This Weekend

I’m going to split my entry into two posts, because if I keep it in just one entry, you’ll be here forever.

I continued to be completely bored that Saturday. Nothing remotely exciting happened. Well, not to me. Noelia came in and told me about how she had a date and showed me a picture of him. I freaked when I found out it was Andy, a friend from highschool; we had a math class together. Small, small world. I told her he was really nice from what I remembered. She’d disappeared for a little bit, so I helped with directions on how to get over here. I met him outside. It was nice seeing him. He and Noey are officially a couple, and I’m so glad she finally found someone who’s…not an ass and will actually treat her well. After seeing him, I suddenly felt really nostalgic, again, and missed my old friends *sigh*.

I also found out from Andy, that my boyfriend at the time, Eric, was indeed gay. All my suspicions were correct. He was pretty normal when we were together, but once we broke up he started acting, and looking…different. But yeah, he came out of the closet a year later. And what freaks me out, is that Andy said just about everyone knew. I feel…weird LOL. How embarrassing!

(I’m currently on the phone with a creditor regarding Mario’s school loan. The lady called me Yajayna. That’s a new one !)

That night Eenan slept over at Mary’s and when Mario got home we (Mario, Jaylen and I) got comfy on the futon and watched the Shark Tale movie he’d rented. 5 minutes into it, he fell asleep . We left the movie on anyway and fell asleep. I hate sleeping on that thing. I wake up all contorted and achy . Oddly enough, it was one of the best nights sleep I’ve gotten in a while. I only woke up once.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, Mario was staring at me and said, “Let’s spend some money!” He finally had a day off and he wanted to get out of the house. While he helped his uncle with the Prelude, I took a shower and then we left to eat breakfast at McDonald’s. We didn’t make it for breakfast (it was exactly 11am), so we got lunch. The kids got Happy Meals and I got chicken tenders (?) and Mario got a burger. Chris and Alfonso were there and they were super awesome with us and gave us extra everything — even toys for the kids and they got me the last two My Little Ponies! I asked how much we owed them (because they’d gotten me all the other ponies and all the toys for the kids) and they said not to worry about it. They’re super nice. Too bad they’re moving next month . They’re the best neighbors we’ve ever had.

After we finished eating, we dropped off all the extra stuff we had at home, put gas in the car, bought the newspaper (for the ads!) and off we went. We went to the big garage sale/flea market but I found absolutely nothing. All the good stuff was probably sold the day before . Eenan and Jaylen bought some Neo Pets, and Mario bought some Hot Wheels and then we left. We went to Target, where Mario bought only 1 pair of jeans since that’s all they had in his size, and all I got was bras . After that we went to Best Buy. Mario got the Sony home theatre surround sound or whateverthehellit’scalled. He wanted me to buy something for myself so I was looking at the cameras and immediately felt sweaty and nervous when I saw the prices. I can’t spend. Not like that. If I were rich, hell, it would be easy. But I’m not, and all I kept thinking was how the money could go to something more important. I really liked the Kodak Easy Share with printer dock, but said, “No, it’s okay, let’s go.” Mario got it, and stuck it in the cart. He insisted. So I have a new camera. I love it to bits, don’t get me wrong, but holy cow that was a lot of money .

He got Eenan a game — Zelda and the Minish Cap, or something like that — extra paper and a cartridge for the camera/printer and a DVD. And then we left. We went to Circuit City where he bought some wiring for the surround sound and a DVD+R. (We still haven’t gotten that piece of crap to work correctly .) On the way home, I was feeling REALLY guilty and Mario told me how I deserved it and I never buy anything and all that stuff, and I almost cried because I was PMS’ing and I just love him .

We still had to get gifts for our Moms and Eenan’s shirt and sandals (beach theme) for yet another set of school pictures, and were going to get Jaylen something so we were going back to Wal-Mart later that night. We ended up staying in and Mario installed everything, I messed with my wonderful camera and then I slaved making cupcakes for Eenan’s class and for us. (continued on entry above)