing in a cake in single file. Sally ordered it, and it was a delicious mostachon!

She giggled when I blew out the candles and plucked out the Princess topper, saying, “That doesn’t go there!” 😆

I’ve never had a surprise party in my life!! It was so wonderful of Jorge and Sally to put it together!! They’re both just too wonderful to me, and I’m so blessed to have them in my life!

Once we were done I thanked everyone for everything. Jorge and I went home, and I opened my gifts:

Then, we ended the night doing one of my faves: snuggling on the couch in my blanket with one of my shows. And passed out immediately 😆 .

The birthday celebrations followed the day after! Sally and I went to get mani-pedis. The shop is across the street from my work so this would be convenient if I ended up liking it (and the price). I’m a cheapskate, and could think of better things to do with that money, but the idea of having cute, unchipped nails for 2 weeks sounded fantastic! Plus, my Mama-in-law gifted me birthday money!

Sally and I walk in and start ooh’ing and ahh’ing over the colors. I got a little anxiety-stricken when the lady came to ask what colors I wanted–I WAS STILL DECIDING!! But she was ready to go so I panicked and picked something safe: bubblegum pink and gold glitter on the ring finger.

I was semi-mortified about getting a pedi…my feet aren’t exactly the most feminine…

I was surprised she didn’t have to bust out a sandblaster, to be honest >_<… I don’t take nearly enough time to pamper myself (because I’m a cheapskate), and you could totally tell.

But, anyway, we got hot-stone leg massages and just chatted the whole time. It was such a great experience and something I can definitely get used to!

A couple of days later my boss treated me to lunch at Yoko’s Sushi. I got my usual riceless Yume. SO delicious!

Still can’t believe what a great birthday weekend it was! Planning on making Year 36 a successful and productive one. I’ve got many goals I want to crush–I just need to stop being afraid of failing so I can get it done!

My 34th Birthweek!

My birthweek began on April 11th, by redeeming my FREE birthday coupons!

First, my love took me to Zoe’s Kitchen, where I received a completely free lunch! (Just my Turkey Stack–we purchased Jorge’s meal, and our Hummus Trio 😀 ).


We went next door immediately after we finished eating and redeemed my coupon for my free mini-bundt at Nothing Bundt Cakes! I got the White Chocolate Raspberry for free and we purchased the Red Velvet one. (Even if I’ve got coupons for free stuff, I feel guilty and have to buy something!) Mmmmmm.


I pigged out on it with my love and John at home in the evening and the girls shared the red velvet one. The day’s gluttony sent me into a spiral of guilt, so onto the DREADMILL I went.


I much prefer the great outdoors, but it was dark and Jorge doesn’t allow me to run out there for fear of someone kidnapping me lol, but at least I got to catch up on an episode of Grey’s. (Had I mentioned Jorge and I were fiending for more episodes so we started the entire series over again!) 😆

The next day, April 12th, I asked Sally if I could take her out for lunch, since her birthday is the day before mine, on the 13th. She said instead of me taking her out, we’d take each other out to Cheddar’s and split the check in half (she always does that on our birthdays instead of letting me take her 😆 ). We did our usual catching up during my extended lunch, and feasted on our entree and then a delicious dessert!



I feel sincerely blessed to be able to spend another birthday together with this gal! I love her!

On the 13th, Michelle took me out to Cheddar’s to celebrate my birthday (I could go to Cheddar’s every day!). Jorge and EZ went to celebrate with us, too 🙂 .



The next day, on my actual birthday, my love treated me to Hop Tung, where I had some steak Pho! It’s SO GOOD!


Then later we had cake at work to celebrate!

Forgot to catch it before they sliced!

Mario took the kids to see me after they got out of school, before I got out of work, which I was really grateful for. It was, unfortunately, his weekend with them and we “switch” on Thursdays. Eenan gave me a drawing (like he has for the past few years ?) of Hello Kitty and Emily gave me a My Little Pony for my shelf <3! I went to visit Gramma right after work. We chit-chatted and took some selfies. She's getting a lot better at them, hehe! image

I got home and changed into my evening attire (i.e. very casual clothing, heh). Michelle, EZ and of course my love and I were going to Suerte Bar & Grill for Selena Tribute Night. It became a HUGE event! We even had to buy tickets to get in!

It took a bit to find parking, but we met up with EZ and Michelle. It was a weeknight so Sally couldn’t get away 😕 .

Box TV as you walk into Suerte

By the time we got in, of course, Suerte was packed. So we opted for Thirsty Monkey right behind Suerte (they’re Sister bars), where the celebration was carrying on, too. We walk in and Yazmin is handing out glow sticks and toy mics. I was surprised to see her. It still freaks me out how grown up she is!

So we hang out, and are later joined by Jr. and we watch the (entire) Selena movie at Thirsty Monkey. Michelle and I sing like fools throughout the movie (even before any cocktails were involved 😆 !) and then we order our food and drinks.

Pizza Fries & Nachos!

It was so awesome to be there with all these strangers just singing out loud and sharing our love for Selena. It was the best!!

When the movie was over, we made our way back to Suerte and there was a LINE outside. We showed our wristbands and we got in pretty fast.



There was music all night, a look-alike contest and even karaoke, but karaoke was taking place at 12:30 and we were already tired and sleepy by midnight 😆 .

It was one of the best birthdays, ever!